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Here are Al's comments

1:09 now I'm done

1:02 aborting for -1 - just do not like the stall

12:59 that dip was from Moon squaring Mercury

12:47 stop still 2721 -holding

12:09 stop 2721

12:01 I bought at 2724 and am trailing my stop on the 220 minute EXMA-current stop 2720

12:00 this is the kind of day I was looking for

11:37 FYI-bought 2724-took a break, cleared my head, and came back

10:51 OK-stopped out again-just too much chop from the Flash Boys-I'm calling it quits-thanks for coming-see you next week

10:29 now taking a real break

10:21 sold 2714 stop 2720

10:18 taking a break

10:17 aborting-not working

10:12 green swan still lifting

10:03 terrible "buzz" from computer trading-once they figure out the direction they will all go the same way

9:54 green swan lifting prices

9:47 low bounced off the 6 day mean, which seems to be a computer buy level

9:42 rebought 2720 stop 2714

9:40 Friday openings are often choppy

9:38 stopped for -4

9:35 this has the potential to be a runaway up day-we have a green swan and a Moon-Mercury cycle

9:30 bought 2719 stop 2715

9:02 the SPKISS charts suggest a green +Tide low near 9:55, so I'll be watching for that

8:48 overnight trading shows higher prices so the bias is up; trade times are 09:55, 11:31, and 14:42

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2/23/2018 2:30:42 PM MT Al****:: last trade bought 2731 covered 2747.25 for +16.25
2/23/2018 2:02:18 PM MT TG****:: You too Al
2/23/2018 2:00:33 PM MT Al****:: well done TG: everyone have a great weekend
2/23/2018 1:55:32 PM MT TG****:: After falling off of green swan for a while it got back to it. I got dinked off of the trade back near 3:30. + 19 on double my normal lot.
2/23/2018 1:46:51 PM MT Al****:: 10:30 low suggests covering in the 16:30 settlement period
2/23/2018 1:31:58 PM MT Al****:: after my frustrating morning I'm loving this trade -go red Tide!
2/23/2018 1:13:02 PM MT bbb****:: Will do next time. Would be excellent.
2/23/2018 1:05:55 PM MT Al****:: BBB: come buy and spend a day
2/23/2018 1:03:46 PM MT bbb****:: Thanks Al. I was in Denver a few weeks ago and meant to call you to shake your hand but got tied up. Next time.
2/23/2018 1:01:07 PM MT gon:: Yes, I ordered many to compensate for the shipping to Spain. And will give them to friends and relatives.
2/23/2018 12:51:51 PM MT Al****:: BBB: nice call
2/23/2018 12:50:32 PM MT Al****:: 100 boards? that's a lot of traps-but then your place needs them
2/23/2018 12:50:21 PM MT bbb****:: Nice trade here. Good job tg
2/23/2018 11:41:25 AM MT gon:: Btw Al, I just ordered today 100 circuit energy trap boards from
2/23/2018 11:39:41 AM MT gon:: yes TG, ut's like life itself is a big trap, and markets somehow too. The difference is in life we lose energy and health and are not aware of it- while in the markets we lose money and ego, and that we notice!
2/23/2018 11:39:20 AM MT TG****:: I keep a daily chart that is essentially an analog of the 3 minute bars on the MTRainbow with OOB levels, too. Anyway, today is the daily equivalent of price attempting to get the 20 to do and upside cross of the 110 exma.
2/23/2018 11:15:57 AM MT TG****:: ... for all of us
2/23/2018 11:13:13 AM MT TG****:: On any given day the market is the ultimate humiliator
2/23/2018 10:48:02 AM MT bbb****:: Mork - no one wins all the time. This past month has been huge and the tides have been on point. I could see where and why he took the trades today and he did what he does and follows the rules. I am assuming you followed Al on the trades and got burned?
2/23/2018 10:47:23 AM MT gon:: True TG, and perhaps it ends the week adhering to the red blackswan.
2/23/2018 10:37:55 AM MT Mork:: Al why do you seem to get it wrong so often, you are buying the market falls you get selling the market rises. Surely after all these years of research you have developed a more accurate method than this.
2/23/2018 10:33:46 AM MT TG****:: Spoke too soon. Little verticals in tide are disruptive.
2/23/2018 10:22:32 AM MT Al****:: TG: yes! finally
2/23/2018 10:20:13 AM MT TG****:: I don't need to see anything fancy today from price, just ride the green swan all the way to the close ;-)
2/23/2018 10:17:07 AM MT TG****:: Good to have you back long Al. Been 4 consecutive trading days of starting off strong and finishing weak. Due for a strong finish, I'm hoping.
2/23/2018 10:04:04 AM MT Al****:: resumed Chaos Clinic comments
2/23/2018 9:49:49 AM MT Al****:: Ahab: will look for it
GON: the key word was "may" ; a matter of scale-daily versus shorter term; 7 down on shorter term was better
2/23/2018 9:10:26 AM MT Ahab****:: Hi Al, I sent you an RRE chart.
2/23/2018 8:45:11 AM MT TG****:: "Trampoline Affect" ... re green swan. Almost seems like it needs to be busted somewhat to get the swan off the ground.
2/23/2018 7:56:43 AM MT gon:: Good morning! Al, could you please briefly explain why the "late decline may be part of a move 5 down form January high", and not a 7 move down?
2/23/2018 7:55:11 AM MT TG****:: GM everyone. Good luck today.

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