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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
2:11 OK, 2 trades, 9 points, I'm done-thanks for coming-see you next week
2:10 There is the Sun
2:07 out +4 -may go higher-most likely to the Sun at 1146-but I don't care
2:05 stop 1142.5 - needs to hold the Node
2:00 right at Tide turn time-stop 1142
1:55 stop 1141
1:50 and OOB (Out of Band) trade covers on 4 points, so my cover is 1144
1:47 stop 1140.5 -node stopped the last swing, so I want to be sure I make a bit-could turn exactly on the Tide
1:41 stop 1139-note that this bottom was near the yellow MoonTide Harmonic grid crossing
1:38 a bit early, but I'm taking this as an OOB buy 1140 stop 1138
1:32 still looking weak-just waiting for Tide time-want to see how it comes out of it
1:21 this price is holding, so may get a modest rally as per the green +Tide-touched the band edge,
so an out of band buy may set up
1:02 That drop was also a nice continuation sell-but not one I was looking to trade
12:59 I have some new research that says that the blue vertical Jupiter timeline would be Hot -it was
12:56 after the Xchg passed Moon, got another drop down to the Moon/Chiron flux at 1138.5
12:34 This is a good example of a chaotic system-spends long periods going nowhere-
then moves fast to another resting spot
12:12 if you look on the AUX page, you see a chart I posted yesterday-it shows prices moving toward but not
reaching a chaos Strange Attractor/Strange Repellor estimated at 1158/10:15 today-it repelled prices down
I use my Face of God tool to find the Strange Attractor/Strange Repellors. That one helped me set up my OEX put.

12:08 also note that the Node at 1143 is midway between the +T000 and -T090 Moon elctric field flux=balance level
11:37 notice that the low came on the vertical Node timeline, and then we rallied up to the Node price
11:23 I now expect the market to congest from about 3 hours-may not be much to say
11:03 this move stopped where the yellow MoonTide Harmonic Grid lines cross-that makes 1140 support for now
10:53 this move went from the 1149 quantum to the 1140-9 pts=45 degrees -so may stop and rest here
10:48 that put last traded at 13.20-we paid 8.60 yesterday -that is $1320-860= $460 profit so far
You can use OEX options to trade the larger patterns if you have shallow pockets
10:45 not even a pause-this is a hard down move-that is why we bought the OEX put
10:41 1143 is the hot Node price -watch for it to hit S1, then come back to Node
10:39 covered 1142.75 for +5
10:38 much better-stop 1145-betting close to S1 _
10:36 stop 1146.25 - I don't like the slow pace of this move
10:31 stop 46.50
10:29 stop 47.25 -have to be patient-Mercury at 44.5 is support so far
10:18 stop 47.5 -the 110 EXMA is acting like a tongue depressor, stopping the minor rallies,so I can press stop
10:03 stop 1147.75, which is above the 110 EXMA-
9:57 no-hold fast-things getting dicy now-could turn into a good trade
9:56 stop 1149 - looks like it is going flat, so I may cover
9:45 stop 49.75 - if break 1146, support 1 is down at 1142
9:40 this is a continuation sell, so sold 1147.75 stop 1150.75
9:35 quiet opening near Jupiter 1149 and pivot 1150; Moon T+000 support -may just congest here
9:04 Sun at 1146 should be support all or most of the day-Tides are dull until late
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

2/20/2004 11:08:55 AM Mountain Al:: there's your Chiron, wlj
2/20/2004 11:01:03 AM Mountain wlj:: well for chrion out loud
2/20/2004 08:49:52 AM Mountain wlj:: maybe chrion
2/20/2004 08:15:13 AM Mountain Al:: MM, the L is there, but my data is one tick different-due to a data problem I used the Emini rather than the big contract
2/20/2004 08:12:48 AM Mountain wlj:: so far adv issue very weak
2/20/2004 07:54:39 AM Mountain mm:: Al, you overlooked the L of 1145.5

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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