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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
1:14 Those are my two planned trades for the day. I expect the lows and highs are both in so I'm done
thank you for coming-see you next week-take a few courses-invest that gift from Uncle Sam in your future :)
1:12 out +2 - in hindsight I should have pressed my stop harder - a memo for next time
1:01 Jude 3 took 9 on that move -see aux page; my 9 point cover is 38; stop 45
12:57 stop 46 - will ride it a bit
12:55 when there was no strength in the rally, a second wave of selling came in off the early high
12:49 Ok - continuation sell at 47 stop 50
12:42 I also note that the high was on the Pluto (white P) timeline, and prices came down to the Pluto price flux, completing a time to price move
12:38 the low is a possible start of a new fractal; since then it has followed normal fractal development as per CIOC and FOP courses
12:37 not taking a sell unless we make new lows
12:28 coming to Chiron, Mercury, Neptune, and Node timelines; should juice things up
12:25 now getting some buying -watching for a buy setup
12:19 sitting at yesterday's close - no juice yet
12:10 holding at a 50% pullback of the rally off the low as come to exact Tide time; bullish
12:06 we now have a row of cnadle wicks at 1356.75- a break above them will trigger breakout buying
12:01 in trade window-watching for some juice and 20/110 crossing; Chiron timeline (red C) could provide the juice
11:56 another APOW: If a low holds for 37 minutes, a rally should follow
11:53 pulled back to Jupiter flux-I think it will be support
11:45 MoonTides forecast the 110 EXMA - the 110 is tracking the red -Tide
11:38 9 point rally - should give us a good buy setup near the next hotline trade time of 12:16
11:35 that low came off the Moon T+90 /Uranus flux, which is hot today as per email
11:31 I would rebuy the APOW trade at 49, stop 46 ; now the 7 moves down are clear and the last was a move 7 spike
11:27 APOW trade failed-still weak
11:19 as we approach the second MoonTide trade time, I'm watching for a 20/110 buy setup
11:12 the MoonTides trades using the hotline are designed to be simple to do and not require much knowledge
APOW trade setups come from using a lot of knowlEDGE gained by years of study and research
11:06 so the APOW trade would be long at 51, stop 49 - just watch it for educational purposes
11:02 if I were not just trading the holine, I would take the APOW trade here with a buy above 51 stop at 49
10:55 if it does not break down here, that second round of buying should come in-support in at 1350
10:51 chaotic markets can turn on a dime, so you need profit taking targets. One can always reenter if the move continues
10:40 Looks like we could be making that APOW low near 11:00; APOW=Al Pearl of Wisdom
10:34 out 53 for +5 ; I took the trade because I liked the speed. I took 5 because I entered late in the move and was going into the Tide turn
Meanwhile the Jude 3 auto trader took 9 points
10:34 stop 58-will cover at +5
10:33 stop 59
10:30 OK , sold 58, stop 61
10:28 tried to go lower, but got a 4 point micro rally, so the downline looks limited; got 20/110 crossing, but
not much confirmation by the 110 movement - bias is bullish today
10:21 low on Jupiter timeline-stuck on Moon/Node flux ; just watching
10:10 I put my Jude3 auto trader on the AUX page - it's stop parameters are currently set too close for the volatility
10:06 Pearl of Wisdom: on a gap up day there is a tendency for buying to come in near 11:00, so watch for a low near then
10:02 pulled back to the 110 EXMA and the Node flux line-I expect congestion, and a rally later
9:45 peaked on the Pluto and Venus timelines, at Jupiter +90 price flux, back to moon T+180 flux
The chaos this week has been from the Venus/Pluto conjunction
9:38 1358 is a major 72 point quantum - tends to be resistance or support
Tracking red -Tide early
9:33 first trade is not until 10:45-right now prices are over bought, so any trade woudl have a lower probability of working
9:26 Pre-outcry rally off the Moon T270 timeline-vertical yellow line at 8:30

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1/25/2008 7:16:25 AM Mountain Al:: GM all-good luck today
thanks MM. How's the shoulder coming?
1/25/2008 5:26:46 AM Mountain mm:: gm all - have a great day - Al, have a good clinic

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