Gold Rebounds
      Chaos Clinic for 1/8/2021

This 8 hour candle chart shows the GLD gold Exchange Traded Fund since early last year.
Also plotted on the chart is a rainbow of EXMAs: the lenths in bars translate
to 6 days, 12 days, 24 days, 48 days, and 96 days.

After a sharp low near 135 in mid March, 2020, marked X, prices rallied
sharply until August, to point 1. Note how the EXMAs converged during the dip,
then diverged until the peak, near 195. The rally was about 60 points.

Then prices started a congestion. In early November, it looked like the correction was over,
as prices jumped up sharply, curling the shorter EXMAs up, above the 48 day. Then the rally
collapsed, turning them all down, and they soon broke below the 48 day EXMA. The
drop lasted until December, where it bottomed after a 30 point, 50% drop.

The low had a "spike" nature. Prices held up during December, apparently just going
sideways. But a close examination of the EXMAs shows that the 96 day only dipped
slightly, then turned up. The 24 day held above the 96, and turned up.
By year end, prices hit 180.

So at this point, it looks as if GLD is headed higher. Another 60 point rally would be near
225. If the rally was also 4.5 months, it would run into mid March. Watch the EXMAs for
confirmation of this.

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Below is one of the SPKISS charts from
and the chat room comments from this Chaos Clinic. Most recent comment is on top.

1/8/2021 12:09:05 PM MT Al****:: out for +5 - it may sell off again but I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you next week-take some courses
1/8/2021 12:03:31 PM MT Al****:: pretty good bounce - may get stopped but for a profit
1/8/2021 11:49:03 AM MT Al****:: stop to 3795 lock 5
1/8/2021 11:44:01 AM MT Al****:: now look at the MTRainbow chart, and not the divergence of the EXMAs
1/8/2021 11:42:25 AM MT Al****:: made it down to the pivot - don't think it will hold long
1/8/2021 11:34:08 AM MT Al****:: on the Secret->esnat72 chart made it down to the yellow vibration level. This is a range doubling. It could double again
1/8/2021 11:24:01 AM MT Al****:: stop to 3800, break even
1/8/2021 11:21:15 AM MT Al****:: now on 4th chart on SPKISS note the down pink pushballs
1/8/2021 11:19:58 AM MT Al****:: sold 3800 stop 3810
1/8/2021 11:18:28 AM MT Al****:: now the 440 has turned down, and have a 20/110 sell snd broke white vibration on esnat72
1/8/2021 11:07:55 AM MT Al****:: I have placed a Fractal of Pi chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's Room. That room is open
to graduates of my 4 main courses. See -> Courses for details.

1/8/2021 11:01:13 AM MT Al****:: I'm back ; market still tepid, but may sell off
1/8/2021 9:56:11 AM MT Al****:: on the Chaos Clinic page note the down Moon flux line putting slow pressure on prices

next trade time is 13:29 so I'm going to take a break for about an hour
1/8/2021 9:38:54 AM MT Al****:: one of the biggest misconceptions in trading the S&P is that it is always trending - it only trends about 49% of the time
one of my long time trading friends says S&P means "Stop and Pee"
1/8/2021 9:30:06 AM MT Al****:: now if you look at the Secret->esnat72 that is born out by the vibrations between the green and white levels
1/8/2021 9:27:25 AM MT Al****:: I try to judge how energetic the market is - my first look at the Secret-esnat72 and esnat360 charts was that it was not very energetic today, ie tepid
1/8/2021 9:08:13 AM MT Al****:: BEW, if you limited your loss to just 4 points you did well - every trade is a risk, and the only thing you control is how much you risk on each trade
1/8/2021 9:01:39 AM MT Al****:: note the bounce off of the white 440 EXMA - that EXMA is sort of the "trend of the day", so an early sell against it needs to be watched carefully
1/8/2021 8:57:14 AM MT bew:: absolutely ridiculous I never take profits -4
1/8/2021 8:36:58 AM MT Al****:: note the 20/110 minute EXMA sell on the third chart on the SPKISS page
1/8/2021 8:28:25 AM MT Al****:: and note the dark red vertical line on the Secret charts
1/8/2021 8:27:25 AM MT Al****:: turning down at first Trade time- note 3rd chart on SPKISS page
1/8/2021 7:51:41 AM MT Al****:: note also on the Secret->esnat72 chart that prices seem to be stalled on the green vibration, and that the vertical yellow line did not spark a rally - so today looks flat to down, and may be tepid
1/8/2021 7:29:07 AM MT Al****:: note on the Secret->exNAt360 page that the year started with a sharp drop from the green to the white vibration level, then built a base and rallied back to the green then up to the magenta, where it is now
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