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Here are Al's comments

12:12 I've made two trades, the number for today, so I'm done. The rest of the day is an exercise for the student. Thanks for coming; see you next week; take some courses.

12:02 keep getting a hex pattern, which stabilizes prices; ses Hex pattern tutorial and hex patterns today linked on right side of ListOfCharts page

11:59 aborted for -5 - just don't like it

11:45 the 110 minute EXMA stopped the minor rally-like a tongue depressor; means the 220 is a good stop guide

11:25 I like to make my first trade with 1 contract. If it fails, and I see why, I'll use more
contracts once I'm more sure

11:23 you will have trades that fail; that's why you use stops. After one fails, take a break; come back and take a new look.

11:14 after taking a breakfast break it was clear that the trend was down for the day

11:03 back from breakfast-sold new lows 2630-stop 2640

10:46 was a sell there but not taking it

10:38 trade did not work - now wait for next trade time

10:36 aborting -8

10:28 taking another break from the screen

10:23 on the Secret page, the Daniel chart has a yellow cycle-it is up. Good.

10:20 pattern is nearly identical to Wednesday's

10:18 higher minor low- now have 1-2-3-4 up from 8:30

10:08 back-trade OK

9:54 OK, trade is set-now taking a break; give it time to work -it will do that without me staring at it

9:49 pressing time a bit-bought 2649 stop 2640

9:44 all except the 440 ; trading at s1

9:42 all the EXMA's are curling up

9:35 normal session open-getting some buying

9:22 the 440,220,110, and 20 minute EXMAs on my 2 day spiced chart are down due to the overnight drop.
I'm looking for them to turn up.

9:22 it looks like the market is going to hold up. When the normal session opens we will learn more.

9:15 One of the most important things a trader has to learn is when not to trade and how not to over trade.
MoonTides help with both of these - trade near the Tide times and only make the specified number of trades.

A major cause of over trading is watching the screen like a TV set-trading for entertainment. Sitting there makes
you feel like you are doing something. Then as you stare you begin over reacting to little price moves. Before you
know it, you jump into a trade, one you didn't intend. You are experiencing FOMO - fear of missing out.
You are now operating from a state of fear. The next fear that kicks in is FOLM -fear of loosing money. The trade
starts to move against you. You cover for a loss. Now you have validated your fear of loosing money. So you are
locked into a fear cycle, You jump in and out, by the end of the day you have pissed away a lot of money on a flat
choppy day, like 3/28/2018.

The way you avoid this is to walk away from the screen regularly. Have some planned distractions, like a walk, or
reading a book, of doing a bit of Tai Chi to Ode To Joy. Do something else to deal with your boredom.

Keep a trading journal. Be honest with yourself. Record not just you daily equity, but how you acted.
Did you JIO (Jump In and Out) or did you enter, set your stop and target and let the trade develop?

8:43 first trade is over 2 hours away so just watching-on my splices 8 hr charts trade is all below yesterday's trade

8:39 found support on S2 pivot price - suggests rally

8:33 tepid reaction to employment report

8:12 market down overnight after another set of tariffs. Now market waiting for Employment report at 8:30
I'm just watching; trade times are 10:48 and 12:54 Eastern

8:11 I have posted a new video at

8:10 Good Morning. Welcome to the Chaos Clinic. This site has a lot of charts,
so you may find it useful to have several of them available within your
browser. If you have a tabbed browser, you can open separate charts
in separate tabs by right clicking on any link, and selecting "open in new tab"
from the menu. The main list of site pages is at
Recommended pages to watch are SPKISS, MTRainbow, and Chat.
For astro stuff, add SPSunMoonMer, Wheel, and Chaos Clinic.
Chaos clinic comments appear at the bottom of the SPKISS, MTRainbow,
and ChaosClinic pages. Comments in the chat room are announced by a
"duck call" noise. This noise also occurs when the sofware detects a
resonant hex pattern on the Wheel page. Trading tutorials
are on the right side of the ListOfCharts page. One should
read Trading the MoonTide Tutorial and Keep it Simple as a minimum.

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

4/6/2018 1:08:18 PM MT Al****:: this downturn is much bigger than a day trade-After October April is the second highest month for crashes
4/6/2018 12:55:59 PM MT Al****:: J-I screwed up the first trade, aborted my second when it didn't move; quite trying to teach; took a break, cleared my head, and sold the late drop
4/6/2018 9:31:30 AM MT JJ:: I'm having trouble following this. I understand you use MA on lower timeframes and tradetimes. But the XTide2Plus says the tops were in and now it's down at least until monday.
4/6/2018 5:37:18 AM MT Al****:: GM all-good luck today
new YouTube video at

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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