Zoom's Power Curve Collapse
      Chaos Clinic for 1/16/2021

Four months ago I pointed out that Zoom, ZM, was zooming. At that time ZM was
at 417. This chart shows what has happened since.

ZM continued its rapid rise into late October, making it to 588, another 40 percent up.
It make a classic "Three drives to a top," then prices collapsed.

The down turn was clear in the rainbow of EXMAs of 9, 18, 36, 72, and 144 days. The
pullback has fallen back to the 144 dat EXMA. Very near the top, the 9 day crossed the 18 day,

This rally, rally, rally, collapse pattern is called a power curve. In my researchI have found several mathematical models that help find the end of such moves. Overlaid on the
chart is one of those models called Fib Growth. A unique feature of this overlay is that
it has a horizontal axis labeled in degrees. This treats the growth curve as a cycle.
The 0-180 degree part is relatively flat, then the 180-360 part is the obvious rally part.

This overlay shows that the cycle is a two year cycle, 1/6 the Jupiter cycle. In Zoom's
natal chart there is a hexagon with corners on Jupiter, Moon, Uranus, and Venus. Jupiter
is square natal Sun and Neptune.

At the top of the power curve, this hexagon was activated by current Moon conjoin natal Jupiter while current
Moon's Node opposed it. Current Sun was conjoin natal Moon. So the power curve was astro powered.

This tech stock power curve collapse may be part of a larger pattern. It is reminiscent of the end of
the Dot Com boom and bust in 2000. I see a similar pattern in TSLA, and the recent explosion in
crypto currencies.

For more on my work see

Below is one of the SPKISS charts from
and the chat room comments from this Chaos Clinic. Most recent comment is on top.

1/15/2021 12:02:15 PM MT Al****:: I'm going to call it a day-thanks for coming see you next week-take some courses
1/15/2021 11:57:12 AM MT Al****:: up energy has waned
1/15/2021 11:43:25 AM MT Al****:: on the 4th chart on the SPKISS page note the yellow push ball
if there is not another in about 30 minutes the up energy has waned
1/15/2021 11:36:17 AM MT Al****:: another caution flag was the 7 small moves in the 20 minute EXMA
1/15/2021 11:35:10 AM MT Al****:: got a 20/110 continuation buy at trade time, but stalled at down 440; one could have taken it for small gain, but I passed due to bigger picture
1/15/2021 11:18:30 AM MT Al****:: on a longer time frame:
The Moon is now a waxing crescent - and had a "star" - the planet Jupiter aligned with it two nights ago - the pattern on several Mid-Eastern flags
a pattern I call "Fingernail Moon, Market Top" -doesn't always work, but something I watch
1/15/2021 11:15:55 AM MT Al****:: this has been a low volatility week, except for late yesterday and this morning - going into a 3 day weekend the volatility may stay low for the rest of today - one simple but crude filter is a 15 point trailing stop
1/15/2021 11:10:34 AM MT Al****:: one has to wait for separation (divergence) on the EXMAs, like late yesterday - the trade times are not exact, but a window
1/15/2021 11:02:16 AM MT bew:: The 220 is flat and the 440 has a slight down bias. This is what makes it confusing for me at trade times. Which way will it go?
1/15/2021 10:59:51 AM MT Al****:: I was just going to point out the T000 Moon timeline on the SPSunMoon chart
1/15/2021 10:55:46 AM MT bew:: Moon at 000 will dictate this next trade?
1/15/2021 10:25:43 AM MT Al****:: Flash Boys bought s4 and have bounced prices up to S2 where the 220 minute and 110 minute exmas have flattened. The 440 minute trend of the day is still down.
1/15/2021 9:06:33 AM MT Al****:: sent it
1/15/2021 8:28:35 AM MT lik:: please send me an email and iŽll write you. thanks
1/15/2021 8:27:05 AM MT Al****:: not all trades are MoonTide trades - but the same EXMAs on the third chart on the SPKISS page are useful, as are the pivot prices
here the Flash Boys sold a bounce up to S1, where the 20/110 gave a continuation sell
1/15/2021 8:20:46 AM MT lik:: please send me an email and iŽll write you. thanks
1/15/2021 8:13:01 AM MT Al****:: what is your email address?
1/15/2021 8:06:05 AM MT lik:: good morning Al, i sent emails several times and never received an answer. sorry to write here about it, i want to ask some question. tia.
1/15/2021 7:29:35 AM MT Al****:: also note on the last chart on the SPKISS page the cycle ribbon has turned down
1/15/2021 7:27:33 AM MT Al****:: note the 5th chart on the SPKISS page shows a rally to a flat, and the start of a decline -this is a potential fireball top longer term
1/15/2021 7:06:33 AM MT Al****:: Good Morning visitors. Welcome to the Chaos Clinic. The written Chaos Clinic is on the AUX page.

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1/15/2021 7:04:49 AM MT Al****:: Thanks pab. Scamp was especially hard because he was the sweetest and smartest of our 8 cockers. Fortunately we still have another
1/15/2021 6:01:21 AM MT pab:: So sorry to hear about Scamp. Putting a pet down when its time comes is one of the hardest things in the world to do.
1/15/2021 3:56:51 AM MT qq:: However, I think I did best since I see it re-bounding at this time.
1/15/2021 12:54:10 AM MT qq:: Gollie Lee Shazam as Gomer Pyles would say. I should have held on to all 3 of my SPY puts, but I sold 1 to have at least some profit.

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