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Here are Al's comments
3:06 too late to trade-I'm done-see you next week
3:01 Looks like hold up to close but no big move-7 moves in up CC now
2:52 aborted -1.75
2:43 still OK-if I get stopped, so be it
2:30 stop held so I may be OK-be patient
2:22 I took that one early-may be a fakeout-hold stop and see
2:14 sold 83 stop 86
2:13 this may be a sell-the 20 EXMA did not recross the 110-waiting
2:08 minor move up-EXMA's flat
2:00 have marginal 20/110 sell - still early for trade
1:53 volatility is dropping as people leave for long weekend
1:42 looking weak-110 EXMA rolling over
1:32 passing on second trade -may get one near the last Tide turn
1:20 another penetration-from this morning have 6 swings up-Chaos Clamshell has 7, then done
1:11 this has been a rally with deep penetrations of the 110 EXMA=weak
1:02 looks like high on red -Tide-watching to see if we get a 20/110 sell
1:00 stalled on rally-waiting for clarity on EXMA's
12:42 pit R1 + flux bundle at Tide turn-bearish, but we don't have a rule to sell it
12:36 stopped by Pluto/Moon electric field flux lines-watching EXMA's to see reaction
12:23 little popup going into Tide turn
12:09-flat on the EXMA's
11:49 it's still about 40 minutes until next trade time, but I'm watching to see what this
does to the EXMA's
11:43 sharp drop after passing the vertical blue Jupiter timeline-
11:34 volume is getting light-other exchanges close midday
11:20 going flat -note how the 110 EXMA is curling over
11:10 from the pit view, they ran it from the pivot at 81 to R1 , then stalled
10:58 I think we got a piece of red -Tide up, and have now inverted to the green +Tide down
10:55 looking weak now-note the down yellow diagonal line that stopped the rally-MoonTide Harmonic grid
10:50 rally was about 9 points up from yesterday's low -45 degrees
10:41 This is not a rally I'd trade-not clear as per Tide turns
10:34 1185 was support yesterday-look for it to be resistance today
10:29 rally is on
10:25 still looking flat to down to me-but very choppy-has been all week
10:15 stopped-probably should not have retried-oh well
10:11 The AUX page shows some research in progress-still experimental-looking good
10:08 OK-reselling 1180 stop 82.25
10:04 looks like going flat or down-1182 ceiling
10:01 now prices are both sides of the 110 EXMA-not a good trading setup
9:56 aborted -1; 110 lost its curl
9:54 pretty spiky as pass 90 degrees to the Moon, and the Pluto timeline
9:46 stop 82.25 - today is a pre-holiday session-most volume will be in the morning
9:44 stop 82.75 -looks like green +Tide
9:43 sold 80.75 stop 83.75
9:41 nothing yet-just jitter
9:36 looking like it may give a sell
9:30 opening with prices very near a flat 110 EXMA -wait to see what happens
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

1/14/2005 1:30:26 PM Mountain gc:: Amen wlj, More to learn. I need to at least balance my smiles and frowns.
1/14/2005 1:15:19 PM Mountain wlj:: GC, with bradley dates are more important than direction. also work with planets on the diff gann wheels. note where planets are at and where sp price went that day. my coments a few hrs back " was looking for mars and pluto ". the first time sp runs to the price you thought it would you will not be able to get the smile off your face.....the road to success is always under construction.
1/14/2005 1:12:58 PM Mountain gc:: If I am correct, that completed the clamshell.
1/14/2005 1:09:41 PM Mountain gc:: I am working hard in order to become proficient. I still make foolish mistakes. I must overcome them. Laryy Pesavento's rules are helping alot. Fear, greed, and hope are my nemisis. I am getting better though. One system exited ok. Three to go.
1/14/2005 12:59:11 PM Mountain g9:: and another .50.......when I get to +4 or better I quit. Have a great weekend folks.
1/14/2005 12:55:46 PM Mountain g9:: work? LOL I'm up 3.75 and watching. Y'all need to keep in mind when I get my .50 or .75 I'm trading 15-25 minis at a time.
1/14/2005 12:47:55 PM Mountain wlj:: GC, you are working hard
1/14/2005 12:44:03 PM Mountain gc:: Sorry, I meant to ask the others. I am currently in four different systems that are short. Some scalp, some trend.
1/14/2005 12:37:11 PM Mountain g9:: I'm a pure daytrader. Since I trade for 1-3pts at a time the Bradley is useless to me. I do what Miss Market tells me to do.
1/14/2005 12:16:09 PM Mountain gc:: G9, when does the Bradley breakdown?
1/14/2005 12:03:22 PM Mountain gc:: I understand g9, I trade two other systems besides Dr. Al's. I am in the big middle of research. I am building several automated trading systems and researching everything from astro to ZigZag. It takes alot of time to sift the material while gaining trading experience. In the end I know I will be successful, but it may take longer than I want it too. I need a lttle boost in my trading account in order to buy more of Dr. Al's education. In the meantime, I will have to read and hand with you guys and my friends in a HOTcomm room.
1/14/2005 11:55:10 AM Mountain g9:: gc.....Dr. Al knows his stuff and does great things here. I just trade a different system. Al doesn't really want me to give my take because it could screw up what he's doing. I respect that 100%.
1/14/2005 11:51:45 AM Mountain gc:: I could use some good news if you have any g9 or Al. It would be a good end to a poor week for me.
1/14/2005 11:50:28 AM Mountain g9:: hee hee.....yes sir ;)
1/14/2005 11:49:06 AM Mountain Al:: closed
1/14/2005 11:30:00 AM Mountain g9:: Al......ok, to give my take or should I keep me piehole closed? ;)
1/14/2005 11:22:31 AM Mountain g9:: cover +1.50 cha ching
1/14/2005 11:17:55 AM Mountain gc:: We could use a breakdown here
1/14/2005 11:17:08 AM Mountain gc:: Snow that is
1/14/2005 11:17:06 AM Mountain wlj:: once past vert nept may get things moving
1/14/2005 11:16:29 AM Mountain g9:: stop 5.50
1/14/2005 11:16:25 AM Mountain gc:: Show on the ground in colorado
1/14/2005 11:15:19 AM Mountain wlj:: MJS,when you gave out the bradley dates a few min ago thought you might nave been to amanita site. that is std bradley. xxman, al's pal sells a short term bradley. hits a lot of the turns in the market.
1/14/2005 11:07:28 AM Mountain g9:: stop 5.75
1/14/2005 11:02:08 AM Mountain g9:: snows once every 2-3 years in the ATL........stop 6.25
1/14/2005 11:00:47 AM Mountain wlj:: g9, you get much snow down there ?
1/14/2005 11:00:06 AM Mountain mjs:: About other ideas and systems: I found a web comment from someone who started with the Delta system and lost money. A year latter he posted a self critism. Seems he concluded his error was to out guess a good trading method and ended up with poor results because sometimes he followed it and sometimes he didn't and like many had the unique ability to chose the bad trades from the good trades so executed bad trades and passed good ones. I've done that myself many times. Education isn't cheap.
1/14/2005 10:58:11 AM Mountain g9:: short
1/14/2005 10:57:36 AM Mountain gc:: Thanks
1/14/2005 10:55:09 AM Mountain mjs:: try this link it is an European Astrologer and Market forcaster.
1/14/2005 10:51:46 AM Mountain gc:: Where is the best source to find the Bradley in the form of software or a calculation?
1/14/2005 10:51:39 AM Mountain wlj:: MJS, may be blocked on fri
1/14/2005 10:51:25 AM Mountain mjs:: sometimes it is like splitting FROG HAIR. That isn't any easier either.
1/14/2005 10:47:35 AM Mountain gc:: It is frustrating to be fundamentally correct on the market direction, but then, miss moves on timing.
1/14/2005 10:46:26 AM Mountain mjs:: Hey! Monkey Trader will be back next week. Bananans and all plus new phrases for the Chaos Fight Song
1/14/2005 10:44:58 AM Mountain mjs:: Thanks wlj. But it won't come up for me on my computer for some reason I just get that x in the upper left corner.
1/14/2005 10:39:09 AM Mountain wlj:: mjs, list of charts, dax
1/14/2005 10:36:53 AM Mountain mjs:: I was reading some stuff on Livermore's trading. Seems he got a wire each morning on the action in the British Exchanges and used that to do his day trading. Wonder if anyone has looked at the moon tides that way or tried to make similiar correlations of action in Europe to our trading. I know the Japaneese exchanges often times look a lot like ours just delayed timewise.
1/14/2005 9:57:19 AM Mountain Patents:: Now that it is a few days past the New Moon Turning Point highlighted in the newsletter, what is the expected direction coming out of this turning point?
1/14/2005 9:55:43 AM Mountain wlj:: GC, maybe m / v 0 deg apart all week affected things. i know it did for what i watch.
1/14/2005 9:36:05 AM Mountain mjs:: If it is any consolation. My Bradley started down 12/27 with a bottom to come on 1/25. About half way down it has a sideways action before it continues the decline. Then it is up to 7/13 with a few squiggles. So in the BIG picture all is per plan
1/14/2005 9:30:33 AM Mountain gc:: Seems like it has been difficult to pick the correct tide this week. Inversions also. If it plays out like most of the week, the tide will invert here and help cure my woes.
1/14/2005 9:13:00 AM Mountain mjs:: The newsboys say rally due to good eco news (producer prices down) but there isn't follow through. I've noticed this before when our tides say one thing and news says another there is a blip of rationalism over emotionalism (so I call it) then the lower brain stem takes over so there is a time shift.
1/14/2005 9:02:26 AM Mountain g9:: hey y''s she trading?
1/14/2005 8:47:41 AM Mountain wlj:: was looking for mars - pluto area. plus 1187 is avg of email prices, which tends to be near hi or low or mid point of a day
1/14/2005 8:38:53 AM Mountain gc:: That wasn't what I needed today
1/14/2005 8:22:34 AM Mountain mjs:: That Tidenew is very interesting on the AUX page.
1/14/2005 8:15:21 AM Mountain wlj:: planetary ping pong
1/14/2005 8:12:00 AM Mountain mjs:: Tide 32 has a very nice match so far after the open.
1/14/2005 8:10:03 AM Mountain mjs:: Looks like still in the chop of the last few days.

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