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Here are Al's comments
3:01 I also just covered my longs in my own account - I'm done for the day-see you next week
See you next week-invest in learning how chaos works in markets -before I join Ron Bliss
2:58 by rule covering on stall +1.75
2:53 stop 23
2:52 hard to be patient when everyone else is leaving early-but it pays
2:46 should be one more leg up in a 7 move Chaos Clamshell
2:33 both my Fractal of Pi pattern and Fractal grid say we are going higher-so I'll be patient
2:24 stopping to rest on the 1224 Moon flux crossing price-in worst case we stall right here
2:10 stop 22 -need to stop bragging and focus
2:05 Chaos trading is all about finding the streak moves -using my fractal grid, I found one today
That makes trading both fun and profitable-I've been long since before the outcry open in my own acount
2:00 I'll let this one run until just before the close-9:45+ 6 hour fractal is 3:45
1:57 stop 1121 - CTME said this was a streak day - it is
1:53 all the bears who sold what they thought was a double top are now panicing
1:49 this little move is right on a fractal timeline from the CTME course
1:45 rebought at 22 stop 19
1:40 time to cover on the stall for 0 -still think it's going up, but rules are rules
1:25 still OK -not support every 3 points: 1212,1215,1218, now 1221
12:53 stop 19.5 -a little added energy from the Moon and Pluto timelines
12:45 getting multiple little continuation buys - bought 21.5 stop 18.5
12:25 while it it quiet, I would like to ask you to observe a moment of silence for Ron Bliss,
my Academy classmate, who is being buried at Arlington today. Ron spent 6 1/2 years as a POW
at the Hanoi Hilton, and staged a courageous battle against cancer. He is a patriot's patriot.
Put his name in Google, and you can read lots about him. And send a prayer to his wife Charlene.
There, but for the grace of God, go I. God speed, Ron.

12:17 this is the midday doldrums-my CTME intraday outcry chart says look for possible
streaks near 1:12,2:21 and 3:03 -the first is near the next trade time
12:07 if a trade does not move, I get out-stalled markets are balanced, and a chaotic move
can go either way-youg can get back on when it does move-you need movement to make money
12:02 aborting on stall for -.25
12:00 slow mover -stop 18.5
11:30 bought 20.5 stop 17.5
11:29 may change my mind about passing here-good continuation trade setup
11:26 1219.5 was an email price set by Venus/Uranus -at that price on that timeline-the physics are real
11:12 1218 is a .618 retrace of the thrust, so all the Fib guys will buy here-I'm passing on this trade and wating for third one
10:52 looks like going flat here, so this trade time may be a pass-this looks like a thrust-congest-thrust day
10:36 one could look at htis as an out of band sell opportunit, but if you note, the 110 EXMA
is only 2 points below price, so it has little potential-don't sell a rocket or buy a submarine
10:26 coming to the next Tide turn-by rule I will cover here +5
10:22 stop 1220-Chaos is fun
10:14 stop 1218-hit +5-I may pay for being a pig
10:05 stop 1217-will let run and cover at +9 if get there
10:01 stop 1216 - targets today : 1215+9=1224, +12=1227 +15=1230, +18=1233
9:52 bought 1217 stop 1214
9:48 support on Neptune flux-and the 110 EXMA
9:37 with any luck, we'll get enought of a pullback for a continuation buy
9:32 on an outcry chart, this opening is a gap-had one on Jan 31-that one is breakaway gap-
this one is a measuring gap -says more rally to come
9:20 my 24 hour CTME chart with the Fractal Grid has today as a streak day
9:11 This is a break to new rally highs - not a market to short-daytraders just have to look for
a chance to get on the train
8:48 Pre-open streak on Node timeline - may get a breakout day up

This is the Chaos Trading Made Easy chart mentioned in the text. It does not show the fractal grid, since that is part of the course. But it does show key information points.

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

3/4/2005 1:28:31 PM Mountain smm:: thanks mjs
3/4/2005 1:19:56 PM Mountain wlj:: from 14 time 0n chaos screen we seem to be repeating 12 hrs ago in the overnite chart. if so from 14 time down for 90 min = 15:30 then up.
3/4/2005 1:18:06 PM Mountain Al:: mjs-take care on your trip-traveling can be dangerous these days-Semper Fi
3/4/2005 1:01:45 PM Mountain mjs:: Hey smm: I am running 3 computers. 1 just my broker and a simple 1 min chart like to keep this seperate from all other stuff, 2 my old compaq Win 98 for CIOC screenes, 3 Trading computer with 4 charts (2) 1 min with ALs special indicators (got to take all course to use them) these are looking at past 3-4 hrs, 3 min chart which sorta combines what I have in the 1 min charts but on a full day basis. finally a Moon cycle chart and sometimes I pull up a 120 day continuous contract. But yes there are a number of indicators all from Als courses and yes once you get use to it and understand it you can do entries down to the minute but there is still judgment envolved it is not a mechanical system. The edge runs from 60-80% in my experience
3/4/2005 12:19:00 PM Mountain smm:: you are watching more than the exmas and natural times?
3/4/2005 12:08:58 PM Mountain mjs:: I and my chart are EST (Wash. D.C.)took me a month to get 3 charts set up the way I want. Last 2 days working wonderful.
3/4/2005 12:05:11 PM Mountain smm:: When you guys are chatting what time zone are your numbers in reference to
3/4/2005 12:01:01 PM Mountain mjs:: My turn time was 13:51 missed by 3 min.
3/4/2005 11:35:32 AM Mountain mjs:: Thanks Al. I'lltry it out next week after this job in Phia for ML
3/4/2005 10:37:27 AM Mountain Al:: mjs-the demo is the real program with restricted dates
3/4/2005 10:36:52 AM Mountain mjs:: Us former Marines on board the CIOC ship send a salute and Job Well Done! MJS Kilo 3/26/Actual
3/4/2005 9:32:33 AM Mountain mjs:: Ques Dr Al. I was looking at your "Anatomy of A Top" in the reading room and saw the WinGephi. I see this tool is available in the Catalogue. I also see I can downloan a demo. Here's the question. Is this what that tool will look like. As I would like to buy something like this to compliment other tools from CIOC I am using. MT and says BANANNAS! Today Yes we Have Bannanas today. thanks
3/4/2005 7:35:35 AM Mountain wlj:: in 1987 a cluster of planets passed over 0/360 during the middle of the oct decline. this rally started feb 23 so perhaps another middle of a move push.
3/4/2005 7:25:00 AM Mountain wlj:: the cherry on top of all this is that the moon be 0 deg the galactic center during trading today
3/4/2005 7:07:09 AM Mountain wlj:: i forgot to add the node to the list at 0/360 and chrion is 180 deg this rare cluster
3/4/2005 7:00:43 AM Mountain wlj:: venus uranus pluto mars merc moon are on, passing over or within one deg of the 0/360 deg line on the 24 wheel. as a rule so many passing over at same time = big moves. big daily swings last few days, al is looking for a move soon. all seems to fit.
3/4/2005 6:52:39 AM Mountain Al:: It's not Martha I worry about - it's all the real crooks never caught or charged, like Nachio at Qwest, etc
3/4/2005 6:42:08 AM Mountain wlj:: start locking your doors at night, martha is out of prison.

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