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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:19 stopped +1.25 - not great but OK -I'm done for the day-see you next week
3:16 stop 1112.75 -here is that short squeeze
3:10 stop 1112-
3:06 stop 1111.5
3:02 now watch for a short squeeze if get above 1113
2:50 stop 1110.75 -6 hour Fractal of Pi shows top near 3:30
2:44 stop 1110 -pretty lethargic-but note prices holding above 110 EXMA
2:32 tracking the red -Tide-see Aux page
2:21 bought 1111.5 stop 1108.5
2:20 now getting a 20/110 buy-will take if I see follow through
2:12 aborting -1 ; back through 110
2:09 stuck in mud-just hold stop-accept the risk and wait
2:00 stop 1112-looks like right on green +Tide
1:55 sold 1110 stop 1113
1:46 needs to break 1110 -waiting for clear picture
1:43 looks like a 20/110 sell setting up
1:30 pit guys coming back from lunch-can't break R1-weak going into this Tide turn
1:21 little pop up as pass the Mercury/Chiron timeline-not much juice today
1:07 when it is dull, I work on research-the Aux page shows a current project-the light blue line is
a digitial filter that tracks the actual MoonTide-then I look to see if a shifted forecast MoonTide fits
time shifts do occur, but I have not yet figured them out-I do not try to use them for trading
12:51 on a good day, there are 2 or 3 MoonTide turns-today there are 7 = choppy and less accurate
12:41 in that pattern, the Moon bisects a side of the hex, making it the destabilizer as it squares Jup
12:39 if you check the Hex Wheels today page you see a hex formed by Sat,Node,Jup and Uranus-stabiling price
12:33 From the low of the day, we have two thrusts and 2 pullbacks-4 of 7 moves in up Chaos Clamshell
12:21 we stalled at the R1=Moon/Jupiter price -now time for lunch for the pit guys
12:11 covering on stall rule for +1.5 -can always rebuy
12:04 had I not been long I would have taken the continuation buy 1111.5 here-fast move
11:59 if get low off Sun/Saturn timeline, their next priceline is 1117.25
11:52 stop 1111
11:47 the 20/110 told met the green +Tide low at 11:00 was good, and Crazy Harry was
leaving the station-I had planned to wait for the 12:00 dip, but jumped when I saw the speed of the move
11:42 broke that-1114.5 Pluto is next R -rally started on Pluto timeline
11:40 stop 1110-watch for resistance at the Jupiter/Moon flux price 1112
11:35 stop 1108.5
11:32 bought 1110 stop 1107-bounced right off the 20 EXMA
11:27 now I'm watching the pullback, and how the price and 20 EXMA behave
11:20 getting a little lift-maybe it will set up a good trade at 12:00
11:02 Crazy Harry is the conductor of the S&P train-he hate hobos and likes to fake them out
he starts to move the train, stops, and backs up into the station-he loves to take long lunches
some times all day-rumor is he has a girl in each station-so have to wait for him to really move the train
10:42 the MoonTides called for chop, and we have it-just watch and wait for next Trade time
10:38 Chaos is a study of balance and the breaking of balance 1107=135 degrees =Neptune is a balance price
10:32 got a low on the Moon/Jup timeline-says move to 1112 Moon/Jup price probable today
10:28 the S&P is only volatile 49% of the time-the other 51% of the time it is flat-today looks like flat
10:21 the 110 EXMA has turned flat with prices both sides of - may congest a while
10:16 stopped -1.5 -that stop was right where it needed to be -just under the 110 EXMA
10:12 -still congesting -watch for some Moon grease as come to Moon timeline
10:04 Odds are high of reaching 1112 R1=Jupiter/Moon if rally continues
9:56 can use the 20 and 110 EXMA as guides to move stop-about half way between usually worsk-stop 1107
9:53 bought 1108.5 stop 1105.5 -bit early but I like the EXMA action
9:51 Up to Venus price-getting good curl on 110-may be setting up a buy
9:48 this streak up the Mars timeline has negated the 20/110 sell-now flat to up
9:45 testing the 110 as come to Mars and Moon time lines -should be hot -could see Mars/Moon last night near Venus
note that yesterday's high was on the Venus flux line-no accident
9:39 here we have an early 20/110 sell, with a minor rally -now watching to see if this
rally gets above the 110 or fails-so looking for a continutation sell near 10:20 =/- about 20 minutes
9:31 quiet opening-Today's MoonTides suggest a dull day-we just use the times and
read the 20/110 EXMA tracking indicators-trade times near 10:20, 12:00, and 1:50
9:20 Today's pivot price is 1103 = Mercury/Chiron so very likely to see that
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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