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Here are Al's comments
2:57 +2.5 -now I am Done for the day-thanks for coming-see you in 2 weeks-take advantage of the special
2:53 stop 1137-lows still holding
2:47 stop 1137.25 -1 tick above 3 point quantum pricd
2:41 stop 1038.5-will let it ride for now
2:37 that looks like the GBK-Good Bye Kiss-to the -T270 Moon flux - stop 1039
2:32 stop 1139.5-getting support on Sun flux line
2:30 note how prices under 20 EXMA and it is widely separated from accerating 110 EXMA-good sign
2:22 stop 1140-on green +Tide -should retest lows and maybe go lower
2:14 the Neptune/Node price/time crossing at 2:00/1143 was an energy attractor-now a repellor
2:07 OK-I'll stay-resold 1139.5 stop 1142.5
2:04 I'm quitting for the day-made my planned trades-screens will run until close-see you in 2 weeks
2:02 that little streak up the Node timeline means we are still flat-may hold up to close
1:59 aborting -1 ;don't like it
1:50 stop 1140.5-it goes down or I'm gone
1:47 1140 is the pit R2 price-got a good bye kiss to it-next down is r1 1136.75
1:43 we know Moon is hot-so Node (O) timeline may be as well
1:30 sold 1139 stop 1142-20/110 sell and 110 has nice round curl down
1:28 getting a break of the 110 EXMA-20 should cross soon
1:23 coming into the trade time window-pretty sleepy rally-now just watch the 20/110 EXMA action
1:15 at 2:00 come to the Neptune timeline-its price is 1143-that is an energy center
1:04 the 20 EXMA is above the 110, but prices are not near the upper band, so the next trade may be a sell
12:51 another twangy vertical streak as the pass the Chiron timeline-not noise as some think
12:44 the Aux screen shows my 7 move Chaos Clamshell sketch
12:31 broke out of the range with a streak up the grey t timeline-that is a special Moon timeline
12:25 stuck in a trading range from Saturn flux to Mercury flux-I stay out of narrow ranges
12:15 from the 10:22 low, one can now sketch 4 swings-continuing the sketch to 7 tops out near 1:40
12:07 little vertical drop along the Sun time line-
11:47 that last high was right on the green +Tide-we do not try to trade every turn
-the early and late ones are ususally best
11:32 a typical day like today forms a 6 hour Fractal of Pi pattern
11:16 now stuck on the -T270 Moon electric field flux-and high was on Moon timeline-Moon is hot
11:02 today is a "two Moon day"-Xchg opposed Moon on open,squares it near close-often one way days
10:46 that pattern, plus having hit the lower band edge is what told me to take my +3 and quit
Now I expect congestion for several hours
10:43 note that from the preopening high there are 7 swings down-a small 7 move Chaos Clamshell
10:38 note the little vertical move up the Pluto timeline and support on Saturn flux line-no accident-real physics
10:36 covering 1137 +3
10:31 stop 1138-watching Pluto vertical timeline carefully-if does not go lower soon I will cover
10:22 stop 1138.5-red -Tide good so far
10:19 my original take was to hold short-I got bounced for a samll gain-I resold a lower high and
worked into a break even for the day stop
10:16 stop 1141 -note the swings are only about 10-12 minutes-normally they are 20-30
10:09 stop 1142 -we are either going flat or breaking down
10:05 resold 1140 stop 1143
9:59 +1-OK, but the +4 Out of Band target was there-I got distracted and missed it
9:53 down to Moon flux -getting support-stop 1141.5
9:51 stop 1143-may let this one run
9:49 the SP9day chart shows a breakaway gap on the 25th, a measuring gap in the 29th, and an exhaustion gap today
9:46 stop 1144.5
9:40 top right on the Moon time, taking Out of band sell-sold 1142.5 stop 1145.5
9:35 With a big gain after a two week rally, this may be a case of selling the news-after it gets digested
9:34 opening out of band, but 1143 is support - opening trade may not setup
9:08 positive jobs report popped prices up to 1143=Neptune price going into Moon/Uranus/Mars timeline on open
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

4/2/2004 11:25:21 AM Mountain Al:: Erik Been is Wave59-he lives about 20 miles from me-told me he wanted to write his own online program-I told him he was crazy-but he did it anyway-he has taken my CIOC,FOP,and FOG courses, so asked if he could add them to Wave59-if you have taken the courses, he will enable the patterns when I approve it
4/2/2004 09:11:55 AM Mountain peb:: TG, it works pretty good, but I have a couple of minor issues that appear related to my particular set-up. One of its major strengths, for me, is the ability to do proper scaling and all that allows from a geometric viewpoint. Al is the one that brought my attention to it. Check out the 3rd party add-ins page.
4/2/2004 08:11:02 AM Mountain TG:: Thanks peb, you find it works reliably and well with an E-signal data feed?
4/2/2004 07:34:14 AM Mountain peb:: Wave59 RT. Their website is
4/2/2004 07:29:33 AM Mountain TG:: In the chat room a few Friday's ago (I think it was Mar 12th) there was a discussion about differences between pre 11am EST 110EXMA that uses 24 hrs setting and the money tide EXMA that only includes data between 8:15 and 16:15 EST. Someone mentioned that they used a program with an E-signal data feed that could replicate the moneytide settings. Anyone recall the name of the charting program?

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