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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:16 aborting again -.5-I just don't like it-done for the day-see you next week
3:12 rebuy 1141 stop 1139
3:08 stalled on Mercury/Mars flux-the ball is rolling over the lip of the Chaos Cup
3:03 buying there is like a late throw over the middle in football-risky-when in doubt-get out
3:01 I don't like it-covering 1139.75 for 0-will rebuy if it breaks higher
2:54 also note 15 point range-a harmonic number
2:53 stop 1138.5 - this rally is no surpise, so may not have much thrust
2:51 stop 1138
2:50 OK,bought 1139.75 stop 1136.75
2:42 The pattern tosay is a sharp jump up to a "Chaos Cup" half ellipse-usually sells off
2:40 two day Fractal of Pi says high here, so wandt to be sure of follow through before
I buy
2:36 this is a continuation buy setup on the 20/110-waithing for strength or failure
2:28 passed hot Pluto--trying to rally
2:25 still rubbish-nothing to do or say
2:00 when the market goes flat, you can draw a horizontal ellipse to see when it will change
See the AUX screen
1:47 now getting some down draft and a 20/110 sell crossing-now see it it goes anywhere
1:34 now the bulls would like to rally more, but are having trouble-watch for a decline soon
1:20 still flat-Tide did forecast it -nothing to do until after 2:00
12:56 its Bears 3, Broncos 3 in the 3rd quarter in a defensive football game in the snow
12:42 still flat-this is chaos - hours of boredom interspersed with moments of
exciting chaotic moves -I love it
12:13 stalled flat now between the Saturn and Chiron flux lines-expect to be bored
11:54 have Dr Greg Meyer visiting today-always a pleasure-rolling over here-high is in
11:00 On the 2 day chart, a Fractal of Pi says that 1140 will be about it, and fractal ends
near 2:30 - about where the Tide turns
10:54 this streakk looks to be over-now I expect it to hold up for several hours as per green +Tide
10:43 the early trade came early and I was asleep at the switch- the 20/110 gave a good buy signal
but by the time I saw it it was too late-I make it a practice to never chase a trade, so I'll pass
10:36 the preopen "jobs spike" hit 1125-plus 18 is 1143 -that will be major resistance
10:30 there is no way I'm selling a rally like this-just wait a bit
10:28 popped right up to the hot Saturn price -watching for a break of the 20 EXMA to sell 10:19 this is a streak right up the Chiron time line -red -Tide says it should be a high
10:09 fast jump up as going into Tide turn_may set up out of bvand sell
10:03 getting a recrossing-so probably going flat-very spikey
9:58 have a 20/110 EXMA sell crossing-watch to see if 110 goes flat or rolls over
9:54 since I sold preopen, I'll just stay short-expect low near 10:30-or a continuation sell
9:36 just retested the preopen high at 1131-right on the yellow MoonTide harmonic Grid crossing
9:29 what has held this market up is the Sun/Node/Neptune flux bundle at 1125-should test it today
9:27 the pivot price numbers on SP1day page are wrong due to a technocrap problem
8:52 I sold 1129 stop 1132 -green +Tide high on Jupiter electric field flux
8:47 wild gyration on bad jobs report-112,000-lessthan expected
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

2/6/2004 01:19:11 PM Mountain wlj:: moon t 90 up to t 270
2/6/2004 12:40:23 PM Mountain TG:: Fish are getting rowdy again LOL
2/6/2004 12:38:00 PM Mountain bkw:: Methinks we get a huge move before the close but which way?
2/6/2004 12:32:34 PM Mountain wlj:: coming up on 4 hrs of grinding
2/6/2004 12:10:14 PM Mountain wlj:: end of ellipse looks like about 6 hrs from job report low
2/6/2004 11:44:28 AM Mountain TG:: That streak this morning manifested in more ways then just emotionally charged traders. Witnessed high strangeness in my aquarium of African cichlid fish. All hudled in one part of the tank attacking one another vigorously. Never saw such behavior in what is usually a peaceful tank.
2/6/2004 11:06:27 AM Mountain wlj:: with such a large number of adv issu i wonder if we will get an afternoon rally higher instead of afternoon decline.
2/6/2004 08:35:58 AM Mountain wlj:: email merc/chrion time price

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