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Here are Al's comments
3:42 Certified Chaos Traders check the CCT chart I just posted
2:54 this thing may drop late-but I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you next week-take a course
2:52 aborted for 0-
2:45 trading 0 degrees to Sun and Mercury, 180 to Saturn
2:42 stop 1287.5 -above that "crew cut" row of highs
2:35 reselling 1286 stop 1289
2:33 prices are trapped between the +T045 and -T135 Moon flux - sets a congestion zone
2:22 out -1 -guess the specialists need to hold it up to trade out more paper
2:14 loving my bean trade. it just hit 590
2:09 I have a tendency to move my stop stop fast early in a trade- need to adjust that
2:04 too close -moving to 86.75
2:00 stop 1285.75 -so far so good
1:41 stop 1286 - will try to milk this one for max points - I like the speed
1:38 looking good-stop 1287
1:18 the pattern today is a Hannula Can Opener - a handle up, with a cutting blade under it to retest the highs, then turn
1:14 sold 1285.75 stop goes at 1288.75
1:11 placing a sell stop at 1285.75
1:07 coming into next trade time-looks like market is starting to roll over
1:00 stock specialist have to take the opposite side of all trades - when they see a decline ahead, they will
try to pop prices up, then hold them flat while they accumlate paper to afford a decline-smells like that today
12:39 retracement buffs should note that this is a .707 retracement of the drop from the Jan high
.707 is the square root of 1 over 2, the first two integers
12:30 high held-so still stuck on +T045 Moon flux line
12:23 testing the high see if it holds
12:00 had a chart problem-now fixed- lots of technocrap (Mercury) problems today-must be a major turn
11:55 looks like tracking the red -Tide
11:53 out for 0
11:52 getting power hits-hope it does not go out-if we disappear, that is what happened
11:48 the next trade time is 12:00 - I'm just going to carry this trade
11:40 the minor highs here are square Mars- Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune are forming a square
11:32 soon we come to the Sun/Mercury timelines-yesterday they set a turn
11:25 stop 1288.5 so trade is free-now can just hold it
11:21 stop 1288.75 - trying to be patient
11:12 looks like about to fall off the porch-moving stop to 1289
11:07 after a resonance ends, you often see a little congestion - I call it a "back porch"
11:01 markets are driven by complex electric fields, with complex behaviours-one is resonance-
My current research is showing me how to better find resonance - used it to buy beans yesterday 567 - 582 today
10:54 the energy peaked on the Moon-so I'll sit on this trade as best I can 10:45 trade looks OK stop 1290
10:40 lost my data server and had to reboot
10:25 reselling 88.5 stop 91.5
10:22 my OOB sell was an error -I did not wait for a break of the 20 EXMA
10:17 out -3 -too aggressive-meanwhile in the chat room Ben took the buy for +5-good job
10:09 nice resonant move-taking as out of band sell at 1287.5 stop 1290.5
10:06 missed a good buy - need to be patient
10:01 pushing to the upper band-may set up an out of band sell
9:46 We pass the Moon timeline just after 10:10 so I want to wait until after that to do anything
9:39 I'm going to puy a sell stop at 1277.5, 3 ticks under the outcry low
9:32 trading on the Moon T+0 electric field flux line-acting as an attractor, so want to see a move away from it to trade
9:23 I have noticed that the MoonTides shifted left an hour fit yesterday very well-this can be seen on the SP2Day chart
9:09 fitting way for the market to celebrate Mr. Crapper's invention of the flush toilet :)
9:03 lower than expected Gross domestic product took the wind out of the rally
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

1/27/2006 12:23:57 PM Mountain Ben:: don't like the feel of it. out -1
1/27/2006 12:18:01 PM Mountain Ben:: sold 84.5
1/27/2006 12:16:01 PM Mountain Ben:: We appear to be stuck between the 2 moon flux lines.
1/27/2006 11:18:09 AM Mountain mm:: the pit is pushing/pulling between their S&R levels - 90.50 - 86.75 - 85.50
1/27/2006 10:19:50 AM Mountain Al:: fixed
1/27/2006 9:15:50 AM Mountain elessar:: charts appear to be stuck, can you confirm?
1/27/2006 8:19:57 AM Mountain Ben:: Thanks Al. Your CTME course helped me again.
1/27/2006 8:13:33 AM Mountain Al:: nice trade, Ben
1/27/2006 8:08:17 AM Mountain Ben:: out +5
1/27/2006 8:06:22 AM Mountain Ben:: stop 82
1/27/2006 8:04:03 AM Mountain Ben:: stop 81.5
1/27/2006 7:50:26 AM Mountain Ben:: bought 81.5

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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