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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
2:44 I'm done for the day-a bit jet lagged; thanks for coming; see you next week; take a course
2:41 out +1.5
2:37 Moon/Uranus timelines started drop-their flux is near 1330
2:35 stop 35.5 - just above 20 EXMA
2:32 stop 36.25
2:27 stop held so far
2:18 stop 36.5
2:14 stop 39
2:12 resold 37 stop 40
2:07 covering +5.5 ; may resell
2:00 stop 40; 9 point cover is 33.5
1:55 stop 40.5 -locking 2 and holding; ABC zig zag equal legs projects 1332
1:51 stop 42
1:35 stop 42.5 ; 110 EXMA tracking green +Tide
1:32 sold 42.5 stop 48- got hooked on the 20/110 "hook and go"
1:31 stopped -3
1:23 bought 45.5 stop 42.5 on 20/110 buy
1:19 out -.5; not going
1:09 resold 45 stop 48; thust-congest-thrust coming pattern; stop above last high=Moon flux
1:04 out -2 on stall
1:00 stuck in the mud again
12:53 looking like a rollover and drop
12:45 resold 43 stop 46 on continuation; 110 EXMA still down
12:34 rest of the day looks flat to up; low at this time of day suggests rally in last hour
12:31 streak up the Moon timeline went up to the Moon price flux line-not accidental
12:28 there is the streak on the Moon/Uranus timelines; I aborted when I saw the 20 EXMA turn up
12:26 out -1 ; not going
12:20 watch for streak on the Moon (T) timeline
12:17 continuation sell at 43 stop 46 going into the Tide turn
12:09 note the turns near 9:40, 10:40, and 11:40; hour long swings; suggests 12:40 will be a turn up
12:04 many trading systems will now be placing buy stops above the last high and sell stops under the low
11:58 this is the second wave of selling off the morning high
11:50 range of last hour about 6 points-much less volatile than earlier; resistance on Moon T+00 flux
11:36 watch for a second wave of selling just after 12:00, then a second wave of buying near 1:00
11:33 prices back up to 110 EXMA - bullish
11:22 110 EXMA still tracking red -Tide; Tide turn is near Moon square Uranus timelines
11:13 between 10:00 and 12:40 the Exchange conjoins 7 planets and opposes 1; a broad cluster = choppy
11:02 2 day range is 36 points- 180 degrees ; set by M,V,R-Mercury, Venus, maRs
10:58 now getting some buying-if low holds up for a couple of hours, should get a second round of buying
low on the Mercury/Venus/Chiron flux bundle
10:45 my original trade entry was goo, but I couldn't hold it with a comfortable stop. So I just wait for the next trade
10:40 still probing for a low-may have inverted to red -Tide
10:27 I think the low is in- needs to hold up until the 110 EXMA catches up before we can get any trade setup
10:17 probing for a low; not chasing it
10:09 Node/Mars/Pluto hex recognized-suggests stable price zone-see Hex Wheels Today
10:08 still holding up - too far from 110 EXMA for any trade
10:02 the MoonTides forecast the 110 EXMA. Rightrn now tracking the green +Tide
10:00 whenever there is Moon support just under the market, it often reverses an early drop
9:55 out for zero
9:53 stop 48.75; support on Sun(H) and Moon(T+00) flux
9:49 stop 49
9:47 stop 1350
9:43 continuation sell at 48.75 stop 51.75
9:37 follow through on the gap down would need to break 1348.25 to induce more selling
9:34 first trade is at 10:13, near the Mercury (M), Venus(V), and Chiron (C) vertical timelines 9:26 weak early with drop to Mars/Pluto flux-gap down suggests high near 11:00
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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2/29/2008 12:53:39 PM Mountain Al:: All times are Eastern
2/29/2008 12:34:05 PM Mountain acetd:: stop was elected high on spike was 36.75
2/29/2008 11:25:54 AM Mountain cph:: for your tides and moon etc. what area zipcode do you track?
2/29/2008 11:23:02 AM Mountain RBI:: The XTide2 (green tide) seems to be tracking well so far today.
2/29/2008 7:26:07 AM Mountain Al:: GM all. Good luck today. Glad I went. Glad to be back.
2/29/2008 6:29:02 AM Mountain RBI:: Your welcome! I'm glad to have Al back - and in one piece. It was impressive that all the technocrap held up while he was gone. Nice work Al.
2/29/2008 5:09:09 AM Mountain mm:: BlackJet - thanks for helping out again - you did an excellent job !
2/29/2008 5:08:24 AM Mountain mm:: gm all - have a great day

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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