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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
4:00 Today I traded more than the hotline trades just for illustration.
Thank you for coming-see you next week unless I get a birthday surprise-take a course
3:57 out +5
3:50 I'm just holding this into the close
3:42 in addition, my Face of God pattern told me the sharp late drop was over
3:40 there is a pattern in the Chaos Trading Made Easy course that alerted me to this fast rally
3:37 stop 1406
3:34 stop 1405
3:29 this low was a harmonic 15 points up from Wed. low ; also a 2/3 retrace of the rally from Wed.
3:21 bought 1403 stop 1397 ; low on Venus/Uranus as come to their timelines; also green +Tide turning up
3:18 out -2
3:17 bought 04 stop 01 ; end of streak down Saturn
3:16 aborting flat
3:11 resold 04 stop 07; trading like an old lady :) - just trying to work through it
3:09 now 18 point range set by Jupiter price electric field flux lines
3:04 1505.25 is support from yesterday-needs to break by a point to get a whoosh
2:59 aborting +2 ; 1407 is Moon flux
2:56 stop 1409
2:54 the 20/110 EXMA helps see that we are in move 5 of a down Chaos Clamshell off the high
2:49 Passing the Moon/Node timelines turned it down - this is where I though we might get some high volatility
2:46 can't go up, can't go down, Crazy Harry is a clown
Crazy Harry is the conductor of the S&P train
2:24 resold 10.5 - leaving buy stop at 15.5 for now
2:32 can now lower the breakout buy stop to 1415.5 ; one point above the recent high
2:23 still congesting - if we get a late breakout, it will likely be up; can place a buy stop at
1421.5 to catch it if it happens
2:17 just in time - a trade that just sits there is a dangerous trade, which is why I aborted
2:16 out flat - no go
2:07 stop 12.75
2:00 I'm trying to hang on to the trend - green +Tide is down for a while more
1:58 resold 10.5 stop 13.5
1:54 made spike low right on the crossing in the diagonal MoonTide harmonic grid
then bounced back up to Mercury flux
1:52 out +2.5
1:49 stop to 11
1:47 stop now to 13
1:43 what I like here is that after 4 20/110 EXMA crossings, we are finally trading to one side of the 110
1:37 better now - stop 14.5 - trying 9 points-cover at 1404.5
1:33 resold 13.5 stop 16
1:32 out -2
1:31 stop held, so in right place
1:24 stop back to 14-I'm moving it too fast
1:23 stop 12
1:21 stop 13
1:18 stop 14.5 - looks like finally picked green +Tide
1:15 sold 12 stop 16 - using 4 points for now
1:07 aborted 15 for -2
1:06 I have a Fractal of Pi pattern suggesting up until 3:30
1:03 4.75 point streak on the Mercury timeline -wow
1:00 OK, Mercury timeline is hot - I'll wait to move stop
12:58 bought 17, stop 14
12:57 Still looking for a buy setup-have 4 3 point quantum rally, and 3 quantum decline for 4:3 ratio
12:54 lost network again
12:26 out -3 ; way too choppy
12:16 rebought 18.25 stop 15.25
12:02 aborted -2; not ready to rally yet; I'm being too aggressive
11:54 bought 19.5 stop 16.5 as continuation buy
11:50 coming into trade time -looks like a 1417.5 stop would be safe, so lokking to buy 1420.5 or better
may even be able to buy 1419-watching for now
11:45 late in the day we have the Moon and Node timelines, followed by the Venus/Uranus timelines
both should be hot- first low today was on the early Venus/Uranus timelines;now on their price lines
11:35 high set by Jupiter, for now
11:34 hit and broke 1422 - turning bullish-hope to bet a good entry near second trade time
11:27 the runup attracted a second wave of selling from yesterday's high; need to absorb it, then look
for a second wave of buying in the afternoon - near 1:30 where the Moon +T270 flux crosses Node (O)
11:24 The Pluto timeline was hot, so should make it up to the Pluto flux at 1422 sometime today
11:19 look at the green +Tide and red -Tide lines - They form a MoonTide Fractal set bounding prices
this is the Market Astrophysics version of the famous Mandelbrot set
11:16 pullback was to middle of the congestion, on Neptune flux
11:10 expanding the range upward is bullish
11:08 the high came on the high in the red -Tide
11:03 popped back up to Venus/Uranus/Moon T-135 flux bundle, with high just under Mars
still choppy, so waiting until next Tide time for any trade
10:54 back up - got rally after passing Pluto timeline
10:50 we have a technical problem that means we have to reset our network connection, so you may have to log in again in about 5 minuts
10:23 stuck in a congestion, just need to wait; upside breakout point is about 1420
10:17 even with this increased volatility, I still use a 3 point stop, because if a trade works, it is enough
10:13 stopped -3 ; too noisy
10:10 continuation sell at 10, stop 13
10:08 down to -T180 Moon electric field flux line - so trapped between it and +T270=congestion zone
10:05 we are coming to the Mars/Jupiter/Pluto timelines -another cluster -may congest until clear of them
10:03 trading systems will have set sell stops under the 1410.75 low
10:00 we have a cluster of flux lines at 90 degrees to Mercury, Node, Chiron, and Saturn=congestion
9:54 first trade time is 9:59-may not get a good trade setup
9:52 early support is on Mercury+270 degrees, early low timed by Venus square Uranus, settling on Moon+270
9:10 pre-outcry trading in middle of yesterday's range - I expect flat to up day
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

1/11/2008 11:04:46 AM Mountain TG:: yuk
1/11/2008 10:58:53 AM Mountain TG:: bought 18
1/11/2008 5:41:16 AM Mountain mm:: Good Morning all - Al, good luck/volatility with the clinic

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