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Here are Al's comments
3:42 OK, I'm done for the day; Thanks for coming; See you in 2 weeks; No clinic next week
3:36 covered for +7; don't like it; got support on Moon T+180
3:32 looking good - stop to 1073
3:24 rally stopped by Moon -T270 flux; suggests move to -T135 near 1064
3:15 down to Sun +H000 flux; stop 1074
3:13 my answer to that was to be patient and careful; stop 1075; lock 2
3:10 everything has been hard for me today; took a look at my natal chart and found Moon square my natal Mars, my nemesis
3:08 trying to hold into the close
3:02 trading on M+045 flux
2:57 stop to 1076-lock one
2:51 head and shoulders was about 15 points high; 1077-15=1062; Mercury M+00 is 1065
2:49 looks like we got it; stop to 1080
2:46 early, had red -Tide, then green +Tide until now. Need a second inversion to red -Tide for trade to go fast
2:44 at exact Tide time; stop to 1081
2:34 in the chat room, MM correctly pointed out that my stop on last trade was too close.
That happens, so I just press on
2:34 elected short, protective stop is in
2:33 can't seem to rally either
2:26 can't seem to break lower
2:23 putting buy stop 1081.75
2:21 right now, tracking green +Tide
2:18 still choppy; stop in. I'm just watching
2:08 holding the double bottom. This pattern says to stick around until the last hour
2:02 coming into the third trade window; sell stop is good; not interested in buying with
the 440 EXMA down and trade below it
2:00 sell stop not hit -- yet
1:55 down to Moon +T225 flux; may be support, if not, my sell stop is in
1:50 this is that second wave of selling I mentioned; significant if make new lows
1:47 on SPSunMoonMer chart, I see a Head and Shoulders pattern with neckline set by Sun H+045 flux
1:44 way early for last trade. Putting a sell stop at 1077 just in case
1:42 looking weak
1:29 on SPSunMoonMer chart, see high near +M135 flux, now on M+90 flux and bearish; +M045 flux next M level
1:27 the boys enjoyed that - nice cool but sunny day in Colorado; always good to disengage fo0r awhiel to clear one's head
12:57 going to take a break and take Scout and Scamp to the park
12:55 stopped for -3; tough day
12:50 posted another FOP chart in the CCT room
12:41 watch for a second wave of selling to come in before 1:10
12:31 resold 1081 stop 1084; above the Mercury +M090 flux
12:27 stopped for +3
12:06 stop to 1082
12:00 stop to 1083, locking 2; may ride for max
11:58 getting some follow through; could turn into a rout
11:54 posted a Fractal Grid chart in CCT Room-from Chaos Trading Made Easy course
11:45 looking at the MTRainbow chart as an ABC zig zag, if C=A, we get to 1066
11:38 the day's range was expanded to the downside. Within a couple of hours should see more selling
11:33 stop 1085
11:28 updated my Fractal of Pi chart in the CCT room
11:21 Moon T180 timeline hot
11:17 sold 1085, stop 1090 ; broke both the Moon+270 flux and the 440 EXMA
11:16 putting sell stop 1085
11:11 in the second trade window-trading midway in the range of the day-just watching
11:06 retracement on two day charts was a harmonic 2/3 rds
11:00 pretty choppy
10:56 rally from yesterday's low went 18 points, 90 degrees on Wheel of 72
10:47 so far I've learned that taking 2 or 3 points is advised, and stops need to be 4 or 5 points; not the best of days
10:45 out for zip. Oh well, let it go
10:29 stop to 1089, break even. Now I can be more patient. On green +Tide, which is up until 11:32
10:26 streak up the Mercury timeline-it was hot
10:24 finally got on it, stop to 88
10:18 rebought 89, stop 85
10:14 Yesterday was such a big day early, I was trying too hard today. Natural problem, so keep losses small.
10:10 stopped for -3; still may rally, but I'm not paying more to watch
10:07 coming to the vertical magenta Mercury timeline; low was on Mercury flux line, so it is hot
10:00 still OK. Will take 3 if I get it
9:55 posted a Fractal of Pi chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's chat room. That room is open
to all graduates of my four main courses. See -> Courses for details
9:51 bought 1089 stop 1086; got a "hook and go" on the 20/110
9:45 these early trades are risky, so if they don't go, I get out, especial if in a congestion
9:44 aborted for -2
9:43 support on the lower Moon flux and the Mercury flux
9:40 on the SPSunMoonMER chart, we are trapped between two Moon flux lines, a congestion zone
9:36 getting a 20/110 continuation sell-sold 1084 stop 1089 for now
9:33 the MTRainbow chart shows decline, congest. The white 440 EXMA is realtively flat, with trade just above it
9:31 first trade time is now, but I will watch a bit; need to breaks above about 1090 for a buy
9:28 quite on the open
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

1/29/2010 2:11:05 PM MT DP****:: 84 - 69 ... Is just enough to buy some WINE! Have a great weekend everyone!
1/29/2010 1:57:23 PM MT DP****:: Hold'n; Hold'n; Hold'n; Raw Hide!
1/29/2010 1:38:56 PM MT DP****:: Still short from 84; question is - do I hold to the close? My original target was 68 but didn't put order in. HUUUUUMMMMMMM!
1/29/2010 1:19:05 PM MT TG****:: Got 9 of it, maybe more, but hard to pass up the 8-9 points when they are there.
1/29/2010 12:58:23 PM MT mm****:: the next S levels are 70 - 60.75 - 56.25 and 47
1/29/2010 12:00:14 PM MT DP****:: Thank you Al for hosting the clinic. I always learn from your analysis and comments. Short from 84.
1/29/2010 11:06:08 AM MT mm****:: Al - you had your last stop too close - 1083.75 is today's pivot where the pit turned it arond - all 4 traders on CNBC's midday panel are going to sell into the close - I am short
1/29/2010 10:46:29 AM MT DP****:: Hello Al. I know you are managing trade and clinic. Just wondered if you might consider adding "Always On Top" option to the electronic mylar's. This would allow see through and F5 updates to the underlying charts. Cheers!
1/29/2010 10:02:27 AM MT Ahab****:: ok thanks..its me ..I need to check my chart
1/29/2010 9:57:31 AM MT TG****:: there's a fractal grid on the bottom of the page now, so two charts. Tough day, I feel fortunate to be down only 1.25 pts.
1/29/2010 9:47:25 AM MT Ahab****:: so..only one chart on the page?
1/29/2010 9:43:10 AM MT TG****:: Ahab, try scrolling down on the page, it's in the middle of the page.
1/29/2010 9:36:58 AM MT Ahab****:: referring to CCT chat room chart
1/29/2010 9:33:23 AM MT Ahab****:: I cant see it me or the chart?
1/29/2010 8:59:23 AM MT mm****:: wild day so far
1/29/2010 5:47:31 AM MT mm****:: great
1/29/2010 5:46:54 AM MT mm****:: gm all - have a grear day

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