Two Moons Equals Easy Money
      Chaos Clinic For 03/8/2024

This chart shows the "Two Moon Day" for 3/7/2024. Two moon days are one
of my discoveries on They occur when there is a
Moon time line near the normal session open and close. They tend to run Moon
to Moon or Moon-Noon-Moon.

Early in the day, right near the jobless claims report, prices started following the
+T135 electric field flux line, shown at point A. The bars were colored green by the 36/220
minute EXMA crossover. The 440, 220, 110, and 20 minute EXMAs were up.

At point B, on the normal session open, the exchange passed the T000 moon timeline. The official
MoonTide buy was as 5140. The trade was carried through the second MoonTide time since the
EXMAs were up Then going into point C, prices rallied fast, falling just short of the Moon +T180
flux line. Prices peaked on the passage of the Moon's Node flux line labeled O.

The decline following that peak warranted pressing the stop. It was hit at 5163, for a nice gain
of 23 points. Easy Mooney.

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Below is one of the SPKISS charts from
and the chat room comments from this Chaos Clinic. Most recent comment is on top.

3/8/2024 11:56:24 AM MT Al****:: I sold 5188 covered 5124 - on of my better trades
3/8/2024 11:39:18 AM MT Robert****:: NVDA is getting crushed, NVDA leads the market
3/8/2024 11:38:46 AM MT Al****:: I have to leave soon to take my wife to a medical appointment
charts will run until close - remember contract rollover and time change for Monday -thanks for coming-see you next week
3/8/2024 11:22:41 AM MT Al****:: this is essentially a two Moon day even though the second Moon time line is about 16:35
3/8/2024 11:19:44 AM MT Al****:: trade now near Moon +T135 flux; +T090 ends day near 5100
3/8/2024 11:13:24 AM MT Al****:: the high was 5193 ; a 90 point decline would be 5103; a prudent cover point, if reached, would be 5106
3/8/2024 11:00:16 AM MT Al****:: could go down to next white level on secret ->esna72
3/8/2024 10:52:22 AM MT Al****:: longer term, this high is 134 calendar day7s from the October low
3/8 of a circle so could be a major turn
3/8/2024 10:36:12 AM MT Al****:: down one white level on secret->esnat72
green level was earlier support, will now be resistance
3/8/2024 9:17:25 AM MT Al****:: lost support of the Moon +T180 flux
+T135 is down near 5140 , close to pivot
3/8/2024 9:10:47 AM MT Al****:: hit yellow vibe on secret->esnat360
3/8/2024 9:01:53 AM MT Al****:: Flash Boys sold R1-pivot is a lot lower at 5137.42
3/8/2024 8:35:43 AM MT Al****:: note on secret->esnat72 white to white move
passing Moon and Venus time lines -possible high of day
3/8/2024 6:23:56 AM MT Al****:: running a chart in the CCTRoom
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3/8/2024 5:28:23 AM MT oag****:: Good morning everyone! Hope everyone has a prosperous day!

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