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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
2:44 I'm done for the day. Thanks for coming. See you next week. Take a course.
2:41 out for 0 as timer expired
2:36 last Tide time is 15:50, so I will cover then if still in
2:28 need to be patient. I use a digital kitchen timer to set a "be patient" time; just set it to wait 15 minutes
2:20 after about 2:30 should see some short covering
2:07 sure likes that 1305 Sun/Mars flux
1:57 stop to 1302; note the divergence on the MTRainbow chart
1:48 trade still OK-low on Mercury time suggests possibly reach +M315 flux at 1311
1:42 posted a combo CTME/FOG chart in the cct Room
1:38 the market has held up long enough now that a second wave of buying should come in
1:23 stop to 1301
1:18 got some Moon juice passing the Moon timeline
1:16 on the SPBias chart, the bias has turned bullish
1:13 posted new FOP chart in CCT room
1:10 in trade window, have 20/110 crossing and curl on 110, buying 1304 stop 1300
1:05 So far today has been choppy and hard to trade. Happens often on Friday. Tendency now will be to hold up / rally into the close
12:54 prices have recovered above the 440 EXMA and the 110 EXMA, so turning a bit bullish
12:39 updated my first FOP chart in the CCT Room.
12:26 aborted my fractal trade for 0. Didn't like trading flat.
12:13 passed the Sun/Mars timeline, then got weaker. My fractal trade from 1303 stop 1307 looking good
12:04 I'm finding "All About High Frequency Trading" by Michael Durbing fascinating. Explains where the big boys focus. Happy to know they do not focus on the 4 to 10 trading hour fractal I do. But they do fuel the streaks in the fractals.
12:00 so far my second fractal overlay looks good
11:54 not much to do but watch. I note that the low was timed by the Mercury timeline, sending prices back up to the Mercury flux line
11:38 from the high, I see 1-2-3-4 moves of 7 in a down Chaos Clamshell. 4's tend to congest
11:28 bounced back up to the Mercury +M090 flux and the 440 EXMA
Hopefully next trade time will give a good setup
11:18 updated both charts in CCT room
11:08 I've found another fractal, which I have pasted in the Certified Chaos Trader's Room.
10:57 using that fractal, in my own account I got short at 1303. Too fast to explain what I was doing. Not a hotline trade
10:53 I have placed a Fractal of Pi chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's Room. That room is open
to graduates of my 4 main courses. See -> Courses for details.
10:48 I'm back. Price action confirms a down fractal
10:33 taking a breakfast break
10:29 apparently fractured legs and fractals aren't mixing well this morning :)
10:26 aborted for -1
10:21 fractal patterns get their name from the word fracture. They are not continuous, nor do they necessarily connect end to end.
A new event, espeically one that creates a big vertical bar, like today's report, can begin a new fractal.
10:17 EXMA's are not the only tool I use. My primary tools are my eMylar pattern overlays, like the Fracatl of Pi, Face of God, Fractal Grid, etc.
10:14 getting a sell on the 110/20-selling 1304 stop 1307
10:12 attracted back up to the Sun/Mars flux
10:05 trading both sides of 110 EXMA-staying out
10:00 sometimes I'll make a second effort. Here is see i had a 20/110 sell, and now a rally back to the 110. If it falters,I may sell
9:46 whacked for -4. Happens. I was too anxious to make a trade.
9:41 may get stopped
9:33 bought 1305 stop 1301
9:32 possible continuation buy setup
9:32 outcry session open-still quiet
9:25 stuck on the Sun/Mars flux; suggests holding up until the Mars/Sun timelines at 12:00
9:12 pretty flat - this could be an MM stinker day.
9:04 on the MTRAinbow chart, the white 440 minute EXMA is up. A break above the 1308.5 high will attract break out buyers
9:00 today's trades are 9:31 and 13:33 . The first may not give a good setup due to the report reaction-fast motion going nowhere
8:40 Interesting move by the big boy's computers on the news -vertical swing up to Moon T+090 and down to Moon -T000/EXMA 440
Centering on Sun and Mars conjoining +R090/+H090. Fascinating that the astro stuff is visible in the age of computer trading
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

2/4/2011 12:09:18 PM MT JAB:: Hey Al, thank you VERY, VERY much for the Rainbow gift. I have an even better version thanks to your generous help.....Again, thank you....JAB....yeah, these really are my initials
2/4/2011 10:19:58 AM MT Al****:: Ahab, use the Add a Certified Chaos Trader comment link under the first chart.
2/4/2011 10:17:56 AM MT Ahab****:: I can get in there...just dont know what I am doing..sorry
2/4/2011 10:08:35 AM MT Ahab****:: I would like to post a comment in CCT room but cant get into it. I can open everything else.
2/4/2011 10:01:45 AM MT Al****:: Thanks. This too shall pass.
2/4/2011 9:51:51 AM MT ken:: Hi Al, stopped in last week...found out you'd had a couple of minor setbacks...glad to see your back (no pun intended)..... is feeling better, as well as the leg..
2/4/2011 9:21:31 AM MT Al****:: TG, I leave the top chart box available for use by anyone
2/4/2011 9:15:44 AM MT TG****:: Al, I can only see the bottom two boxes in the CCT room. Been like that for past few weeks. Anyone else experiencing the same.
2/4/2011 8:32:39 AM MT RAH:: My CC trade went south too, really wierd fit unfolding!
2/4/2011 7:55:34 AM MT RAH:: Sorry bout that Al, I'm following CC here, I think my trade coming now!....
2/4/2011 7:46:06 AM MT mm****:: sorry - luck ran out
2/4/2011 7:43:09 AM MT mm****:: looks like Al's lucky day !
2/4/2011 7:18:30 AM MT RAH:: Hi all.... good luck today. Short day for me.
2/4/2011 7:10:04 AM MT Al****:: GM all-good luck today
23 F with a few clouds in Denver
2/4/2011 6:58:15 AM MT EOE:: GM everyone. 5F this morning sun is out and shining brightly. good luck.
2/4/2011 5:25:46 AM MT mm****:: gm all - 10F here - have a great day

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