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Here are Al's comments
2:55 I flinched-OK-done for the day-see you next week-take a few courses to learn about how Chaos in markets
2:52 covering for 0
2:42 holding a modest trend line-coming to the Venus/Saturn time lines-recall they were hot in price on open
2:23 stop 45
2:18 now my quick entry looks good-long time client MM uses Esignal, the Tide turns, and the pit price levels
My AUX page is my attempt to show what he has been doing for the past dozen years-Thanks for the support,MM
2:15 I entered too fast there-just sit on it and see what happens
2:11 stop 1144-I can press it because of the narrow range
2:08 bought 1145.5 stop 1143.5
1:56 minor low right on the Pluto timeline-odds of rally just increased
1:52 on this Tide turn I am watching for a 20/110 EXMA buy -still holding the Mercury/S4 low
1:38 pressure is building for a rally as the afternoon wears on-
1:24 a rebalancing of the high and low would bring prices back to Jupiter 1149
1:20 now getting some buying-may try to rally in the PM-range of day is probably done
1:08 now prices are testing the 110 EXMA- and gone flat on the Sun/Moon electric field flux lines
1:05 covering this one on stall rule for 0
12:56 stop 1146.5-just above the 110 EXMA
12:27 stop 1147-this is a runaway-just hit the supposed pit
support 4-it will not hold-Chiron fireball is very powerful
12:14 wild here- sold 1145.5 stop 1148.5
12:10 made low on Moon flux as Xchg squares the Moon-looks like a low for now
12:09 still waiting-no energy here
12:04 waiting-right at the yellow MoonTide Harmonic grid crossing
12:00 getting a continuation sell here-watching closely for break of support
11:55 I have updated the AUX page to show what I think is the horizontal congestion ellipse
11:49 the market has now settled into a congestion-so the second trade may not set up
11:31 I have posted my ESignal chart on the Aux page, as per my article on Pivots and Planets-be sure to read this
11:10 now everyone has to digest the news that the rally is over-calls for a lunch meeting-should be an exciting afternoon
11:04 covering 1146 for +6 -more trades later
11:01 My Face of God tool helped me recognize this chaotic break-that course is on special today
11:00 this is the pit support 2, which is also planetary Moon/Sun/Uranus-
10:56 stop 1149-this is a chaotic break-the kind chaos traders live for
10:51 bounced off the Moon flux line, which will provide support-for a bit anyway
10:46 stop 1151-I will hold this for max points today -high was 10:00, almost the exact Tide turn-had trouble
getting on this chaotic streak, but did-now ride it
10:43 if you look at the 2 day chart, you see a fireball, bottom half visible at 1156.5 /2-12-2004-14:30 Eastern
10:36 just sent email flash to position traders to sell-I sold 1152 stop 1155
10:31 at this point the bulls are confused and so are the bears -traders see a Chiron double top on 2 day chart
10:24 that type of reversal is a big one-not holing 1152 cardinal price is bad news for the bulls
10:23 aborting -1.5-too wild for me
10:19 still resting, direction is up-thrust was up-be patient on the trade
10:03 now at Chiron/R1 price-should rest here-stop 1153
10:00 bebought 1155 stop 52-forecast was for volatile-and it is
9:55 that wild whip came as the passed the Chiron time line
9:50 covering for -2.5 -rally failed
9:45 first pullback bounced right off the Ven/Sat -trade looking OK so far
9:31 opening right on the Ven/Sat pivot-green +Tide most probable-20/110 EXMA giving a buy -bought 1154 stop 51
8:55 Pre outcry price is on Venus square Saturn price, also the pit trader's pivot price
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

2/13/2004 02:10:38 PM Mountain Al:: mm: just too much to do-the key here is that I have connected the planets to the S/R levels. When they match closely, they should be as awesome as today-I suspect that the old traders in the early part of the century, like Bayer and Gann, developed the original formulas from planetary midpoints
2/13/2004 01:51:53 PM Mountain mm:: PS - you forgot to mention the BB
2/13/2004 01:47:48 PM Mountain mm:: Al, you are welcome
2/13/2004 11:16:33 AM Mountain TG:: 12:30 EST looked like out of band buy signal near tide turn. Didn't take the trade though.
2/13/2004 09:19:19 AM Mountain bkw:: break 10625 on the Dow and I will be singing all day and all weekend.
2/13/2004 09:15:00 AM Mountain wlj:: guess, between now and 2nd tide time will be low of day.....unless we get inversion at 2nd tide time. if we do then dr. doom will be singing all day.
2/13/2004 09:09:04 AM Mountain wlj:: DR. doom can sing.
2/13/2004 09:00:04 AM Mountain bkw:: zippity doo da-zippity eh!
2/13/2004 07:43:43 AM Mountain bkw:: gap and crap??
2/13/2004 07:26:15 AM Mountain wlj:: in the area of 4x18=72 weeks from oct low and 600x18=10800 on the dow.

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