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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
2:50 I'm done for the day-see you in 2 weeks -have a nice Easter-take a course
2:46 out for zero - no juice
2:36 stop 35.5 -cover is 40.5 if get there
2:32 stop 834
2:29 rebought 35.5; I flinched
2:25 new highs are weak and marginally above the prior one
2:23 aborting for zero-just don't like the flow of it
2:15 stop to 31; will take 5 if get it
2:03 stop to 830,under 110
2:00 bought 834 stop 828
1:57 did not break last swing high-yet
1:56 trying to rally -watching for some juice
1:51 guess I need to remind myself that Chaos Follows Dullness
1:46 putting a sell stop at 827 - so slow I may fall asleep and miss any move
1:43 looking weak- cocked in the sell mode
1:38 not much juice upward-need to break about 834.5 to get some 1:31 little rally on the vertical portion of the Tide line
1:22 on the 3 day Chaos clinic chart, We made a low on Sun flux, now treading water on the Mercury flux
coming to the Moon, Node, and Pluto timeline cluster, which could increase volatility
1:17 I would like to wait top see how we com out of this Tide time-there is a little knee in the Tide
near 2:00
1:12 I am in the trade window, so I will take a sell signal on the 20/110
1:07 on the MTRainbow chart I see 3 drives to a top, a down thrust, and a correction; I expect the next
decent move to be down, but we may not get it today
12:53 when we congest, we get mixed Tides, so one should not focus too much on "Which are we on?"
Just look for the trade setups in the trade window
12:45 when I look at the MTRainbow chart I see still flat, congested. My Jude3
autotrader (work in progress) tries to stay out of congestions. It has not traded today.
12:40 I'm back -looks like a rally up into a high on the red -Tide
trading both sides of 440, so overall stll congesting
11:55 I'm going to take a break now. Be back for second trade
11:51 this rally is part of my Fractalof Pi pattern
11:40 so far have a thrust, congest pattern; suggests another down thrust this afternoon
11:36 aborting -2; no go
11:24 sort of a "velcro" move - pulling apart but not yet ripped loose
11:18 this is about the time I expect that second wave of selling, encouraged by no significant rallies
11:15 I had a moment of doubt, so I got out. Then I saw I could reenter.
11:05 resold 825 stop 831
11:02 don't like the stall covering for +2
10:48 stop to 830-reducing loss to 2 points-control your losses, because that is all you really control
10:41 stop to 831-just above the 440 EXMA; if this thing breaks, I will try to hold it past 9 points
10:36 looks like inverted to red -Tide; given the big move of last two days, this trade has good potential
10:28 coming to the exact trade time-lowering stop to 832
10:20 the corners of the hex give resonant price levels; next lower corner is 766.5
10:16 the automatic hex recognizer has found a hex having corners at price, Mars, and Saturn
10:13 about 11:00 I expect a second wave of selling. This is based on studies done in 2007 using
tools from my Chaos Trading Made Easy course
10:08 so far so good. I like that the 440 EXMA has turned down-it is the "trend of the day"
10:02 this trade is going into the trade time, so I want to be careful at the trade time-right now tracking
green +Tide, but can invert, so watch the tracking EXMA's
9:57 that turned out to be a continuation sell on the 20/110 , and below the 440 EXMA, which is now down
9:48 elected short, so putting a stop at 834
9:42 just in case of a break down, I'm placing a sell stop at 828, just below the low of the day
9:36 the MT rainbow chart clearly shows that the rally of the past two days has stalled
Now I expect distribution, so we may see a flat market for several hours
9:31 outcry session now open-looks like a rally attempt
9:27 First trade time is 10:31, so I'm just watching until close to that time
9:26 I have placed a second chart in the CCT room
9:09 Jobs report created a spike high - traded both sides of 110 and 440 EXMAs
on MT rainbow chart
8:12 early bird CCT's -see chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's room
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

4/3/2009 12:10:24 PM MT JAB:: I have not received an email in over a month
4/3/2009 11:44:13 AM MT lmp:: 440 Exma seems to be support
4/3/2009 10:53:17 AM MT Al****:: cms - there was an email sent out last night-give me your email address and I'll check what happened to yours later
4/3/2009 10:52:08 AM MT Al****:: could be red tide left an hour
4/3/2009 10:42:57 AM MT acetd****:: Al, looks a lot more like green tide with slightly late turn than following red now no?
4/3/2009 10:02:43 AM MT cms:: Dr. Larson was there not an email sent out last night?
4/3/2009 9:37:39 AM MT lmp:: Thx, I see that.
4/3/2009 8:51:04 AM MT Al****:: the tracking indicators did not turn up
4/3/2009 8:45:59 AM MT lmp:: GM, Al at 10:36 you said the patterns inverted, what was it that gave you that clue? Thx
4/3/2009 7:16:07 AM MT UNI:: GM All
4/3/2009 6:11:42 AM MT Al****:: GM all-good luck today
4/3/2009 5:40:31 AM MT mm****:: gm all - have a great day

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