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Here are Al's comments
1:36 I'm going to sign off now because I have to work on the newsletter-thanks for coming-see you
next week-screens will run until close
1:35 covering +1 on stall
1:30 stop 8.75 - the one tick range on bars says no energy-I plan to skip 2:00 trade
1:27 finally moving -stop 09
1:20 stop 1209.25 -really slow mover
1:15 stop 1209.5-one tick above row of highs
1:12 MoonTide harmonic grid crossing 1209-if below, trade OK
1:11 stop 1210 -pressing it slowly
1:06 the red -Tide shows an acceleration after passing Pluto/Moon timeline-if not, I'm gone
1:04 one of my regulars calls this a "velcro move"
12:58 stop 1210.5 -need to just be patient-cover is 1205.25, 4 points on OOB trade
12:55 as come into the Moon/Pluto timeline, getting more energy
12:50 stop 1211-getting some movement
12:45 when you put on a trade, accept the risk - and control it -worst case I loose 2 points
12:42 out of band trades often start slow if really a bigger turn
12:38 I just have to sit and wait to see if trade works-stop is where it should be
12:29 still hanging up there-Aux page shows simple chart I like to watch
12:20 if we stay on red -Tide, possible decline to 1205-pit R1 and Moon/Pluto price
12:10 sold 09.25 stop 11.25
12:09 out of band sell setup
12:03 this is also the pit's R2 price level
12:00 opened on Uranus/Sun price flux, rally to Uranus/Sun timeline-may set up out of band sell
11:57 Still tracking red -Tide -testing last week's highs
11:54 not yet-strong buying
11:51 this pattern at the end of a streak I call the Hannula Can Opener-streak is the handle
little hook rally is the blade - says look for sell off
11:45 the next Tide turn may not set up a trade-we will see
11:33 that move is a classic chaotic move - went from wet dishrag, electric spark, back to wet dishrag
11:25 finally, I saw that the individual bar highs were on the Moon -T270 electric field flux line-again resistance
11:22 also notice the yellow diagonal MoonTide Harmonic grid - The crossing in it are support/resistance points
I saw that 1207.5 was resistance, another factor in pressing my stop
11:18 a little technique on that trade - I knew I was slow to get on the train, prices hit the
band edge, so I pressed the stop hard-the idea is to bank some money, not try for it all
11:16 out +3 - enough for me- now if it struggles here, may fade lowere rest of day
11:15 stop 06.5-may be stalling-steak went a harmonic 6 points
11:11 stop 1206 -cover is 1208.5 if get there
11:08 stop 1205 -looks like "running the band edge"-1208+ is Mars flux
11:05 already hit the upper band edge - on red -Tide
11:03 stop 1204
11:01 stop 1203
10:59 stop 02 -
10:57 OK, continuation buy 03.5 stop 0.5
10:54 feels like a wet dishrag
10:51 right here, each little rally has made marginal new rally high, except this one-so weak
10:49 one can easily get suckered in here
10:47 past the Tide turn - trying to rally, but has not made a new high-waiting
10:38 that pattern tells me prices will likely decline-but I wait for the 20/110 to confirm
10:36 fireballs are Chaos Strange Attractors/Strange Repellors
10:34 imagine a fireball bootom fitting into prices so far, with the last blip up the right edge
10:32 little run up to Mercury flux line-still waiting
10:26 so far slope of 110 EXMA is up, same as green +Tide-watching for 20/110 sell
10:20 traders have been through an emotional wringer this shortened week-may be wrung out
10:18 from a pit trader's view, not making new highs, suggests decline to pivot-1196.6
10:15 on this turn, I want to wait until we come out of it-I suspect the Neptune timeline
will be the high, then a decline to 1197 Neptune price line
10:14 now getting some energy going into Tide turn time
10:03 really dead so far-minor support on Venus flux line
9:49 initial rally unproductive
9:31 opening on the Sun/Uranus electric field flux line as Sun conjoins Uranus-no accident
9:13 I expect a quiet day today-not like yesterday late
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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2/25/2005 12:34:57 PM Mountain wlj:: do we hit 1213.50
2/25/2005 7:13:11 AM Mountain Al:: Turning off erroneous chat message alert-technocrap

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