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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
2:10 OK, I'm done for the day -thanks for coming-see you next week-take a course
2:08 out -1
2:04 resold 49, stop 51
2:00 aborted -2; no go
1:43 updated charts in CCT Room
1:39 sold 747 stop 751
1:33 no hotline trades left, but I'll hang around for a while looking for a treade of opportunity
1:30 back to where I sold this morning-not going anywhere
1:16 there was a buy trade there, but I missed it-now getting to the end of the trading window
1:06 This rally is slower than the early one, so weaker-watching for a sell setup
1:03 hex pattern formed by Moon, Chiron, Price -seet ListOfCharts->Hex Wheels Today
1:54 updated the 2 charts in the CCT Room
12:46 this looks to me like move 4 up in a down Chaos Clamshell
12:42 getting a little streak up the Saturn timeline-watching for this minor rally to stall
12:35 don't like it-out +1.25
12:29 finally at the exact trade time-on the MTRAinbow chart, trading below the down white 440 minute EXMA
12:21 this is a "two Moon Day", indicating that there is a Moon Timeline near 10:00 and another near 4:00
these days are oftern volatile and one way-seems to be the case today, so I'll try to hold until the late Moon timeline
12:20 stop 745
12:15 note that on the Rainbow chart the price line is red - indicating staying short
12:13 stop 1246
12:06 resold 43 stop 49-flinched; this is a continuation sell in the trade window
12:03 aborting +1 - can resell later
11:53 one thing that factored into me taking the trade early was the triple top
11:56 moving stop to 747 - looks like trade is OK
11:45 I have placed a snapshopt of my autotrader on the aux page - note in the top wide box the Filled orders
and no, this is not for sale - it is what I do to keep my mind from rotting
11:38 Franklin just took his $100 bill - does not sould like much, but that's about $20,000 per year
more if you add contracts as the account grows
11:32 this is very early, but I sold 745 stop 751 based on tools from Chaos Trading Made Easy course
11:25 on the MT rainbow chart, we have dropped to the white 440 minute EXMA-the "day trend". It is rolling over
11:15 I'm watching for a complete breakdown - I'd like to get closer to the next MoonTide trade time before doing
anyting myself - Franklin is on his own :)
11:09 it just sold one - will see how it does - interesting to watch a computer trade automatically
11:06 meanwhile, my Franklin autotrader is running, placing and adjusting orders, but no fills yet
11:03 not much to do until the next trade time at 12:29 - I've been updating a couple of XP computers with Service Pack 3
This is the last big fix for Windows XP so if you have any XP machines, be sure to get it
11:00 second retest of highs failed-looking weaker
10:37 after this 3 day rally, the specialists will try to hold the market up as they "clear out their paper"
before they can afford a decline
10:28 retest of the high failed-
10:12 If this rally does not break 757, it will set up a down Chaos Clamshell
10:10 I have placed a second chart in the CCT Room
10:05 the early moves tell me two things- 1. The trend is down and 2. It make take a few hours to get going
10:03 early trades can be very good if the market takes off, but one has to give up quickly if it does not
9:59 out flat-don't like the stall
9:56 getting a hex pattern at 747 -tends to stabilize price
9:50 posted that chart in Certified Chaos Trader's Room
9:42 On this entry, I used a Face of God pattern on the MTRainbow chart
9:35 stop 753
9:33 pressing a bit-sold 750, stop 756
9:32 looking weak
9:26 First trade is early, therefore more risky-MTRainbow chart suggests a pullback
9:19 Early trading hit 756,up 90 points=90 degrees from last Friday's low
I expect today will start slow, then pullback
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

3/13/2009 11:18:32 AM MT Pie:: Acknowledged, thanks
3/13/2009 11:17:46 AM MT Pie:: Is it not following the red moontide?
3/13/2009 11:06:32 AM MT TG****:: I'm target 732-733 at the T180 line but Al has his FOP drawn a little differently in the CCT chat room.
3/13/2009 10:53:50 AM MT Ahab****:: if this rally is 4 up of chaos clamshell where would that put end of move 7..about 735??
3/13/2009 8:16:57 AM MT Al****:: no, the charts are always in Eastern Time, whichever is being used, daylight or normal
3/13/2009 8:02:15 AM MT bbb:: I means if there is no daylight change, the bars should be shown on the chart one hour ealier than now, e.g. bar at 10:00 am should be shown at 9:00 am on the chart instead?
3/13/2009 7:49:15 AM MT Al****:: yes, note the vertical Sun line H is at 1300
3/13/2009 7:41:49 AM MT bbb:: With regard to the location of the vertical planet lines and diagonal planet flux lines, are there any horizontal adjustment for correct timing against the daylight hour change?
3/13/2009 7:02:30 AM MT Al****:: GM all-good luck today
MM-thanks for the catch-It was a rollover problem, now fixed
3/13/2009 5:42:19 AM MT mm****:: Al - SP1Day has not yet updated - I hope it will be M
3/13/2009 5:41:18 AM MT mm****:: gm all - have a great day

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