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Here are Al's comments
12:52 looks to me like we will now congest for the rest of the day-I have a bad cold
so I am going to sign off now and pass on the last trade-screens will run until the close
12:40 aborting-I just don't like my entry; -.25
12:38 stop 91.5 -marginal new high for the day
12:37 bought 93 stop 90
12:34 I may have missed a continuation buy here
12:25 this looks like a better version of the minor high-about 4 minuts late-not rules yet
on how to trade the chart on the AUX page
12:19 that little high was 4 minutes off -this is really a buzzy market , so may not
get a trade #2 using our standard operating rules
12:03 I am working-still-on adding the short term wiggles to the MoonTides-the AUX screen
shows my current research work in progress-not yet for prduction, but promising
11:50 looks now like backon green +Tide -prices both sides of 110 EXMA recently, so may not get
a trade setup at 12:20
11:29 I think what is happening here is that as we approach the sun, prices have pulled back up
to the Node square price of 1192
11:19 notice we went from an out of band condition back up to the 110 EXMA-may now go flat
11:14 this shows you why covering on a target is good-the S&P can be very volatile
11:09 the low was on the Moon electric field flux-now have a hex pattern recognized at 1188-sextile
10:58 there may be more to come-the trick is to Cash In On Chaos-bank it while it is there
10:54 giving up the pipe dream and covering for +5
10:44 stop 87-using the fast move rule-will cover at +9 if get there
10:40 two moon day-often volatile and one way, or Moon,noon,Moon
10:38 this is the chaos that follows fibrillation-like a heart attack-stop 88.5
10:27 stop 90-that will put be at break even for the day
10:25 stop 91 -This is now a fast mover-so may hold until 12:20
10:23 stop 93- this may be a slow mover
10:15 looks like we picked up the red -Tide
10:09 resold 91 stop 94-this is fibrilation, a precursor to chaos
10:08 rally again stopped by Chiron
10:05 that confirmed my suspicions that this may be a congestion day
10:00 -1
9:58 stop 92-press fast here
9:57 sold 91 stop 94-need to be careful due to low volatility
9:56 so far the chart looks like a kid with a crayon scribbling
9:42 very low energy opening-may not be that good of a trading day
9:37 today the sun is transiting the S&P natal Node-1192 is the Node price +90 degrees
9:30 preopen high was set by Chiron, et all. stopped rally resterday
9:06 forgot to say today is a "two moon day" -often volatile and one way-today may be an exception
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

1/7/2005 10:37:30 AM Mountain Patents:: Al: Have you looked at simulating an index by adding together the best charts for various stocks that are given high weightings in the averages. For instance I saw on your site an XGO chart for GE, have you tried adding together the charts for MMM, MO and other high dollar value DOW stocks to see if they do an improved job similating the DOW. It seems that there are certain stocks that are frequently manipulated to move the indices. For instance today Apple is being used to move the NDX since it is within the top 20 stocks by weight in the NDX. Also a 1 percent move in MMM or MO has a much greater impact on the DOW due to the equal Dow weighting. Thnx.
1/7/2005 9:44:28 AM Mountain TG:: Dr. Al, if you get a chance, could you describe what you mean by "this is fibrilation, a precursor to chaos". In other words define what you consider fibrilation from a daytrading/short term perspective. Thanks.
1/7/2005 9:11:44 AM Mountain Al:: patents: ths instructions were to sell the open, with a 1207 stop
1/7/2005 8:35:18 AM Mountain G9er:: bingo.....nice job Al ;)
1/7/2005 7:15:31 AM Mountain Patents:: Al, I could not understand from your position traders newsletter last night what action should be taken. The comment preamble about reentering short did not appear to be consistent with the "canned" instructions portion for the S&P. Thnx.

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