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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:00 out -2; done for the day-thanks for coming see you next week
2:46 good omen: my mp3 music just played Mary Black singing The Moon and St Christopher -line goes "I relied upon the Moon..."
2:38 buying did start coming in at 14:10 - used a tool from CTME course to identify it
2:31 coming to last trade time-I'm stuck in a congestion, so I'll carry through -already have overtraded
2:14 can't go up, can't go down, Crazy Harry is a clown -he's the conductor of the S&P train
2:02 this looks like a green-red-green day so may get an inversion at next Tide turn
1:59 tested the Node (O) flux line at 21 -breakout trading systems will buy at 22
1:56 well, a drop of grease-just enough to turn the bias bullish
1:52 Moon Grease !
1:40 as come to the Moon T+180 timeline should get some Moon Grease
1:36 pretty noisy with nearly 3 points of noise
1:26 bought 18.5 stop 15.5
1:20 now at Tide turn ; I expect buying to come in near 14:10
1:05 pressing too hard in a choppy market -happens-just need to keep cool and wait
12:59 aborted -2.5
12:44 bought 1420 stop 1417
12:41 back - fixed a stalled chart problem - looks like turning bullish going into next trade time
12:09 out flat - taking a break for a while
11:55 stop still OK -holding it-I'm trying to get past the hump in the red -Tide
11:26 turned down sharply at the Pluto timeline coinciding with the crossing in the diagonal yellow MoonTide Harmonic Grid
11:22 second hex pattern-rotated 45 degrees from first one
11:17 rocky start-not on my game-up at 4:30 to shovel snow
11:11 sold 18 stop 21
11:06 aborted -2.5
10:58 notice the vertical Sun/Mercury timelines at 12:00 -they are at a small low in the green +Tide -may add energy
if so, move to 1425 is very likely
10:50 1422 is a balance price - 270 degrees and balance of the -T315 and +T135 Moon electric field flux lines
10:46 still getting "buzz"
10:26 this morning's low is the third higher low in 3 days; so buying support is slowly building
10:19 taking this as an out of band buy at 22.5 stop 19.5
10:02 out -2 ; early part of the day has been choppy this week -Mars/Node/Pluto timeline cluster
10:00 stop 21 - possible support on lower band
9:56 sold 19 stop 22
9:48 may be on green +Tide; on Mars/node price flux, coming to Mars/Node timelines
9:41 I'm waiting to see how we come out of this Tide turn
9:27 hex pattern recognized on the wheel of fortune - Mercury/Sun/Price , Moon, and Uranus forming a YOD
Client SB sent me an email pointing this out; it says the YOD is called the Finger of God -new to me-thanks SB
9:23 preopen low on Mars/Node
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

1/5/2007 10:13:33 AM Mountain DBJ:: out +1
1/5/2007 9:40:30 AM Mountain DBJ:: stop 18
1/5/2007 9:29:56 AM Mountain DBJ:: is anyone else getting an error message about the plugin on the Clinic page when it auto-refreshes?
1/5/2007 9:16:13 AM Mountain DBJ:: out +2 on half, stop 19 on rest
1/5/2007 9:11:23 AM Mountain DBJ:: sold 19

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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