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Here are Al's comments
3:34 covering 1203 +1.5 - now I'm done
3:30 sometimes I think the pit watches the Chaos Clinic-I sign off, and whammo :)
3:27 red -Tide up to close, CTME up to close, I just got impatient
3:22 still here- rebought 1201.50 stop 1200
3:15 I'm done for the day - see you next week-have a great weekend-take a course
3:08 OK, giving up on it-aborting -.75
2:50 my Chaos Trading Made Easy tools are also saying up to close, hold
2:48 normally, I'd cover this in the stall, but this is such a slow day I'll hold
2:40 1201.50 was resistance all day, now support-slow buying-like I said-dull day
2:31 got a streak on pre-open Mars timeline, may get one on this Mars timeline
2:17 stop 1200
2:14 continuation buy 1202.25 stop 1199.25
2:10 looking a bit bullish coming into last trade-may not be much juice today
2:00 getting some lift as pass square to the Moon
1:55 when the 3 minute bars are only 2 ticks, there is not enough volume to trade
1:44 coming to the Moon timeline at 14:00 -could add some energy
1:39 but today many of them just went home after lunch-so low volume
1:34 This is a key time in the afternoon-the lunch crowd comes back and decides what to do about today
1:24 I've been looking at this low with my other tools-I just posted a Face Of God chart
in the FOGGER's Room on for those who have taken that course
1:14 still crossing 110 - pretty choppy
12:54 we are now on the red -Tide - that spike low was an inversion of the Tides
12:51 now more buying is coming in-This should take us higher
12:40 support came on the Venus flux, now stuck on the Mercury flux
12:18 That spike low tells me we just turned up -going higher into close
12:05 out -1 -may have pressed stop too close
11:52 stop 1200-that Moon flux crossing at 1197 will be interesting to watch
11:47 turn was right on the green +Tide -if holds the rest of the day, down into close
11:43 sold 1199 stop 1202
11:40 looking weak -watching to see if prices now stay below the 110 EXMA
11:28 1201.5 is the balance point between the Moon fluxes, so crossover near 12:20 may tip the balance
11:24 coming into this next Tide turn, the volatility is very low-may be no trade
11:08 prices, on the average, are tracking the green +Tide -just small amplitude
11:05 this is a typical pre-holiday market -made especially flat by the Moon at 90 degrees
10:54 we now have prices both sides of the 110 EXMA-a flat market
10:45 aborting -1.5 -garbage
10:36 looking a bit better-getting a continuation signal on the 20/110
10:32 still OK but I'm not impressed yet
10:06 stop 1200-under the 20/110 EXMA crossing
10:02 bought 1202 stop 1199 on 20/110 buy
9:57 got faked -aborted -1
9:52 taking as continuation sell 1200 stop 1203
9:50 these little unproductive spikes are becaus the Moon is at 90 degrees today-square S&P natal Moon
9:43 possible continuation sell setup if it starts down
9:39 nothing yet-aux screen shows my simple chart-just 20/110 and +Tide/ -Tide
9:31 opening on the 110 EXMA and relatively flat-may not get an opening trade
9:07 early drop on Mars timeline, may be picking up green +Tide
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

2/18/2005 1:26:19 PM Mountain wlj:: al, new indicator for fri's, the al-dicator. you call it a day and the move starts. i think the same thing happended last fri
2/18/2005 10:27:24 AM Mountain mm:: Al, correction, you were right
2/18/2005 10:26:50 AM Mountain mm:: Al, I think this was a +1, not a -1

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