Astro Anatomy Of A Choppy S&P Correction
      Chaos Clinic For 03/1/2024

This chart shows the this week's choppy correction in the S&P futures.
Th cyan line from point 0 on 2/23 to the low at 7 on 2/29 is the line of central
tendency of a 4 trading day down Chaos Clamshell. This is not a pretty CC, in that
there are more than 7 swings, with two of them taken as zig zags.

The energy field behind this fractal consists of a family of flux lines. Several
points are of notable interest. First, at 0, the down -T135 Moon electric field flux
line stopped the previous Nvidia rally. Over the weekend, this line dropped, and
became support for the down move until 2/28. There, the up +T180 Moon flux became support.

On 2/23, the secondary high mark at a was set by the Sun -Hh315 flux and the -Rn000.
that repelled flux down over the weekend. Early trading on Monday 2/26 found support
at point 1 on the +Vh135 flux. Prices rallied up to point 2. At b, the +Hh270 and
-Hh135 crossover turned prices down to the -Vh045 flux, then lower to the +Ph090 flux.
The crossing of this flux and the -T135 at 3 provided the energy for the late rally
on 2/27

That rally died overnight, leading to a sharp drop into 5. Point C marks the crossing of
the Mercury +Mh000 and sun +Hh225 flux. This was down a harmonic 45 degrees from point b.
The rest of 2/28 was very choppy and unproductive. At the end of the day, prices found
late support on the Moon +T180. It looked like the decline was over. One could see 7
swings down, followed by 2 of a possible up fractal. ?I held a long overnight.

That view was supported by the rally up to 6. Then overnight prices dropped to a new low
for the down move. When I looked at this new low and considered abandoning my long,
I noted that prices had made a little double bottom on the Mars +Rh090 flux
This was just before the jobless claims report, so I decided to hold until after that
report. I also saw support from the Sun +Hh225 and Saturn +Sh045.

I was rewarded by the sharp rally on the economic news. The Flash Boy computers
sent prices straight up to f, the level set by the Sun -Hh135 and Saturn -Sh315 flux.
At that point I pressed my stop and was taken out for a nice gain.

That was fortunate, because when the normal session began trade dropped prices all the
way down to point g, the intersection of Mercury +Mh045 and +Ph090. When prices got
above the Moon +T180,the rallied further to point h, to the Sun +Hh270 and Saturn +Sh090.
This was up a harmonic 45 degrees from e.

The chop and chaos of this week were due to so many astro events coming in a short
time. It was one of the wildest weeks I've see. Fortunately I was able to
Cash In On Chaos.

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Below is one of the SPKISS charts from
and the chat room comments from this Chaos Clinic. Most recent comment is on top.

3/1/2024 12:51:40 PM MT Al****:: looks like stalled out at R2-I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you next week-take some courses
3/1/2024 12:21:28 PM MT Al****:: I think +Ph180 at 5160 is more likely-it is near R3
3/1/2024 12:16:53 PM MT Al****:: 36/220 EXMAs have kept bars colored bullish-spectacular rally-could even reach R4
3/1/2024 10:48:13 AM MT Al****:: still looking toppy to me-note on Secret->esnat72 up 2 levels white to yellow
3/1/2024 10:11:19 AM MT Al****:: prices also have encountered the down -T045 flux. And from yesterday's low I count 7 moves
3/1/2024 10:08:13 AM MT Al****:: yesterday I was long late in the day looking for a move to 5130. Didn't hit it yesterday but just hit it today. So far today has followed the green +Tide shown on chart 2 of the SPKISS page
3/1/2024 9:58:27 AM MT Al****:: the Chaos Clinic write-up shows that Sun and Saturn were significant this week. The exchange is now passing their time lines.
3/1/2024 8:44:50 AM MT Al****:: the reason for my "quick picK" is that prices hit the +Mh090 flux, which stopped a single 3 minute candle near 10:00
3/1/2024 8:20:21 AM MT Al****:: first MoonTide trade a buy at 5106; taking +10
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3/1/2024 5:29:50 AM MT oag****:: Good morning everyone! Hope everyone has a prosperous day!

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