Anatomy of A Deadly Cycle
      Chaos Clinic for 3/20/2020

In the January issue of Grace Morris's AstroEconomics newsletter, she said that
the coming Saturn/Pluto conjunction could have a major impact, since the prior conjunction
in the same sign occurred in 1518. She pointed out that then an empire fell, and a new
religion was born. The Spanish Conquistadors toppled the Mayan Empire, and Lutheranism was born.
That caught my attention because I was already watching that conjunction because I thought
it could show up in my Face Of God pattern.

Then last week one of my students (CLB) who uses my WinXGO forecasting software sent me an interesting
long term chart. XGO is a calculation that computes an energy forecast for a financial market
or an individual based on the Sun moving past the natal planets. This forecast gives a chart
of the short term energy ebb and flow. On my website, these XGO charts can
be purchased for a year for $36. Traders use them mainly for swing trading.

Dr. Greg Meyer hit upon the idea of using my Zero Delay filter to bring out longer cycles
in XGO. These filtered cycles are called ZGOs. By computing many different length ZGOs,
Dr. Meyer learned to find profitable trading cycles in gold.

The trick is to find the correct ZGO filter length. By linking them to astro cycles, we found
a systematic way to filter the effect of that astro cycle. So after getting CLB's chart,
I adjusted his filter length to the exact one to bring out the Saturn/Pluto energy in the S&P.
That is the chart above.

The timeline at the top of the chart shows the helio conjunction of Saturn/Pluto, which occurred 2/21/2020.
The geocentric conjunction occurred 1/24/2020.

The forecast energy curve did peak right with the market. The market has dropped even sharper than the forecast,
which is not uncommon. This simply gives room for rallies. Also, the scaling of the forecast to
price is arbitrary. The chart does contain horizontal vibration levels related to the Saturn/Pluto
cycle. The rally went up 9 levels. The decline will see support at each level down.

While price scaling is variable, the time pattern is usually a pretty good forecast. That is warning that this
COVID-19 pandemic's effects may last 7 years! Considering the fact that most of the world has stopped
all of their economic engines at once, this may not be that unreasonable.

Mind you, I am not making this forecast - my computer is, using just the XGO and ZGO formulas.

I am struck by the symbology of this cycle. Years ago at an AstroEconomics conference I learned from
a talk by Norm Winski a simple keyword approach to understanding planetary influences. One keyword
for Pluto is "explosive." A keyword fo Saturn is "death." COVID19 is certainly explosive death.

WinXGO and XGO charts are available at

Below is one of the SPKISS charts from
and the chat room comments from this Chaos Clinic. Most recent comment is on top.

3/20/2020 1:40:02 PM MT Al****:: that's great ska! I had one, also profitable. Everyone have a great weekend, and stay safe . Thanks for coming. See you next week.
3/20/2020 1:39:09 PM MT jbs****:: Just hit my wide stop. Done for the week. Have a great weekend!
3/20/2020 1:34:24 PM MT ska:: I had seven trades All seven were profitable for me
3/20/2020 1:29:38 PM MT Al****:: out on day trade for +42
3/20/2020 1:29:08 PM MT Al****:: interesting
3/20/2020 1:29:04 PM MT jbs****:: Attending the Monroe Institute is on my bucket list. Rather expensive though.
3/20/2020 1:28:36 PM MT jbs****:: Really helped me gain perspective on my life.
3/20/2020 1:26:36 PM MT jbs****:: yes
3/20/2020 1:22:43 PM MT Al****:: personal past life regressions?
3/20/2020 1:20:15 PM MT jbs****:: Such experience gives a person great perceptive on life. No OOB for me as far as my mind knows. But I've learned a lot from books I've read and past life regressions.
3/20/2020 1:19:38 PM MT Al****:: Another good book is Bob Monroe's "Far Journey's"
Bob founded the Monroe Institute, which trained some of our remote viewers.
3/20/2020 1:09:02 PM MT Al****:: I've had three out of body experiences, so I know my "essential essence" is not contained in my physical body
during one I met my soul group - or so my mind tells me
I just try to keep my personal field properly tuned each day
3/20/2020 1:04:10 PM MT jbs****:: Journey of Souls is an excellent book.
3/20/2020 1:00:41 PM MT Al****:: I suggest the book Journey of Souls if you are interested in the topic
To me the soul is just your personal electric field, part of the universal electric field, as I explain in my book, Your Electric Life But I never spend energy to convince anyone else
3/20/2020 12:58:35 PM MT jbs****:: wow
3/20/2020 12:57:22 PM MT jbs****:: Glad I have wide stops.
3/20/2020 12:56:50 PM MT Al****:: red swan double line
3/20/2020 12:52:18 PM MT jbs****:: Ska, it's tough to know what to believe unless you have experience to support your belief. I understand your questioning.
3/20/2020 12:45:43 PM MT TG****:: ska, what does proof have to do with anything. many things can not be proven.
3/20/2020 12:45:35 PM MT ska:: But Yes Every atom has consciousness and Collectively Our brain develops consciousness
3/20/2020 12:43:10 PM MT Al****:: ska: yeah, that's what my brother told me
3/20/2020 12:41:53 PM MT Al****:: I did reload my SH
3/20/2020 12:41:19 PM MT ska:: Sorry AL To burst ur balloon . There is no soul . There is no hell and no heaven We r like an old car Once No gas We r junk and Not moving .. Nothing goes out of car .....No body has proved existence of soul ,heaven or hell ..............Nobody has come back to tell us anything otherwise
3/20/2020 12:40:33 PM MT Al****:: crude estitmate: 3400 to 2400=1000, half way down ; to 1400???
3/20/2020 12:25:45 PM MT Al****:: I didn't mean for it to be glum, just realistic. During the Y2K mania I had a client call me asking if I thought the world was about to tip on it's axis, killing us all. I asked him if he believed he had a soul. When he said "yes", I asked him what did it matter then.

In times of fear and chaos you have to focus on the important stuff, like Will Smith said in Collateral Damage: love, time, and death
3/20/2020 12:23:10 PM MT TG****:: Too big to fail
3/20/2020 12:18:02 PM MT Al****:: yes it sort of did - most people do not know that in crashs prior to 2008, the banks let firms fail because the central banks would not extend credit. In 2008 all the central banks extended credit, basically financing the long bull market - for the first time in history. Mohamed A. El-Erian wrote a book on it 2016 called the Only Game In Town
3/20/2020 12:10:21 PM MT TG****:: Al, pretty glum weekly Email. If that turns out to be the case I think we'd have to revise your 1800 ES target. Only Stock market example I can find of a crash directly off ot the top like a waterfall is the big bull top in the N225. Do you think this market had the same sort of euphoria/ exponential up move/ power curve?
3/20/2020 12:03:06 PM MT Al****:: ah - I found and fixed the technocrap guest count bug!
Non Carborundum Technocrapum!
3/20/2020 12:01:56 PM MT Al****:: he should jump at that!
3/20/2020 11:50:42 AM MT TG****:: A friend of mine bought a bunch of nice 1 oz silver bars years ago during the last financial crises and still has them. I have a lot of soup and toilet paper and he doesn't. I told him I'll trade him 1 oz of silver per roll or can
3/20/2020 11:42:09 AM MT Al****:: the SPRainbow chart shows a nice EXMA "rollover"
3/20/2020 11:13:16 AM MT Al****:: meanwhile, we all need germ masks but you can't buy them
I have a allergist prescribed mask to filter airborne allergens
it has a 10 micron filter.
I found I could buy 5 micron filter cloth on Amazon so I ordered some to make my own masks
Duda Energy Sheets:5u 1 yd. x 72" Singed Polyester Felt Filter Media Fabric Sheet, 5 Micron, Polyester

that plus nitrile glove will be my shopping uniform
3/20/2020 10:43:06 AM MT Al****:: I've got the mice running full out, but they are getting tired :)
3/20/2020 10:35:11 AM MT QQ:: Spoke too soon. After 3 tries it works
3/20/2020 10:34:33 AM MT QQ:: XGO page not working
3/20/2020 10:29:58 AM MT Al****:: That pop up now tells me that from the al time hif we have a 1 2 3 4 of 7 in a down Chaos clamshell
3/20/2020 10:22:39 AM MT Al****:: the other4 thing I saqw was that the overnight pop up[ hit the 6 day EXMA - the "mean" used by some firms in reversion to the mean trading
3/20/2020 10:10:31 AM MT Al****:: I sold based on the red swan on the SPSunMoon chart and the dow turning from up to down
3/20/2020 9:53:37 AM MT Al****:: I'm back _ I see that prices are trading both sides of the 110 and 440 EXMAs. This is a "don't trade" sign, so I'm passing on this MoonTide trade.
3/20/2020 8:32:28 AM MT Al****:: before I go, that up channel on the last SPKISS chart looks viable; fib traders would look for a 38% retrace to 2695 and a 50% to 2829
Proceed at your own risk
3/20/2020 8:24:15 AM MT Al****:: taking a breakfast break
3/20/2020 8:19:30 AM MT Al****:: an interesting chart is the SPSunMoon chart showing some of the electric field flux lines
today it is showing that prices bounced off the Jupiter (J)+180 degree flux line
it also shows red and green swans
and Moon, venus, mercury, and sun timelines, right now coming to the Moon T000 timeline
3/20/2020 8:08:29 AM MT Al****:: having a technocrap problem with the guest logins counting program - the number was 34 ; one more bug to track down
3/20/2020 8:02:32 AM MT Al****:: the book "Flash Boys" explains how the computers trade-every trader needs to read it
3/20/2020 7:58:41 AM MT Al****:: also, the next to the last chart shows that prices just sold off to the pivot
a complete list of the pivot prices can be found on the SP1Day page
3/20/2020 7:56:25 AM MT Al****:: the last chart on that page shows a longer term view
note the up Moon channel at play right now
because of that I'm personally skipping the first MoonTide trade
3/20/2020 7:43:40 AM MT Al****:: the other popular page is the SPKISS page
3/20/2020 7:34:45 AM MT Al****:: most of the regulars like to watch the Chaos Clinic chart
3/20/2020 7:30:47 AM MT Al****::

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3/20/2020 7:11:21 AM MT jbs****:: Heading out to try to get some Toilet Paper, back in a little. It's a beautiful sunny morning where I live. I am going to enjoy my outing. I will stay safe, too.
3/20/2020 6:57:56 AM MT jbs****:: Good morning
3/20/2020 6:25:22 AM MT Al****:: GM all. Good luck today. Chaos Clinic is posted on the AUX page.

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