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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments

2:30 I'm done for the day; thanks for coming; see you next week; take some courses

2:29 stopped for +8.5

2:22 new highs

2:17 stop to 2859.5; 2 ticks under minor support

2:14 on esNat72, have 18 point move on yellow vibrations; looking for 18 on the white

2:07 stop to 2858.5 ; lock 7.5

1:52 actually put my sell limit at 2865, one tick under R3; it is also a white vibration line on

1:49 stop to 2857-lock 6

1:47 R3 is at 2865.25 ; if get there I will cover, because the Flash Boy's computers will

1:18 stop to 2856; 2 ticks under white vibration level on Secret->esNat72 ; lock 5

1:06 2853 was a key vibration level this week; 30 points higher is 2883-just a possibility

12:56 swing or position traders may conside3r holding this one into next week
I will will treat it as a day trade and cover on close

12:51 stop to 2855

12:48 new highs - now we get more juice

12:43 looking good-planning to hold to close

12:31 stop to 2852, 2 ticks under the esNat72 magenta vibration level

12:29 that chart told me to expect more buying here

12:25 I have placed a Chaos Trading Made Easy chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's Room. That room is open
to graduates of my 4 main courses. See -> Courses for details.

eMylar Fractal of Pi overlays help you be patient, since they show you future potential moves.
The best bargain in my courses is to take the Cash In On Chaos and Fractal of Pi courses and
learn to use the FOP overlay. Then take Chaos Trading Made Easy, and finish with Face Of God.

12:20 I have my stop at break even, so I can afford to wait

12:15 hex patterns are stable points, every 12 points; prices move from one to the next

12:12 getting a hex pattern notice-see the tutorial an Hex Patterns today linked on right side of list of Charts page

12:04 "If you can wait, and not be tired by waiting..." - Kipling-IF

12:00 again support on the magenta vibration level

11:56 trading along R1 2853.75

11:54 dip to the 110 minute EXMA

11:31 the trick here is to be patient

11:20 trade looks good, will carry through the 11:59 trade time

11:08 on Secret->esNat72 found support on magenta vibration level. Earlier it was resistance.
9 points lower the overnight low was near a magenta level. Suggests going 9 points higher to 2861.5

11:02 On the Secret->esNAt360 chart there is a volatility forecast. It has a hump today and Monday, suggesting
possible high volatility both days

11:00 stop to 2850

10:47 on the Secret page is esnat72 with 3 colors of vibration levels-today the white ones are most active

10:42 this looks much better- move is much smoother-will let it run now

10:37 re-bought 2851 stop 2847-again found support on Moon +T270 flux

10:26 early trades on Friday are tough-what looks like the start of a strong move can die quickly

10:16 met strong resistance - aborting for -1

10:10 based on yesterday's low near 2832, could make 2877

10:07 I will let this trade run; If we break out could run up all day

10:03 if bread Wednesday's high of 2855.25 should get some momentum

9:58 found support on the Moon +T270 electric field flux line-see chart on SPKISS page

9:50 continuation buy-bought 2850.5 stop 2847.5

9:44 not a lot of juice

9:40 found some support

9:35 I'm going to wait until nearer the trade time , so watch for now

9:32 getting some selling

9:15 if you look at the SP Rainbow chart, you can see that the EXMAs look a tad weaker than
yesterday, suggesting less energy.

9:10 for the third day in a row, early trade is near 2850. In the past 2 days this
was followed by a sharp decline. May not be the case today. May instead be choppy.

9:02 trade times today are 10:32, 11:59, and 14:48

9:00 Good Morning. Welcome to the Chaos Clinic. This site has a lot of charts,
so you may find it useful to have several of them available within your
browser. If you have a tabbed browser, you can open separate charts
in separate tabs by right clicking on any link, and selecting "open in new tab"
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Chaos clinic comments appear at the bottom of the SPKISS, MTRainbow,
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"duck call" noise. This noise also occurs when the sofware detects a
resonant hex pattern on the Wheel page. Trading tutorials
are on the right side of the ListOfCharts page. One should
read Trading the MoonTide Tutorial and Keep it Simple as a minimum.

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

1/26/2018 1:32:04 PM MT TG****:: you too Al
1/26/2018 12:58:25 PM MT Al****:: Have a good weekend guys
1/26/2018 11:09:52 AM MT TG****:: May regret it later but covered for +10. Money management rules. Tried to give it a little time to run past my target.
1/26/2018 9:41:37 AM MT gon:: Euro is faltering, maybe useful to take profits now in S& have had similar instraday swings.
1/26/2018 9:35:11 AM MT Al****:: the original mm is a CCT
1/26/2018 9:30:29 AM MT bbb****:: I can't remember if mm was a CCT or not.
1/26/2018 9:26:50 AM MT Al****:: mm - is it really you Martin? or someone new?
1/26/2018 9:23:12 AM MT bbb****:: mm! Man we have been wondering where you have been and if you were doing ok. Good to hear from you!
1/26/2018 9:20:55 AM MT TG****:: aside from todays trades
1/26/2018 9:20:25 AM MT TG****:: mm, long time not hearing from you. how are you
1/26/2018 9:05:24 AM MT mm:: 2 trades 2 big losses not pretty !
1/26/2018 8:58:47 AM MT gon:: I recognize the potential around the 1st Trade Time, but did not take the trade- the signal was weak in my model. At least we have some expansion in price terms, and Trade 2 can eventually emerge with more clarity.
1/26/2018 8:03:12 AM MT TG****:: AL, does SP Secret chart argue for high volatility and a likely one way move to closing time?
1/26/2018 7:52:30 AM MT TG****:: Good Luck everyone. Welcome gon
1/26/2018 3:22:21 AM MT gon:: Started the subscription yesterday integrating the Tides into my model. I use to monitor the SP and the Dow and thake the trade in one of them. Ytd, had a sell at 26371 covered 26283 at 09:46 eastern I believe (I'm on central european time).

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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