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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
2:27 I'm done for the day; getting too late to trade, and I'm tired. Thanks for coming. No clinic next week. See you in 2 weeks. Take a course.
2:24 flinched again
2:19 aborted -3
2:16 after 2:30 we may see some position trader profit taking
2:05 on most Fridays the market holds up in the last few hours; it may today; we shall see
2:02 elected short 1158, stop 1162
1:58 putting sell stop 1158
1:50 vibrating about the Moon -T180 electric field flux
1:40 it would not be unusual to see prices rally up to the 1162 Sun/Moon flux and give it a GBK
1:35 unless my fractal fractures, we should see a late drop; I'll watch and resell if warranted
1:30 updated my FOP chart in the CCT Room
1:20 taking +2 at 1159; will resume later
1:17 support on Venus flux. May hold it up until Venus timeline near 2:00
1:07 stop to 1161; love it when the Velcro pulls loose
1:05 switched to a simpler chart-complex charts like SPSunMoonMer are processed by the emotional brain-that caused my flinching - now watching a versio of SPKiss
12:57 I'm obviously too "flinchy". Down to -T180 flux, a harmonic 9 points down from the -T135 flux high; could go another 9
12:54 resold 1161 stop 1164
12:52 out flat, no go
12:49 resold 1162 stop 1164
12:45 updated my FOP in CCT room
12:44 on second thought, took my +5; based on Sun/Moon flux support
12:37 stop to 1164
12:35 We are in the second trade window, so I'll just carry this trade through, and go for max
12:32 Gee, I left for a few minutes to eat breakfast -nice return treat-stop to 1066
12:08 Thrust, congest ; next comes thrust; If thrusts are equal, target 1153.5
11:59 updated my FOP chart in the CCT Room
11:54 stop to 69.75
11:49 this is a Velcro move, slowly rolling over. When the Velcro rips loose, whee
11:46 resold 67.5 stop 70.5
11:39 the juice is gone
11:31 2 day moon days tend to be one way, or Moon-Noon-Moon. So I think we hold up until next trade time.
11:23 aborted for -1; no go
11:05 may have gotten stuck in the mud. Need to be patient
10:58 elected short 1166.75
10:57 putting buy stop 1170.25 and sell stop 1166.75
10:46 nearing the first trade time. Anticipating a sell setup. Not there yet
10:40 today's range one tick over 7.5 , the 48th harmonic of 360. Yesterday's range was 1 tick over 15, the 24th harmonic
10:37 so far all action is within my down fractal
10:34 up to the Moon -T135 flux ; up a harmonic +9 from the -T180 flux low
10:30 little double top
10:20 about a 50% retrace of the drop
10:06 low on the Moon timeline was first 9:51 Tide time ; got a pretty good move, but I think this is about it
10:04 up to the 440 EXMA
10:00 so far just getting "buzz"
9:49 little upstreak on Moon timeline. Trading between Sun+45 and Venus+45, with Mercury+45 in between
9:44 down to Sun flux support
9:40 I have posted a Fractal of Pi chart in the Certified Chaos Trades Room. It is open to the graduates of my four
main courses - see -> Courses for mor information.
9:21 the MTRainbow chart shows a down trend, and the SPSunMoonMer chart shows a "Two Moon Day" with Moon timelines
near 10:00 and 4:00. Support from Sun and Moon near 1162
9:17 today looks like a congestion day following yesterday's drop. Trade times are 10:59 and 12:38
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

3/26/2010 12:35:43 PM MT mm****:: Have a good weekend Al - and nurse yourself
3/26/2010 12:20:05 PM MT EOE:: stopped out on the last trade. done for the day. see eveyone next week. Hope you recover nicely AL.
3/26/2010 12:05:24 PM MT mm****:: the S-N Korea conflict is jerking us around
3/26/2010 8:12:01 AM MT Al****:: it sure did
3/26/2010 8:03:16 AM MT DP****:: Good morning all. Al, I'd like to suggest a correction to one of your posts yesterday ... Whee truned into a WHeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Cheers everyone and good luck today.
3/26/2010 7:44:07 AM MT Al****:: Thank you.
3/26/2010 7:40:32 AM MT BDG:: Morning everyone, many blessings for a swift recovery Al :-)
3/26/2010 7:36:41 AM MT bm:: Good morning all. Al, I hope you will recover quickly.
3/26/2010 6:53:52 AM MT Al****:: GM all. Good luck today.
3/26/2010 6:18:40 AM MT EOE:: GM everyone. TGIF. Good luck today.
3/26/2010 5:35:04 AM MT mm****:: gm all - have a great day

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