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Here are Al's comments
2:31 I'm done for the day and the month-thank you for coming-see you next week-screens will run
2:28 covering for 0- I just do not like it-can re-enter
2:26 stop 1147 -using the 20 EXMA as a stop guide-
2:24 stop 1146.5
2:22 stop 1146
2:18 bought 1147.5 stop 1143.5
2:18 what I don't like about this is that prices stopped at R1 and are now on Moon/Sun/Mer/Ura flux-may stop here
2:13 OK, that looks like a buy-wait for a pullback to enter
2:11 110 EXMA is flat with 20 tangling around it- pit will sit here and pick breakout entry stops
2:08 here is where it is hard not to make things up-autoscaling screens give illusion that prices
are moving far when they are not - and one tends to focus on small movements-wait for real ones
2:05 sell signal looks to be failing-so still flat-sit on hands
2:00 sell signal holding-still waiting to jump
1:57 this is looking more like a continuation buy than a sell-or it will stay flat
1:54 marginal 20/110 sell-wait for follow through -needs to break about 1144
1:48 getting weakness, but no clear signal yet
1:42 prices are now both side of the 110-watching for a clear 20/110 sell with curl on 110 EXMA
to understand 110 EXMA, see the Trading MoonTides Tutorial
1:34 the Aux page shows my ESignal screen going into this Tide time
1:25 the low on Sun/Moon timelines look to be sending back to sun/Moon price at 1147
1:06 up after Pluto, flattening 110 EXMA-may hold up into close- we will se after 2:00
12:57 the selling came in on the Pluto timeline-also hot today
12:55 selling came in at 1145 at the upper Bollinger band (20 bars on 3 minute chart)-lower band is 1143
12:50 modest rally - not much to say
12:24 after a chaotic break, prices will tend to congest for several hours-so be patient-next trade time is 1:55
All times are Eastern
12:06 on the 2 day chart, the rally from yesterday's low to today' high was a nice Fractal of Pi pattern
12:05 this is the nature of chaotic systems-boring hours and exciting minutes-balsnce, chaotic break, balance
11:58 another reason to cover is that prices hit the lower Larson band after hitting the upper one on the rally
11:57 the pit pivot is 1142.83, essentially the Node/Mars/Neptune price level
11:54 forget it-covering +5 - saw bounce start off the yellow MoonTide flux crossing at 1141.5
11:53 pit support 1 is also Chiron 1138.5, so expect support there
11:51 I will go for more than +5 here on fast break rule-stop 1144
11:49 stop 1146
11:47 stop 1146.25
11:43 stop 1147.5
11:42 since we topped on Mars/Node/Neptune timeline, the same priceline at 1143 is probable
11:39 stop 1148-when a turn comes early and breaks heard, I use the 20 EXMA as a stop guide
11:36 stop 49.5 - research says Sun timeline hot, so this is probably related
11:34 sold 1147.5 stop 1150.5 -early, but go with it
11:30 looking weak going into first trade time
11:15 as we near noon we are coming to the timeline cluster of Moon/Sun/Mer/Ura -should hold up until then
10:52 Pit traders see this as breaking 1147.87 = resist1 but not making 1152.23 = resist2 ; weakness
10:47 Tides are now flat for the next 75 minutes-may just sit here at 49
10:30 the vertical lines are timelines-the one labeled O is the Node-forecast to be hot today
this is new research-hot means prices can move easily vertically on the timeline
10:26 stopped near the horizontal line labeled P-that is a Pluto electric field flux line-
it was forecast to be hot today
10:18 that rally stopped at the 1152 major quantum-it could continue later up to the
1156.5 Chiron/Moon level that balances the Mer/Uran/Moon levle that was support
10:04 looks like on red -Tide-first Tide time was good, with a continuation buy, but I
did not plan to trade it so didn't-more opportunites later
9:55 we are in a 3 or 4 day rising wedge pattern with decreasing volatility-so struggling
9:44 quite start -Tides forecast a dull morning
9:16 pre-open on Sun/Mer/Moon/Mer/Uran electric field flux bundle 1146.5-7.5
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

2/27/2004 12:44:22 PM Mountain TG:: Good call at the end Al, not worth chasing into 1149 resistance. Good night and good weekend.
2/27/2004 12:35:57 PM Mountain TG:: Managed to make 3 points today, it's Friday, might as well go out on a good note.
2/27/2004 10:18:25 AM Mountain TG:: Missed the early to the tide turn decline. But took the out of band play near 12est tide turn. Long from 1142.50
2/27/2004 09:24:24 AM Mountain Al:: my original plan was to stay in bed, but the dogs got me up
2/27/2004 09:22:05 AM Mountain wlj:: lol
2/27/2004 09:21:24 AM Mountain Al:: I've been chatting in blue ink
2/27/2004 09:17:33 AM Mountain wlj:: this must be the marcel marso memorial chat room.

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