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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
4:00 This day is captured as an example of how three CCT's traded in
nearly identical fashion used the same rules and tools 9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

2/26/2009 1:44:03 PM MT acetd****:: -1.5,-1.5 and +8.5 on the day, TY to AL
2/26/2009 1:43:02 PM MT acetd****:: stopped out on go big at 756
2/26/2009 1:37:22 PM MT acetd****:: from the chart in the CCT?
2/26/2009 1:35:21 PM MT Al****:: at my end of fractal
2/26/2009 1:13:57 PM MT Al****:: I want to thank you CCT's for showing that others can trade
my stuff as good or better than I do
2/26/2009 1:08:09 PM MT Al****:: Jude 3 had good stats today, even though it took one trade I would have passed on -see the AUX page
2/26/2009 1:02:30 PM MT Al****:: you are welcome TG
2/26/2009 1:01:31 PM MT acetd****:: ditto, -1.50,-1.50,took half +9 going big on other half
2/26/2009 12:59:04 PM MT TG****:: covered for 9. turned out to be a good day 0, +2, -1, +9. need to be thankful for that. As always, thank you Dr. Al for your great tools you've generously shared.
2/26/2009 12:57:58 PM MT Al****:: out for +9
2/26/2009 12:56:53 PM MT Al****:: stop 764
2/26/2009 12:54:28 PM MT Al****:: stop 767
2/26/2009 12:52:36 PM MT acetd****:: now im getting twitchy....(-:
2/26/2009 12:44:34 PM MT Al****:: stop 768
2/26/2009 12:44:27 PM MT TG****:: short 64.75 on last tide time, out for -1 on stall, then short 64.25 on final trade time.
2/26/2009 12:34:47 PM MT acetd****:: sold 764 again
2/26/2009 12:34:00 PM MT Al****:: sold 765 stop 769
2/26/2009 12:22:22 PM MT Al****:: first one I passed, second sold 65 stopped 66 -maybe 3rd will be better
2/26/2009 12:17:33 PM MT Al****:: notice the 3 day Chaos Clinic chart-the Moon flux pinching on the Mercury flux has created a balance level
2/26/2009 12:16:14 PM MT acetd****:: nice call on the "twitchy" Al, its pretty twitchy
2/26/2009 12:07:03 PM MT acetd****:: resold 764
2/26/2009 11:41:59 AM MT acetd****:: aborting, no juice
2/26/2009 11:30:40 AM MT acetd****:: that last low could have been 5 of the mini fractal from the high
2/26/2009 11:29:07 AM MT acetd****:: stop 767 trailing by 6
2/26/2009 11:13:08 AM MT acetd****:: sold 764
2/26/2009 10:35:07 AM MT acetd****:: looks like the "twitch" is the green tide today
2/26/2009 10:32:41 AM MT acetd****:: you both did better than I as I didnt do anything, too stretched for buy on first time
2/26/2009 10:12:51 AM MT Al****:: better than my Jude3 autotrader did - running it on the Aux page - so far -.25, +.25
using 6 point stop and 9 point take
2/26/2009 8:54:46 AM MT TG****:: bought 73.50, twitched me out for even, rebought 75, twitched me out for +2.
2/26/2009 8:24:49 AM MT Al****:: "these days can be flat and twitchy"
2/26/2009 7:54:31 AM MT Al****:: GM all-good luck today

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