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Here are Al's comments
3:42 I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you next week-take a course
3:37 aborted for 0-too little time left
3:33 have a one day head and shoulder pattern with neckline at 1316-breaking 16 will attract selling
3:28 stop 18 -now it's cheaper to see how it comes out
3:18 this is watching a nervous breakdown in action -I'm just sitting on my stop-it's worth 1.5 to see how this comes out
3:06 this is a "rolling right" daily pattern-pressure down into close
2:53 stop 18.5 -just above the last high
2:51 sold 17 stop 20 on continuation sell
2:47 minor peak passing Chiron timeline-CTME tools tell me a break below 1316.25 may get a following
2:37 still looks like it could roll over -I can always resell if it does-but I want some juice
2:30 aborting for 0-not moving
2:17 looking weak 110 is down, 20 gave a continuation sell, end of week, longs will be covering
2:13 back to the 1317.25 Mercury attractor
2:05 blip up as pass Moon timeline-stop not hit, so sitting tight
1:54 as come to the exact Tide turn, prices are staying under the 110 EXMS-may give a a continuation sell
1:41 notice the little high at 1:10 was right under the crossing of the diagonal yellow MoonTide Harmonic grid
Suggests move to the next crossing at 15:30
1:36 stop 1319 ; got up energy at Sun, down at Node, and next is Moon-all part of the lunar eclipse, now spreading
1:31 sold 1318 stop 1321 -taking as early 14:00 trade
1:26 now that the 110 EXMA has been broken and turned down, it is not likely that we will see new highs
1:23 the reason for the stall rule is that chaos follows stalls, and it can go against you-this shows why we have that rule
1:20 covering on stall for +1.25
1:04 stuck for now on the Moon T+270 electric field flux-when come to the T+180 Moon timeline, price will square time by the Moon clock
12:55 pullback as per red -Tide ;I'm going to try to suit it out since my stop is above break even
12:43 the low near 10:50 came on the Uranus timeline-first hex picked up Uranus/Moon energy-suggests possible MBR> move to Uranus flux at 1228
12:37 the low was on a Node flux line - a typical 45 degree move is 9 points higher, near 1324
12:34 stop 1318-trade is now free and I can ride it for a while
12:30 stop 1317-I like the way this one is moving-streak up the Node timeline
12:21 those hex patterns rotating were a great clue that this move was coming - moves off of hex corner go 6 or 12 ponts
That suggests 1323 and 1329 as upside possibilities
12:17 getting more up energy-trade looking good for now> 12:08 hex recognizer now found hex at Jupiter,A, and B, again rotating upward
12:07 my CTME chart tells me I can press my stop to 1216, so I will
12:04 past Sun, getting energy-have a buy setup-bought 1217.75 stop 1214.75
11:51 now the hex pattern recognizer shows the hex rotating to Mercury, A, and B -an upward rotation
11:45 the only tool I know of that will suggest which way we will come out of a congestion is the Fractal GRide form
the Chaos Trading Made Easy course - it is telling me the odds are about 80% that we go up
11:41 notice that prices are trapped in a converging triangle in the diagonal yellow MoonTide Harmonic grid-ends about 13:02
11:38 the hex pattern recognizer just picked up a pattern fromed bu Uranus and A, and B, two Moon cycles-tells me
Moon energy is coming-i.e., more volatility
11:29 chaos is a study of balance-markets sit in a dull range ( balance), then jump chaotically to a new balance level
11:11 1317.25 is the Mercury trine price-vibrated about it all day yesterday and so far today
11:07 getting energy as pass the Mercury timeline-if you look on the Wheel of Fortune Mercury, Jupiter, and price are forming a triangle- a 3rd harmonic, setting 8 hour patterns
11:00 the next Tide turn coincides with the Node timeline-yesterday's high was on the Node timeline-another suggestion of
a change in energy after noon
10:55 when I see a choppy morning, I llok to see what the sun is doing, to see if passing solar noon might change things
Today the Sun is squaring Pluto, so that may well change things after 12:00
10:50 right now we are getting mixed Tides-when that happens the energies cancel and we get chop
10:36 aborted -1 -not impressed
10:32 stop 15.5
10:30 trading systems that use the first hour as a reference will take it as a trading range and will buy
or sell a breakout of the range
10:15 slow start today-but holding up-support came on 110
9:57 on that dip, the 20 EXMA did not cross below the 110 EXMA, so may be OK
9:54 looks like I jumped early-If I get stopped out, so be it
9:45 bought 17.5 stop 14.5
9:37 watching for follow through to the buy on the 20/110
9:27 early buying-turned up on Chiron timeline
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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