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Here are Al's comments
3:40 thanks for coming-see you next week-take a course
3:37 I'm done-not an easy day, as I thought early-so happy with net of +5.5 when market went no where
3:33 OK, +2;
3:25 Jude3 is short-on AUX page; my 9 point cover is 84; stop 91 to lock 2
3:22 stop 92
3:20 stop to 93.5 now
3:15 looks like a GBK to the Mercury+90; GBK=Good Bye Kiss
3:12 sure a creepy crawler
3:03 looking better-stop 94
2:55 during that little rally, I felt fear that my stop would be hit-but I did not act on it because
from the high I see 6 little swings, and know there is a 7th, and maybe up to 13 swings
2:44 stop held, and have top wicks on 3 minute candles; all I can do is wait
2:39 back to the Mercury+90 flux
2:29 Chiron timeline was hot-nice streak down it ; Chiron is at 72 to Mercury, the 5th harmonic
2:27 continuing; sold 93 stop 95
2:20 stopped for 0; fine by me. Tells me this dip was likely a head fake
2:18 remember that hex pattern this morning? It said the market was working on 6th harmonic.
The rally was 4 hours, 1/6 of a day
2:14 we have to wait about 20 minutes after a 20/110 crossing to know if it is a good one or a head fake
dealing with uncertainty is all part of trading
2:11 stop 95, above the 20 EXMA
2:09 stop 96, just above the 110 EXMA at the break point
2:06 stop 96.5
2:03 still treading water-high set by Saturn suggests down to Saturn timeline, then late rally
1:57 rolling over - sold 95 stop 97
1:46 I think we'll get more buying just after 2:00, where the green +Tide accelerates
1:42 out -2 ; don't like it; may try after the Tide turn
1:28 notice the fast little move after passing the Sun timeline into the Mercury timeline-more Combust stuff
1:26 buying 97 stop 94
1:24 I'm back
12:36 out +5. Moon T+315 flux held for now. I'll now take a break and come back for the second trade
12:30 stop 95
12:26 hit Moon flux-pressing stop to 94.5 just under 20 EXMA
12:22 stop 93, just under 55 minute EXMA
12:19 stop 92, locking 2 and trying for 9
12:13 early resistance was at the Sun 1392 flux-it is now support, so my stop is just under it
12:00 stop 91 -looking OK
11:55 still up after passing the Moon timeline; bullish
11:48 making new highs
11:32 A technique from the Chaos Trading Made Easy course says we could reach 1406.75 today
We shall see. Note on the Wheel Of Fortune that this is close to 180 degrees Mercury/Sun, known to be hot
11:30 I'm running my Jude3 autotrader on the Aux page-it is long
11:25 I'm rebuying at 90, stop 88.5, under the 110
11:22 also note that the low came on the third Natural Time point.
11:18 if you look at the Wheel of Fortune, you see that the Moon A vector (dark red) just opposed Mercury/Saturn
as price again popped up to square them; Market AstroPhysics in action.
11:13 this high was on the red -Tide, and earlier one on the green +Tide, so getting mixed Tides
this is common after a big move; one just has to be careful, and patient
11:12 out +.5 -stalled at the Moon -T045 flux; will watch and possibly rebuy
11:10 stop 89.5 - right at Tide time, so press a bit
11:05 my entry was just above the Moon +T270 flux-a 90 degree Moon move would reach 1404-see the Wheel of Fortune
11:04 I like to use a 55 minute EXMA as a stop guide - right now at 1389.22, so stop 1389
11:00 we have the Moon vertical yellow T+180 timeline coming up; a fast move often starts about 50 minutes
before Moon timelines
10:54 the Mercury/Sun flux stopped it for now, but I think it will break
10:48 now making new highs-stop 89
10:46 notice how the 110 EXMA curled up- good example of a continuation buy setup
10:44 stop to 87, under the 20 EXMA
10:41 doing a continuation buy at 89, stop 85
10:33 now the 110 EXMA has had time to catch up with prices-it helped support prices on the low near 1386
10:16 if you have your speakers on, you heard the caht beeper, triggered by the hex pattern recognizer.
on the Hex Wheels Today, last entry, you see the harmony of this move-Price oppose Pluto, with Pluto trine Saturn
and the Mercury/Sun combust, forming a nice 6th harmonic pattern, like snowflakes do. Nature loves the 6th.
10:11 this morning's high was a double top with the high on the 7th, both 90 degrees to Mercury
10:03 It is real easy to look at a big move and tell yourself you woulda, shoulda, coulda traded it
That is self delusion and totally useless. The move gives you information, which helps you set up the next
trade, so it has value even if you did not trade it. Never forget you could have been on the wrong side of it :)
9:52 at the bottom of the Chaos Clinic chart is a green line with little spikes-these are the Natural Time
as descibed on the List of Charts -> Natural Times page. The high came on the first one.
9:43 my trade selection software looks at the MoonTide forecasts and selects 1, 2, or 3 Tide turns to trade.
toay it only selected one-I manually added the 11:07 time-with the gap up, I anticipate it will be a low
9:33 with the big pre-outcry move, getting a decent day trade will be harder than normal
because it takes time to "digest" the move; usually 2 1/2 to 3 hours
9:08 the geo Mercury Sun conjunction is called "Combust" by astrologers-it has certainly heated up the market
with prices rising to close on the Combust price Wednesday and Thursday and square on it this morning
It probably helps that this Combust is conjoining the S&P natal sun
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

4/18/2008 2:08:50 PM Mountain Al:: posted new chart in CCT room
4/18/2008 10:52:49 AM Mountain Al:: TG-you are right again-should be 1406.75-I was doing too many things at once
4/18/2008 10:28:49 AM Mountain TG:: yes, Dr Al typo, should have been 14 not 13. Actually I think the target using the method Al mentioned should be 1406.75 not 1409.75 but I may be wrong.
4/18/2008 10:14:42 AM Mountain dws:: 1309 ?? you mean 1409 /
4/18/2008 10:11:18 AM Mountain Al:: TG: thanks for answering that question; nice to have serious students like you
4/18/2008 10:06:56 AM Mountain Al:: gwd: my comments are on the Chaos Clinic chart page
4/18/2008 10:01:56 AM Mountain Al:: gwd: no, this is it
4/18/2008 9:48:08 AM Mountain gwd:: does the website have another chat room that is more active with traders posting their trades?
4/18/2008 7:24:11 AM Mountain TG:: 20 and 110 exmas would be used on a 1 minute bar chart. On a 3 minute you'd need to divide by 3 to approximate the same amount of time calculated in the exmas. Hence an exma of 7 on 3 minute bars is roughly equal to 20 on 1 minute bars and 36 or 37 on 3 minutes approximates 110 on 1 a 1 minute chart.
4/18/2008 6:48:10 AM Mountain gwd:: Also just to make sure I'm setting up my 20 and 110 ema's correctly...I have a 3 minute spx chart with the 20 and 110 ema displayed...this is correct right?
4/18/2008 6:08:21 AM Mountain gwd:: Hi All, Thank you Al for th eclinic. I have a question about setting up the LLB. How does one set them up? I cannot find anything that explains the LLB setup on the site. Thanks
4/18/2008 5:10:00 AM Mountain mm:: gm all - have a great day - Al, I hope for better voltility for your clinc

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