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Here are Al's comments
3:20 I'm done for the day-thank you for coming-see you next week-check out the new home page-buy something
3:16 Green +Tide early, and late, red -Tide in middle of day-lower band on 9day chart is 1134
3:13 there is the drop to Mercury price and Support 2 -I missed the continuation trade there-won't chase it
3:05 aborting on stall rule for -.5 < BR> 3:00 Chiron flux line support held-pressure is up
2:58 just treading water-holdfast
2:52 this is hard point to sit and not over react-stop is in-be patient
2:45 so far OK-the -T090 and +T000 moon flux cancel at 1143, so it is a balance point
2:39 on that low I also used my Face of God pattern-it gave me an additional trading edge_
2:36 raising stop to 1137-now getting the energy after passing Venus
2:33 energy balance on the close would be back up to the Node flux at 1143-this comes from Tai Chi
2:30 the two hex patterns recognized earlier said there was a 4 hour cycle-now dow 4 hours
2:20 out for zip-this is essential an out of band buy setup-bought 1139 stop 1136
2:13 pressing stop to 1139-finding support on my email-18 Chiron price
2:04 The high was on Mercury time-Mercury price is 1135.75 and 1135.80 = support3
2:00 stop 1140.5-I press hard when get a trade going into a Tide time
1:59 that was a continuation sell--early but sold 1139 stop 1142
1:54 this morning's high was near Venus price-watch fro moer volatility after Venus time 2:33
1:48 The Aux screen shows my version of a trading method use by my long time client, MM
He uses the Tide times, the pit price levels, and the Bollinger bands to find good trades
1:36 MoonTides are flat for about the next hour, then show an end of day "whoosh"
1:20 now as we come to the Moon, shown by the vertical yellow line labeled T, we may get some up energy
1:00 that little move was a "band gap energy jump" from Moon T000 flux to Moon -T090 flux
12:48 read to move stop to 1141, so I will cover for +3.25
12:55 this move is now 9 points from the high=45 degrees- stop 1141.5
12:53 there is the Sun flxu level-stop 1142
12:50 so far so good-my cover point is 1139-stop 1142.75
12:48 know the Node is hot, so watch for fast move on white Node timeline
12:34 should reach Sun flux 1141-that is pit Support, so press stop to 1143
12:31 note the curl on the 110 EXMA-shows this cycle has accelerated
12:26 that looks like on red -Tide-but we do not watch that-just the 20/110 EXMA's-
Tides tell us when a trade might set up-the tracking indicators give us the signals
12:22 sold 1144 on continuation sell, stop 1147
12:14 now coming to second Tide turn-pretty flat-watching for possible 20/110 buy
11:55 prices are now stuck to the Moon flux attractor.
11:43 my Face of God pattern tells me the Node is hot-so far it has formed the base
11:39 notice how that bottom hit the down yellow MoonTide Harmonic grid
11:38 covering fore +.5 on the stall rule-more trades come later
11:35 right in here it must take out the low of the delcine soon-stop 1145.5
11:27 stop 1126.5 -riding the green +Moontide-OK so far
11:23 the pit numbers often come near planetary flux lines- the R1=1148 was Venus-
The S1 is 1140.30, near Sun/Moon -T090 flux
11:21 got a continuation sell on the 20/110 EXMA's there, so looking better
11:17 passing Chiron turned it down a bit-3 hour cycle is down
11:15 may go flat here if sticks to the Moon flux-hold stop and wait
11:05 stop 1147.5-if look at the DAX chart, see it went up 6 hours from Mercury to Mercury time
11:00 sold 1145.5 stop 1148.5 -good curl on the 110 EXMA
10:54 the high came as Xchg passed Mercury-now back to the Moon flux attractor-beware of going flat
10:51 that was a failed test of yesterday's highs-20/110 sell may be coming up
10:48 prices have bbroken the 110, but the 20 EXMA has not, need to wait for the outcome
10:46 now pulling back to the 110 EXMA-may set up a continuation buy as per the Tutorial
10:36 We are looking for our first trade setup near 10:50. Right now we are not out of band, nor near the 110 EXMA
10:29 now getting a Hex pattern alert at 1148-check out List of Charts->Hex Wheels Today -shows harmony
Prices tend to stablize at these harmonic points
10:25 1148.3 is the pit trader's Resist 1 price-these numbers are on the SP1day page.
10:23 The Tide32 cycle in dark green near the bottom is showing this move-topping on Mercury timeline
10:17 at the bottom of the screen are green pippers for the Natural Times-note the one at 10:00
10:14 That Moon energy popped prices right back up to the channel top and the Venus flux line
10:02 now it bounced down to the bottom of the channel, which held-now back to the Moon flux
9:51 the yellow MoonTide Harmonic Grid is showing an up channel-just hit top of channel
9:42 that support held, so far 110 EXMA has same slope as green +MoonTide
9:28 trend up into the Pluto timeline, then dip-Moon+M000 electric field flux support now
9:01 base on Node/Neptune 1143 with Moon +M000 elctric field flux line attractor above=bullish
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

1/23/2004 02:06:08 PM Mountain bkw:: yup
1/23/2004 02:00:14 PM Mountain wlj:: bkw, nas 1521.5 which we bounced off. and 1138 sp.... need to close below today for down side to kick in. that what you are looking at
1/23/2004 01:50:08 PM Mountain bkw:: yes it was-the close here is real important.
1/23/2004 01:45:35 PM Mountain wlj:: on that 7 down clam shell dbl white line was perfect s/r from hi to low.
1/23/2004 01:26:49 PM Mountain Al:: yup-nice down Chaos Clamshell
1/23/2004 01:17:39 PM Mountain wlj:: 7 down
1/23/2004 12:26:26 PM Mountain bkw:: we need NazQuack to join the party-on the manned mission I hear Shrub has made O'Neill the pilot.
1/23/2004 11:50:47 AM Mountain wlj:: no bkw, oil going to mars. joke going around is that nasa sent the rover to mars to look for oil for haliburton
1/23/2004 11:37:26 AM Mountain bkw:: look at the OIH index- oil is going to the moon!
1/23/2004 11:27:15 AM Mountain bkw:: Dr. Doom see's down until the 29th-Al's big drop!
1/23/2004 11:19:56 AM Mountain wlj:: a 3-D day. DR. dooms delight
1/23/2004 11:04:53 AM Mountain bkw:: great day just great!
1/23/2004 10:43:09 AM Mountain Al:: could be -6 hour Fractal of Pi fits S&P quite often
1/23/2004 10:33:01 AM Mountain wlj:: al, dax vert merc for 6 hrs up you mentioned. are we going for 6 hrs down ?
1/23/2004 10:16:48 AM Mountain Al:: xxman:did you get my email?
1/23/2004 08:48:49 AM Mountain bkw:: lock n load!
1/23/2004 08:01:09 AM Mountain wlj:: open gap filled
1/23/2004 07:22:09 AM Mountain wlj:: at close thur full sp 5min chart over last day or so looked like a flag or pennant, thur 527 new highs.

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