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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:33 out +9 - I'm quitting-today was too much like work :) -thanks for coming-see you in 2 weeks-take a course
3:28 stop 94, lock 9
3:26 stop to 91, lock 6
3:25 spin bounce as per CTME course
3:23 stop 88 -missed 9 point cover; I will just trail a stop into the close
3:18 stop 85-green +Tide all day, but with a lot of "Fuzz" due to the Moon being vertical
3:15 bought 85, stop 79
3:10 aborting 84 for -1
3:01 broke yesterday's low, it is now resistance at 1284
2:52 chaotic systems do scale jumping-today we have jumped to a higher scale, probably by a factor of 3
that suggests going for 27 points if we get a breakdown
2:50 huge top wick on 3 minute candle stick-bearish
2:43 resold 83 stop 86; this is really chaotic :)
2:43 aborted 82
2:37 getting a hex pattern on Wheel of Fortune-Shows Saturn 1254 is hot-a CTME projection shows 1251
2:31 this looks like a hold until the close trade
2:29 stop 85
2:25 looks like we inverted to red -Tide
2:23 sold 1282 stop 1288
1:55 that second wave of buying held it up-now see if we get the end of day rally called for by +Tide
1:46 out flat-not moving
1:40 resold 89.5 and moved my stop up to 92; it was too close
1:38 stopped -3
1:33 congesting at 315 degrees-drop to 270=1278 degrees is possible
1:23 resold 87 stop 90
1:19 out 89 for +6 from my 95 entry-may resell later
1:16 stop 89, just above the 20 EXMA
1:08 stop 92
1:05 my original sell was 92, so 83 is my +9 target-will cover there, then possibly resell
1:00 note how the 20 EXMA has tayed under the 110-I'm trading off the SPKiss chart now
12:53 resold at 95 stop 97; tracking green Tide
12:50 stopped -3 ; time to watch again
12:49 got some second wave buying -it will disappear if we break 1285
12:43 sold 92 stop 95-balance broken
12:39 selling pressure off the high should end in about 5 minutes-did not break the balance
12:34 just after the Sun timeline at 1:00, we have the Moon T90 timeline-passing those will likely change the volatility
12:31 prices are stuck on the Sun+0 flux line-Sun timeline is at 1:00 due to daylight time
12:28 I've been doing some research on end of balance times; says that this one ends not later than 1:40
12:26 remember: chaos follows dullness; be patient
12:16 I'm watching for a buy setup; I see that I can put a stop at 1292, .5 under last low
If I use a 6 point stop I would need to buy at 98-but may have to go higher to see any juice
12:13 chaos is the study of balance, and the breaking of it-balance=congestion, breaking=big moves
12:07 still being repelled upward from the 11:22/1290 Mercury SA/SR
12:05 what happened there was that we got the second wave of selling off the high. Second wave of
buying off the low should come in before 1:00
12:00 can't go down, can't go up-still balanced at 1296
11:57 out -6; Ok for today's conditions
11:47 pressing a bit-bought 99 stop 93
11:45 now getting some juice as the crowd sees a higher low
11:39 coming into the second trade window, so still watching for a 20/110 EXMA buy crossing
11:34 first trade is a pass; no setup
11:32 turned up at the energy center-need time to see how strong it is
11:23 on Mercury timeline at Mercury flux line -an energy center, a chaotic strange attractor about to turn repellor
1290 is the Mercury price
11:09 if you look at your Wingephi program, the only Moon aspect toay is trine Mercury; coming to the
vertical magenta Mercury timeline; watch for it to be hot
11:07 now getting closer to the 110, so watching for a 20/110 buy crossing
11:03 notice how the 110 EXMA has a curver or curl to it; curling up, telling us not to be sellers
10:58 1296 is a significant 72 point quantum price, square Moon/Mars/Pluto; probably a stable attractor 10:52 getting buying off the higher low
10:44 the first hotline trade is 10:44-we are so far from the 110 EXMA that it is not likely to give us a
trade setup
10:38 now the to-ing and fro-ing is settling down a bit-it won't fully resolve until after 12:45 or so
10:14 the range is now 56.5 points, and both ways - this is chaos in action
10:10 remember what I said about the risks of a big reversal? If you tried to sell the break of the 2 day low at 1284,
you just got nailed for a big loss; the elephants are dancing and us mice must hide
10:07 that was a "resonant streak at 10:00" - with the change to daylight time, 10:00 is 45 degrees to the sun
9:57 when it comes to this kind of volatility, the risks of a big reversal are high, and I am a spectator
9:49 awesome - so far this is the wildest start I have seen in a long time; running on Green +Tide
9:37 very wild so far- with a 30 point up move and 18 or so point pullback in last hour, the risk
is higher than normal, so we need to be patient to find safe trades
9:21 big pre-outcry session move due to economic news -first trade near 10:55 gives us time
to watch a while; high on Jupiter flux suggests price to time decline to Jupiter timeline near 14:33
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

3/14/2008 11:38:07 AM Mountain Al:: if we get moving, yes
3/14/2008 11:32:17 AM Mountain Ben:: Al, where is your cover on this new sell at 87?
3/14/2008 7:14:30 AM Mountain mm:: Thanks Al
3/14/2008 7:08:54 AM Mountain Al:: MM- thank you for checking that - I found the problem so now it is fixed
3/14/2008 5:20:47 AM Mountain mm:: Al - SP1Day has not yet updated
3/14/2008 5:20:06 AM Mountain mm:: gm all - have a great day

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