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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:45 getting too close to the close to trade, so I'm done
Thanks for coming; see you next week; take a course
3:44 out for +2
3:42 resold 823 stop 826
3:41 stopped +3
3:32 Moon squaring Pluto near 813 - will cover there if make it; stop 823
3:30 stop 826
3:29 stop 828
3:25 this is a thrust,congest, thrust pattern as per the GO BIG rule, so I'll try to hold until 4:00
3:18 resold 826 , stop 830; I got tired, and flinched
3:15 covering for -.75; fractal down is broken
3:10 still OK, should see a whoosh soon
3:04 minor rally was stopped by the fractal boundary
2:56 lowering stop to 830, just above the 110 EXMA
2:54 elected short 25.75
2:51 placing a buy stop at 833 ; if it is hit, the 1day down fractal has fractured
2:46 placing a sell stop at 825.75, under last minor support
2:42 placing a circle overlay around the congestion tell me it ends before 3:40
pattern for day is thrust, congest, setting up a late thrust, probably down
2:38 still getting that MRS$ hex pattern-has ben holding price stable
2:35 big top wick on red candle warning of rally failing
2:32 this is a point in the 1 day fractal where a move 6 rally could fail, setting up a move 7 down
so want to be cautious until the pattern is clearer
2:28 just broke it -following my 4 hour fractal; looking for a buy entry
2:25 pretty flat coming into the trade time; last swing up was 823.25 to 830.75-need to break this range to do anything
2:12 I have posted the 1 day fractal in the CCT Room; it ends near 3:20 as well; so may get a late rally
Fractal comes from the word "fracture." There are key points in the Fractal of Pi where it can fracture.
1:58 I'm still watching the 4 hour up fractal. If there is a late rally it will tell me where it is
1:53 that Fractal does not end until about 3:20. It has room for congestion into the close
so the second trade may not setup
1:42 new lows, meaning the down fractal has again expanded; will post in CCT Room
1:33 good bear attack -looks like may set a low on the 1:33 Natural Time
1:27 I have updated a chart in the CCT Room
1:16 after about 2:00 we should see a second wave of buying, so second trade may be better
1:13 I'm going to cover here for +3 based on my FOP; may rebuy if break higher
1:05 looks like a 4 hour fractal up to the close to 843; stop to 833.25
12:54 stop to 829.5, under last minor low
12:48 Ok, looking bullish; bought 833.25 stop 827.25
12:45 my Fractal of Pi down ended just after 12:00; the end of a fractal does not necessarily mean the
immediate start of another; sometimes there are short periods of just drifting, like now
12:24 not going to get it; setting back, 110 EXMA going flat; this trade may end up being a pass
12:24 getting 20/110 crossing; will buy a new rally high at 833.25
12:22 here I'm watching 3 minute candles -last one was a doji, indicating resistance, so waiting and watching
12:14 broke vertically up through the 110 EXMA, watching the quality of the move, and looking for a dip
12:11 last minor low 827.25; if I buy, a stop at 826.75 would be good
12:09 still trading uder the 110 EXMA, but pressing up , need a 20/110 buy crossing to go long
12:03 right at trade time - looks like going flat
11:42 found support at 825.25 and made it up to prior low, so watching for basing action
11:36 this was a pretty steep decline-will take a while to turn back up
11:24 marginal new low -watching to see if price make it back above the broken low-first sign of a recovery
11:15 I'm back - managed to get my new Vista based trading computer locked up -have to redo my charts-technocrap
10:56 nothing to do now except watch for a while. The trade time is an hour away. Time to get some breakfast
10:52 so far tracking the green +Tide -it shows a low soon, a flat bottom, and an up afternoon
10:40 getting a hex pattern alert-see Hex Wheels Today- Price is 180 degrees to Mercury, which is trine Saturn and
sextile Uranus. This resonance brought prices down to the horizontal magenta Mercury elctric field flux line
10:37 Both of those charts connect today to yesterday. I also did a 1 day SPKISS chart, overlaid with a fractal grid
from the CTME course. Posted that to the CCT room
10:29 After looking at the MTRainbow chart, I took a look at an astro chart similar to the Chaos Clinic chart, but covering 3 days
On it I placed a FOG pattern to try to locate an energy center attracting price-posted that in CCT room
10:21 I've posted that FOP chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's room
10:15 the first chart I'm looking at is the MTRainbow chart-it shows a continuation of yesterday's downtrend
So the Fractal of Pi that fit yesterday has expanded into a larger one. My FOP overlay says this larger one ends near 12:00
10:14 Back from my morning errand-had to take my dog Scout to the vet for minor surgery
8:30 Good morning from Chaos Manor
The Chaso Clinic comments will begin near 11:00 Eastern
First trade time is 12:04

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

1/30/2009 2:02:05 PM Mountain TG:: second that, tough to do well in the afternoon when 3/4th of fractal completed in the morning. Have a good weekend.
1/30/2009 1:53:30 PM Mountain ahab:: Al..nice job on a tough day
1/30/2009 1:06:08 PM Mountain ahab:: XTide
1/30/2009 1:04:18 PM Mountain TG:: ahab, what do you mean by moneytide? there are lots of tides around here and lots of inversions of tides.
1/30/2009 1:00:43 PM Mountain ahab:: sorry for the caps
1/30/2009 12:37:35 PM Mountain TG:: Al, isn't today a two moon day, making it a bit more likely that downside fractal grid will complete.
1/30/2009 12:35:50 PM Mountain TG:: certified chaos trader (cct). Those who have taken Al's chaos courses.
1/30/2009 11:45:36 AM Mountain cgm:: what is cct room?
1/30/2009 11:09:16 AM Mountain ahab:: Jupiter sure looks to be important today.
1/30/2009 10:44:39 AM Mountain DPP:: Hi Al and welcome lerkers to the big Friday show. Al, agree with your email last week ... My pay me first rule is 1/3 to saveings, 1/3 to debt, and 1/3 for me. Keep up the good work!
1/30/2009 10:38:09 AM Mountain sdg:: or lack of conviction, which to your point, may signal a high/low
1/30/2009 10:36:00 AM Mountain Al:: and often mark the high or the low
1/30/2009 10:32:22 AM Mountain sdg:: Hi Al, technically doji's represent indecision.
1/30/2009 6:50:14 AM Mountain mm:: gm all - have a great day
1/30/2009 6:28:43 AM Mountain Al:: GM all-good luck today

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