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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:20 out -.5 - done for the day; thanks for coming-see you next week-take a course
3:17 stop 11-slow
3:08 held above the 110
2:56 stop 10.5-just under the 110 EXMA -if this is a good move it will not be hit
2:52 the Fractal Grid from the CTME course helped me anticipate that switch from green to red Tide
2:49 stop 10 ; red -Tide is up to the close
2:46 stop 9.5
2:44 bought 11.5 stop 8.5
2:41 here comes the covering-watching for a good buy setup-want some juice
2:35 still stuck on Mercury Uranus -bears go no follow through on their decline, so we could see short covering near the close
2:23 the crossings in the diagonal yellow MoonTide Harmonic Grid are high energy points; watch to see price acts at this one
2:18 Chiron timeline hot -streak right up it
2:15 bulls trying again-if we can get above 1311 can rally in last hour as per red -Tide
2:07 prices are trapped between the -T000 and +T135 Moon flux lines-1309.5 is the balance (congestion) point between them
2:03 looks weak-can't rally - may not be able to decline either
1:43 note the 110 EXMA is starting to curl up a bit - bulls trying hard to rally off the double bottom
1:33 nice bounce off -T000 Moon flux as come to T270 Moon timeline
1:24 got support on the yellow Moon flux at 1308 - waiting for a bounce-posssible continuation sell setup near trade time
1:12 hmm- looking pretty weak-hopefully it will set up a trade at the next tide turn
12:58 bounced off that bundle-looking like on green +Tide
12:41 looks like we will drift down to the Mercury/Uranus/Mars/Moon flux bundle
12:20 sitting on the Pluto flux line
11:55 the market has now settled into a narrow range without much energy-this could last for four hours
good example of the nature of chaotic markets-sit flat for a long time, then jump chaotically
11:43 pulled back to the 110 EXMA, which is going flat-I'm passing on any trade here
11:17 prices were attracted to the Sun (H) and Node (O) flux lines-my guess is that they sort of stick to them for a while
11:10 now right at the next Tide turn- not out of band and not a good looking continuation trade-so I'll wait
10:50 what I didn't like there was hitting the upper band and stalling-also CTME tools told me that this was a resistance level
10:48 covering on the stall for +3
10:43 stop 14 now
10:38 stop 13.5
10:30 stop 12 - +5 target is 17
10:21 moving stop up to 10 - Nice pop in the Euro as forecast -in SP looks like green +Tide
10:11 bought 12 stop 9
10:10 Still in trade window-so watching to see if we get a continuation of this rally
10:06 aborted -1
9:54 stop 11
9:44 now recrossing- hook and go sell-sold 09 stop 12
9:41 have a 20/110 buy but EXMA's are very flat-want to see some motion in them
9:34 quiet opening-may not move until after 10:00
9:17 pre-open hanging just under Mercury/Uranus/Moon elctric field flux bundle
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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3/24/2006 7:46:23 AM Mountain anami:: out at 1309.50
3/24/2006 7:35:37 AM Mountain anami:: bought at 1310.50

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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