Powell Makes A Moon Shot
      Chaos Clinic For 03/22/2024

The large S&P rally on 3/20/2024 came as a surprise to many. A common view
was that the Fed would not change rates, and when Chairman Powell started
speaking, the market would tank. That did not happen. This chart helps
explain why. It is a version of the Secret->esnat72 chart found on

Shown on the chart as horizontal lines are several natural vibration lines. There are
four lines, in white, yellow, green, and magenta. They repeat every 45 degrees.

There are also vertical lines marking various Moon cycles. These indicate time windows
where there may be higher than normal volatility. Often prices will shoot up or down
near these times.

Bars are colored by the crossings of the 36 and 220 minutes EXMAs.

The entire day up until the FOMC announcement was mostly a flat base. The two
MoonTide time showed small rallies, but nothing tradable. The base was on a white
natural vibration level.

When the announcement came, prices jumped up two levels, about 30 degrees. This jump
produced a 36/220 buy. Then prices sagged into the start of the press conference.
This dip found support on the 220 minute EXMA.

When the press conference started, the Powell Pump was on, helped by the extra energy
of the two Moon cycles; a Powell Moon Shot. By the time of the first Moon cycle,
prices had moved up 45 degrees. By the time of the second cycle prices moved
another 15 degrees, up 60 from the base. Prices closed on the top green level.
This was natural.

These news events have two parts. First is the news. Second is the reaction to the news.
That reaction often has more to do with the energy fields than any "logic." That was
the case here. Without those Moon cycles, it may have been another Powell pump and dump.

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Below is one of the SPKISS charts from
and the chat room comments from this Chaos Clinic. Most recent comment is on top.

3/22/2024 11:20:08 AM MT Al****:: watch for possible late drop after 14:00
3/22/2024 11:17:16 AM MT Al****:: too quiet for me-calling it a day for the clinic-thanks for coming-see you next week
3/22/2024 10:43:48 AM MT Al****:: quiet decline is now curling the 2400 minute EXMA down, so it may continue
3/22/2024 10:10:23 AM MT Al****:: I have posted two Face Of God charts in the CCT Room
3/22/2024 8:29:10 AM MT Al****:: chart 3 on SPKISS shows weakness under the all time high
3/22/2024 8:13:00 AM MT qq:: Thanks Al.
3/22/2024 8:06:47 AM MT Al****:: restarted
3/22/2024 7:34:47 AM MT qq:: Still need a re-boot
3/22/2024 6:57:31 AM MT qq:: Charts need a restart.
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