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Here are Al's comments
4:04 I'm done for the day, thanks for coming-see you next week-take some courses-knowledge is power
4:03 OK, there was a bit of a streak on the 4:00 hour
3:57 closing under the eclipse price of 1182 -it is now a Chaos "Strange Repellor" pushing prices lower
3:50 no streak; covering 85.5 +4
3:46 I'm content to hold my stop and see if we streak-will cover at 4:00
3:41 missed my very close stop by 1 tick
3:36 this is the exact time of the eclipse
3:28 still OK-the 4:00 hour line may be a resonant streak
3:24 stop 86 - trying to be very patient
3:17 stop 87 - I plan to hold until 4:00 if not stopped
3:14 stop 1188 - still not over
3:13 stopped on Pluto flux -chaos when it breaks
3:05 20 EXAM curling down - stop 1188.5
3:00 the eclipse in the last thour will make it white hot -just be patient
2:55 the 110 EXMA is steady down, the 20 EXMA is flat-so this is a congestion-more thrust to come
2:51 still OK - full 90 degree move is 18 points
2:36 the trick here is to be patient on the stop and give the trade the full time to work
2:23 this fractal started down at 10:00-this is a huge square pattern,1/4 day=6hours; cover at 4:00
2:19 Looking good -stop 89 -had three patterns lined up on that hook and go-FOP,FOG, CTME
2:08 whee-stop 1189.5
2:03 "hook and go" continuation sell -resold 1189.5 stop 92.5-cancelling sell at 87.75
1:56 pressure looks to be steady down- may drop late in the day
1:32 that background lets me see my course overlays better
1:29 the AUX page now shows the screen I'm actually watching-note the cool background
1:24 this is "eclipse buzz" - been feeling it all week-woke me up 3AM today
1:21 the congestion range, using 55 minute high/low bands, is 1188.25 to 1191.25-perfect 3 points
1:17 maybe not -right now in a congestion
1:12 looks like green +Tide is good
1:10 placing sell stop 1187.75 - two ticks below double bottom-then I don't have to think
1:08 aborted -1 ; don't like the double bottom
1:03 stop 90.5 -low held so far
12:59 sold 88.5 stop 91.5
12:58 still watching - want to see new lows
12:53 looks like it is -so I will sit tight - a Face of God pattern on the Mercury low says this is support
12:51 I'm waiting to see if this is just the vertical jerk in the green +Tide
12:49 possible continuation sell
12:41 coming into the next Tide turn-trend is down, but MoonTide says could turn up-so I'll see
how we come out of the turn
12:09 now if I sketch the 7 moves of a down Chaos Clamshell, move 4 up ends near 1:00, the next Tide turn
12:05 +1 - that Mercury time and price turned it
11:56 stop 1190
11:55 at Mercury time and Mercury price
11:51 stop 1191- make it free
11:49 sometimes when I get stopped out of a trade on a long MoonTide swing, I will watch for
a continuation re-entry opportunity
11:46 stop 1192 -just above the 110 EXMA
11:43 turned down again under the eclipse sun-resold 1191
11:30 now flat on the eclipse electric field flux bundle-Moon/Sun/Node/Venus/Jupiter/Saturn
11:14 notice how the drop turned at the crossing in the yellow diagonal MoonTide Harmonic grid
11:03 I thought that today we might trade down to the eclipse price, then congest on it
10:59 +1.75 -looks like may have picked up red -Tide -now may congest along the Moon +T180 electric field flux line
10:43 stop 91.5 -I like prices are staying under the 20 EXMA
10:35 the key in my decision to try for more than +5 is the way the 110 EXMA is curling over-it is accelerating
10:31 stop 1192
10:27 I will try for more than +5-I like the speed -stop 1193
10:25 I updated AUX chart -testing supporting trend line of the week -just broke it
10:16 down to eclipse price -testing the lower edge of the converging triangle-stop 93.75
10:12 stop 1194.5 - cover is 88.25
10:03 95 has been solid resistance so lowering stop to 95.5 -still stuck on Chiron
9:59 elected short 93.25 stop 96.25
9:57 still stuck on Chiron-amazing thing -a 220 Km rock with a million mile diameter energy field
9:49 putting sell stop at 1193.25
9:44 to upside pre-open high 95.75 -need to see 96.25 broken to buy
9:40 20 EXMA separating from 110 - sell setup -but only if we get some volatility
9:38 very quiet-support 93.75 -want to see 2 tick break for any sell entry-20 and 110 EXMAs flat
9:34 opening on the Chiron electric field flux line
9:24 Today - no economic reports, Greenspan speaks 12:30 Eastern, solar eclipse 3:36 Eastern
Trading inside the apex of a converging triangle on 24 hour chart on Aux page
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

4/8/2005 1:52:57 PM Mountain sjm:: Aux screen saver is awsome. Just checking it out. Was away.
4/8/2005 1:25:02 PM Mountain mjs:: Just some fact to keep it in perspective: first ox drawn plow used in Egypt 2500 BC, Story of JOB 2,000-1000 BC, Chinese pipe natural gas through bamboo to boil water 1873 BC, First legal code Hammurabi 1750 BC, Moses life 1626-1406 BC, Story of Job written down 870-722 BC ref: The Jorney A Bible For Seeking God & Understandiing Life: Library of Congress # 95-62351
4/8/2005 12:56:24 PM Mountain mjs:: Dr Al. How does this action set up Monday. I am guessing we go down Neptune just like the ride down from to top?
4/8/2005 12:24:23 PM Mountain mjs:: Now in Monkey Trader world. It is a big banana plantation being carried on the back of a turttle and when you get to the edge there is a sea full of snakes and crockidials. So monkeys like to stay up on the turtles back.
4/8/2005 12:22:13 PM Mountain mjs:: there are 1,300 Billion stars in our Galaxy. We are on one of the distant arms in its spyder sprial. Then there is the Universe, beyond that is the other universes where the energy curtains hanging in the VOID intersect and their energy waves get interrupted by other energy waves causing standing waves that acquire time (one of the 22 known dimensions) forming matter. Add in a few Billion years or more and you get us.
4/8/2005 12:09:54 PM Mountain Al:: Cool. Amem.
4/8/2005 12:04:51 PM Mountain mjs:: Al here's something to go with your AUX screen saver. JOB Chtp 38: Where were you when I laid the earth's foundations, Who marked off its dimensions? On what were its footings set, Have you ever given order to the morning orf shown the dawn its place. The earth takes shape like clay under a seal it features stand out like thos of a garment. That is the Cosmic GOD in the BIBLE
4/8/2005 11:37:00 AM Mountain mjs:: Monkey Trader has Banana Trees on his screen. He thinks they are real and doesn't understand why he can't pick them
4/8/2005 10:53:58 AM Mountain mjs:: Hey Al getting close to Coconuts WOW Bananas AND Cocnuts
4/8/2005 10:43:20 AM Mountain mjs:: Ah! Banana Plantation Monkey is swining through collection handfulls of bananas Lots of bananas.

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