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Here are Al's comments
3:14 too late for another try-I'm done for the day-thank you for coming-see you next week
3:09 out for 0 - may resell after I watch it a bit
3:03 stop 33 -pressing hard late in day and fast move
3:01 right here is where it flies or dies
2:55 lower band edge is at Uranus price as come to Uranus timeline-some sort of harmonic
2:51 stop 1134.5
2:48 sold 1133 stop 36
2:37 looking for a 20/110 sell off a lower high -low on Nep price-up to nep time
2:32 so far Moon flux is stopping the rally
2:27 looks to me like red tide early, then green tide shifted right an hour, now red tide-2 inversions-seldom get 3
2:24 right here the slope of the 110 EXMA and the red -Tide are the same-watch as get closer to the turn
2:21 110 EXMA still is up after dipping-have 20/110 buy -early but watching it
2:07 gone flat-last trade time is near 3:10-a good setup may not develop
1:49 looking weak-not near a Tide turn so no trade
1:46 now in a trading range betwee the Pluto and the Saturn flux -hot as per the email
1:40 rally has now failed - either flat or down into the close
1:16 note that I moved my stop just befor and just after each vertical timeline set
1:10 out +1.25
1:09 stop 33.75-grinders are real patience testers
1:01 a 45 degree line from 10:00/1125 hit 1134 at 1:00 (1300) -must hold this Gann angle
12:52 stop 33.5
12:50 I will try for more than + 5 points because the trend is steady and forecast to last a while
12:48 stop 33 -trying to be patient and move it slowly as required in a grinder
12:38 coming to Sun/Mercury/Chiron timelines-their price is 1139=pit R3
12:35 this a a "Twentyman Grinder" - move keeps looking like it is stopping, then it grinds on-be patient
12:29 note the little rallies about 10 minutes past each hour-Venus,Mercury, and Neptune times are near :10
12:25 this looks slow, but the trend is averaging 3 points per hour-a Moon rate
12:18 this morning were on green +Tide-now inverted to red -Tide-if holds, up for 3 more hours
12:15 1134 is the balance level between the up and down Moon flux lines-can stall here for a while
12:11 stop 32.5 Break even
12:08 stop 32-looking better
12:06 stop 31
11:59 I used a closer than normal initial stop because have a good low at 31
11:56 continuation buy 1132.50 stop 1130.50
11:52 trying to rally but can't get above the flux bundle
11:48 passing Saturn timeline did very little
11:45 hex pattern reconizer just reconize a Neptune,Pluto, Mars hex pattern-says this price may be stable
11:41 this is a possible continuation buy set up if it can rally
11:38 not breaking Pluto/Moon flux bundle-looking weak
11:21 tested prior high-attracted some selling-coming to Saturn time line
11:18 ideally, prices would pop up to the Saturn/Moon 1135.5 price at the Tide turn for an out of band (oob) sell
11:13 there it is-this is also the Pit R1 level -needs to get a bit higher to get to an out of band condition
11:07 rally still going-on green +Tide-should make the hot Pluto/Moon price of 1132.5
10:56 when one sits back and just watches the market, on sees more clearly-especially if you take a break and
then come back and look at it, rather than trying to watch it like TV-if you watch like TV you tend to focus
on the last few bars, and not the big picture-one glance every hour beats 60 minutes of staring
10:50 Also, many day traders expect that every day they can make money-but some days are easy to trade
and some days are not worth getting out of bed for-so one has to learn to be patient and wait for better "weather"
10:46 the hardest thing about trading is to be able to take a full sized loss and not react to it emotionally AT ALL
many traders say "I got killed." not true-not real bullets-very bad self talk-
better: I accept that loss, and will wait for the next opportunity. I know my method works over time.
10:42 ok, data back-sometimes this technocrap gets to me-too many pieces to work reliably-now wait for next Tide time
10:34 having a data feed problem-may take a few minutes to fix it
10:28 stopped for -3-rarely happens, but sometimes it does-just press on, take a lesson, and stay composed
10:20 resold 1126.5 stop 29.5
10:16 turning down a bit more-may resell-choppy start to the day
10:05 now looks like market is going flat-prices now both sides of 110-so stay out, be patient, and wait for next Tide time
10:03 aborting 1027 for 0 - broke 110
10:00 note vertical moves on vertical timeline-this one is due to Venus
9:54 I jumped a bit too soon, but looks OK -stop 1029
9:49 getting sell -sold 1127 stop 1130
9:44 now setting up for a 20/110 sell or a continuation buy as EXMA's pinch
9:38 not out of band, no 20/110 sell or contination buy yet, so wait
9:35 Jupiter electric field flux stopped rally so far
9:33 now have full volume from the pit-nothing clear yet
9:26 now have a continuation buy setup-will watch closely after 9:30
9:16 pre-open high right on red -Tide
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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