Moon Triggers Massive Earthquake
      Chaos Clinic For 04/05/2024

At 00:00 GMT 4/4/2024 a 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit Hualien, Taiwan.
The Moon was the trigger, but all planets were part of the pattern.

Years ago, my mentor, Ev Garette, and I studied major quakes and the coinciding
planetary patterns. On Sunday December 4, 1988 at brunch, we agreed that a major
quake was likely the following week. On Wednesday, a 6.8 quake hit Armenia.
Between 25,000 and 50,000 were killed and up to 130,000 were injured.
Ev and I were both upset that while we might foresee the time of a quake,
we could not predict where it might hit.

This ephemeris wheel shows the time of the Taiwan quake. On the right I've shown
the Moon's inclination. We found most major quakes came when the Moon was near
maximum inclination, high or low. this is because that is when the Moon tries
hardest to pull the earth's crust toward it. The Moon was at -5 degrees inclination.

Energy fields harmonize. The Moon (T) was square Mercury (M). It was sextile
Venus and Neptune. Venus is the planet that comes closest to earth as it orbits.
It's gravitation pull can effect the orbits of earth satellites.

Ev and I found Uranus was involved in large quakes. On this one, the Moon is
trine Uranus, which is being conjoined by Jupiter.

Could one have predicted where this quake would hit? Maybe. The Moon was opposing
the longitude of Hualien, and squaring its latitude.

Both Ev and I tried to interest NOAA scientists in our work, but we were rebuffed rudely.
Our work was a good start, and surely with super computers and the vaunted AI, it
could be improved.

The final thing we learned was that when the Earth is being strained, the strain
usually show up in markets.

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4/5/2024 11:12:03 AM MT Al****:: I'm calling it a day-one good trade is fine with me-thanks for coming-see you next week-take some courses-charts will run to close
4/5/2024 11:09:43 AM MT Al****:: popped up to R1 as passing solar noon, then turned down
4/5/2024 10:47:27 AM MT Al****:: I've updated my Face Of God chart in the CCT Room
4/5/2024 10:43:21 AM MT Al****:: also, prices are at a Mercury flux line crossover of Mh+045 and Mh-315
4/5/2024 10:36:50 AM MT Al****:: the forming eclipse is on my mind -rally started on Moon T000 timeline
13:00 Sun and Moon's Node could turn market down, so I took it while I had it
4/5/2024 10:32:11 AM MT Al****:: on SPKISS chart 6 rally is up to 6 and 24 day EXMAs
4/5/2024 10:26:30 AM MT Al****:: rally has 7 swings, and is up to the yellow vibration on Secret->esnat72 and the white vibe on esnagt360
I was long from 5210 , and covered due the above at 5266
4/5/2024 9:14:00 AM MT Al****:: the SPKISS page chart 1 shows the red -Tide trending up all day
if it does the EXMAs on the MTRainbow page will show the trend
4/5/2024 9:09:29 AM MT Al****:: today is a "Two Moon" day with Moon timelines early and late
see SPSunMoon chart
these days can be volatile, run Moon to Moon, or Moon-Noon-Moon
4/5/2024 9:04:37 AM MT Al****:: note vertical white line on Secret charts

also, I have placed a Face Of God chart in the CCT Room
4/5/2024 5:09:24 AM MT Al****:: Good Morning visitors. Welcome to the Chaos Clinic. The written Chaos Clinic is on the AUX page.

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