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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here is the KISS chart from the AUX page

Here are Al's comments-read bottom up
3:02 I am done for the day-screens will run-thanks for coming-no clinic on Good Friday-see you in 2 weeks-take a course
3:01 rally was stopped by Mars
2:56 during that trade I watched only the chart shown on the Aux screen; now can go look at the astro stuff
2:54 out +2.5
2:53 getting near next Tide turn-by rule I will cover there if still in
2:50 stop 31.5
2:42 stop to 31- at this point in the trade, I set the stop just under the 20 EXMA
2:40 the astro stuf tells me we'll probably make it up to 35.5 Moon flux; but the trader in me just follows the rules, and keeps it simple
2:38 stop now up to 30.5 - cover order is in, so it will be automatic
2:29 stop to 29 - looks like my patience will be rewarded
2:24 stop to 28
2:17 now getting separation of the 20 EXMA from the 110-moving stop to 27.5
2:11 stop up to 27 - being patient
2:01 moving stop up to 26.75 - I noticed on the Wheel Of Fortune that the Moon B vector is moving to align with Venus -should add energy
1:51 in a chaotic system, the details are fuzz on the underlying order, so if you watch it, you get confused
I cannot react to this dip in price - the trend is flat to up because the 20 EXMA is above the 110
1:34 once you enter a trade, you have close the feedback loop between price action and your subconscious;
if you watch prices to closely, the half second delay to your conscious mind can form an unstable oscillator.
so you need to become detached and let your trade work - XXman told me some pros say to stand up behind your chair and watch for a while
1:30 bought 29, stop 26 , cover 34
1:27 looking bullish-about to get a 20/110 EXMA buy
1:24 chaotic system rest at a balance state, then move chaotically to another balance state-we are balanced now
1:18 holding up
1:15 about 1429 is my buy point
1:10 got some buying, watching for follow through
1:05 pretty quiet going into trade time -watching for a buy signal
12:53 in the AUX page I am showing a simple chart I am working on
12:33 the drop was in synch with the news that the US imposed a tariff on China's glossy paper-what always interests me
is that these chaotic move always have an astro condition powering the emotional reaction to the news
12:29 as we come into trade time, if we hold above the green Sun(H) flux line we will probably get a rally
12:14 that 90 degree move was most of the 21 point range -I think we trade inside the range the rest of the day
12:00 if you look at the Wheel of Fortune, you see a tight cluster of Mercury,Node, and Uranus-the tightness
gives them stong energy -just saw a 90 degree prices swing from conjoin M,O,U to square them, followed by rebalance to midpoint
11:50 The drop was to the Mercury/Node flux lines -a time to price move on Mercury/Node -it is done now
11:46 this looks like the low in the red -Tide; with some luck this will set up a good trade at 13:10
11:36 I did not choose this Tide turn as one to trade. Have to accept that you will not get all the moves
11:32 sharp drop after Mercury /Node timelines
11:25 looking weak
10:54 I'm going to take a break until close to the second trade time -see you then
10:49 In summary, you can use the astro stuff (Chaso Clinic chart) to great advantage before and after a trade , when
you can process the information consciously. But at trade time, you should use a simple chart ( like SP1Day ) and focus just on execution
10:39 so what you do consciously is prime your subconcious to act properly at trade time. All actions
are done by the subconcious, which then informs the conscious half a second later -for more read
The User Illusion -ISBN 0-670-87579-1
10:36 notice that the astro stuff can take 5 to 10 minutes (or more) to consciously think about
as Yogi Bera once said, "You can't think and hit the ball."
10:33 also looking at the astro stuff, I see we streaked on the Neptune(N) and Mars (R) vertical timelines, and are down
going into the Moon T+180 timeline. The Moon timeline energy will tend to strengthen the Moon flux energy, aiding congestion
10:30 looking at the astro stuff I see Venus/Chiron set the low near 1431, Pluto set the high near 1440.
Their balance point is midway between, at 1435.5 -right where the Moon flux is - this tells me we have a trading range
10:26 there is a lot of information in the astro stuff, which can be very useful in analyzing the trading environment
But at trade time, one just has to focus on the time, the 20 and 110, and apply the rules
10:23 now it looks like we picked up the red -Tide. Prices were attracted back to the Moon flux pinch and crossover
This means we will probably congest for some time
10:14 the second trade time is 1:10 - general pattern is green +Tide. This will probably be the typical
after lunch "buy if the morning rally holds up"
10:06 nor am I going to re-enter and chase things - that is telling myself that I screwed up, and I don't want to hear that
Instead I tell myself "Well done, Better done next time".
10:01 here I could beat up on myself for not executing perfectly- but I won't. I did my best to follow the rules, and the outcome was good
I wasn't just trading, I was also teaching in this Clinic, and even I can't trade and do something else at the same time
9:55 Out +1.5 - I did not get my sell at 1439.5 (+5) limit order in quick enough to get filled - no problem, get it next time
9:49 stop 1436 - note how the streak went up the Saturn/Neptune timelines; that is good information for understanding,
but you don't need to know it in real time to trade the MoonTides
9:45 stop 1435 - it is streaks like this that mean you have to watch your own screen and make your own trades
the internet delay in me typing a buy or sell and you getting it is too great -you need to learn to do it yourself
9:43 looks like a plus trade -stop to 1433
9:41 bought 1434.5 stop 1431.5
9:37 watching the 20 EXMA closely
9:34 looks like a buy setup
9:33 right on the 110 EXMA at trade time-watching for a clear signal
9:32 messy opening with move from Venus/Chiron 1431 up to Moon flux pinch and crossover at 1435.5
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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