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Here are Al's comments
3:02 looks like it was another day like yesterday ; I'm done ;thanks for coming. See you next week. Take a course
3:00 aborted 817
2:52 After 2:30 is "Whoosh Time"; I have another fast cycle at 3:20
2:44 I have another fast cycle hitting at 3:00
Crazy Harry needs to get moving, because I have to leave in 40 minutes
2:38 this is the 3rd trade window- I will just carry this trade through, since it still looks OK
2:32 this is the move 4 of 7 in a down Chaos clamshell. Move 5 is usually the biggest
2:30 this rally is part of the Fractal of Pi down-i expect it to fade soon
2:23 that fast cycle popped it up-holding my stop
2:13 this correction should end before 2:40-watching for that fast cycle at 2:20
1:55 stop to 819, just above the last high-using wider stops because of noise
1:44 Geronimo! (a cry used by US paratroppers in WWII as they jumped into combat)
1:40 still getting that junk like yesterday-once we break below the low, it should be gone
1:25 I have another fast down cycle at 2:20, so I want to be patient during this countertrend rally
1:19 got the grease at 1:13, then support on the Mercury flux - I expect it to break
1:05 once we make new lows, this becomes a "cove on close" trade similar to the GO BIG hotline rule
1:00 note carefully on the MTRainbow chart how the EXMA's have kinked down, forming
little "knees"-this is what I mean by "curl"
12:56 I will hold this for max gain , even past 9 points
12:54 I have a fast cycle hitting at 1:13
12:40 last high -18=803.5, Fractal of Pi down projects 792; same numbers I got earlier
12:28 stop 822; this could run down into the close
12:21 sold 817.5 stop 823.5
12:18 looks like Crazy Harry is slipping
12:15 this is a pattern I call "sitting on the back porch" after a long rally, bet a drop, then sit there, forming
a "back porch." Sooner or later Crazy Harry (conductor of the S&P train)falls off the porch
12:08 coming into the second trade window - not interested in trading this junk.
But I'm alert for a down move with some juice to it
12:00 regular TG says this looks like yesterday' junk-It does so far. That could change after we pass the
Mercury/Pluto and Sun/Venus timelines ; On the Chaos Clinic chart their price lines dominate so far
11:54 updated chart in CCT room
11:41 on the MTRainbow chart, we have gone flat. Odds favor rolling over and going down
11:34 rally got hit by selling- watching for a sell set up
11:20 aborted -2.5 -not working
11:15 obviously I should have waited - got distracted taking a phone call from my wife about a warning light in her car
I will be SOOO glad when she is done with her 25 mile commute-she envies mine of walking downstairs
11:12 posted another chart in the CCT room; this is a rizing wedge counter trend correction-when it breaks down,
it could drop fast
11:03 resold 817 stop 823
10:59 this is why you don't just take 20 EXMA crossing 110 as a signal outside a trade window-too many false signals
10:52 getting convergence on the MTRainbow chart-here I use a Face of God pattern to look for the end of the convergence
I make it to be about 11:20, near the next Tide turn
10:43 on the Aux page my modified Jude3 auto trader is running-it has not done anything yet-Jude sleeps late
and avoids the first 89 minutes of the outcry session
10:41 this rally could top out near 11:00 , the normal pattern
10:35 stopped out at 817 - for -3.25 ; may resell
10:26 extremes of moves come about 12 points from the 440 EXMA, so 803-12=791, possible low
10:19 an exponential moving average that is "limit down" or "limit up" forms a straight line
On the MTRainbow chart you can place a straight edge on an average to project it forward
the white 440 projects about 803 at the close
10:12 looking good - stop to 817
10:05 streak down the 10:00 timeline comes from it being 45 degrees from sun
Posted charts in Certified Chaos Trader's room
10:00 high on the red -Tide
9:56 popup off the Pluto flux line-need to let the stop sit there
9:48 the MT rainbow chart gives a quick assessment of the mood of the day-bearish today
Moon square natal Node can lead to nasty down days
9:40 on the MTRAinbow chart the white 440 EXMA is at 819.64, so this should be a good stop
9:38 I was elected short , putting a 6 point stop at 819.75
9:35 one of the first things I do is put a 10-12 hr Fractal of Pi overlay on the MTRainbow chart-today a down one
9:32 we have an early low at 814.75 -in case of a breakdown I'll put a sell stop at 813.75 -don't expect it to be hit
but in chaotic systems, one has to expect the unexpected
9:28 on a gap down day like this we normallty get a cuontertrend rally into about 11:00, then turn down
9:12 market down from yesterday's close-had a nice Face of God pattern at the top
Today the Clinic will be shortened because I am going to my wife's retirement party at Kaiser
Permanente this afternoon. We just had a big snow - I got 14 inches - so things are a bit
chaotic around Denver today, so I have to allow extra time. Trade times are 09:56 12:56 14:52
I'll be here for the first two
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

3/27/2009 2:12:11 PM MT TG****:: posted a FOP in CCT room. I find this to be a pretty common standard sized fractal that shows up pretty often. Have a good weekend everyone.
3/27/2009 1:57:34 PM MT TG****:: too funny.
3/27/2009 1:26:25 PM MT TG****:: placed a sell stop at 12.5. Doesn't seem likely but I still have room on my fractal grid for today's elusive woosh.
3/27/2009 11:51:51 AM MT Al****:: good term for it
3/27/2009 11:45:40 AM MT TG****:: Stellar read on it Al. I got double my usual short fill by accident, decided to go with it. I used to call this daily pattern on my fractal grid the waterfall.
3/27/2009 9:49:37 AM MT TG****:: looks like yesterday's herky jerky junk.
3/27/2009 8:24:35 AM MT JAB:: Al's the BEST.......thank you, Al
3/27/2009 7:56:51 AM MT DP****:: Good morning all and good trading today. Welcome to the Friday lurkers. You have found your way to an amazing base of knowledge ... Watch and learn.
3/27/2009 7:28:29 AM MT sdg:: Congrats to the Mrs.!
3/27/2009 7:22:44 AM MT UNI:: GM All
3/27/2009 7:05:34 AM MT Al****:: GM all-good luck today
3/27/2009 6:00:02 AM MT mm****:: gm all - have a great day

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