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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
2:45 I'm done for the day-thank you for coming-see you next week-have a great weekend-buy something
2:41 out -1; no big break;will hold up into close-;drop prevented by the Moon
2:39 lots of wailing and nashing of teeth-hold fast-decision by 3:10
2:31 looking good-stop 1129-note 20 EXMA stopped minor rally-acting as tongue depressor
2:27 presssing on the Moon flus, and lows of the day-chaos if fail
2:18 stop 1130 -congestion looks to be over-green +Tide says down to 3:30
2:15 good action on 20/110 EXMAs-hold tight
2:11 now we have everyone who was looking for a rebound rally today about to panic
2:01 sold 1028.50 stop 31.50-this break is same place as the big fed break
2:00 -aborting -.5 -back to 110 and breaking it
1:58 stop 1128.25 -steady grinding uptrend-should accelerate after 2:20
1:52 rebought 1030 stop 1027 -20/110 continuation buy in trade window
1:43 odds now favor a return to the Moon flux near 1127
1:35 aborting for 0-I just don't like the feel of it
1:29 stop 1128.5-slope of 110 EXMA matching slope of red -Tide, OK so far
1:18 stop 1128-I don't espect much of a rally, so be careful
1:14 bought 1130-stop 1127
1:11 looks like a continuation buy as pass 90 to the Moon-waiting for 110 to advance
1:08 I'm back-the AUX page sohws the sp9day chart with a down channel-in that channel we are in a congestion
11:53 Tides say flat until after 1:10. I'm taking a break-be back after 1:10 Eastern
11:48 aborting for 0 on the stall rule-not going anywhere in a hurry
11:41 stop 1128.5 -cover will be at 12:00 on next Tide turn time-if still in
11:32 stop 1129.5 - clinging to Moon flux like velcro
11:14 looking better as get down streak passing Mars timeline-be patient
11:10 stop 1130-trade looks marginal, but 20 is below 110
10:53 right here the market is deciding to go flat or turn down-if 20 EXMA stays under 110, down-if cross -flat
10:42 that was an inversion from the green +Tide to the red -Tide-inversions happen in chaotic
systems-markets are provably chaotic-the "hook and go" is a sign that one has occurred
10:33 sold 1028 stop 1031 on 20/110 -in worst case we go flat
10:28 aborted -1.5 110 lost its curl-this is a "Hook and go" on the 20/110
10:21 stopped on email Pluto flux price-stop 1128.5
came off Moon price-tendency-up until Moon Time 1:10
10:15 bought 1030.5 stop 1027.5-20/110 buy, good curl on 110, fast move
10:06 Moon flux held again-now 20/110 buy is even more likely
10:04 got a continuation sell instead-still probing for the Tide turn-I'll wait until 10:20
10:02 EXMA's have gone flat-watching for a 20/110 buy
9:54 little streak up the Saturn time line-back to 110 EXMA-looks like flat to up so far
9:41 bounced off the Moon flux-if it fails, next support is 1125 Node flux
9:32 opening a bit down-looks like on green +Tide-support below on Moon +T180 flux
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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