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Here are Al's comments

1:21 I'm done for the day-thanks for coming see you next week-take a course

1:20 I think I'm going to pass on this trade due to low volatility

1:03 pretty grim intraday volatility today - second trade may be a pass unless we get some juice

12:47 sometimes volume dries up on Friday afternoons

12:44 covering this trade for +2; just nervous about the stall

12:30 coming into the second trade window soon - I may carry this trade throught if it keeps working

12:24 Venus setting high so far-need to get above it

12:20 "If you can wait, and not be tired by waiting - " IF, by Rudyard Kipling

12:14 stop to 1380, lock .5

12:04 today Moon opposes Saturn- overhead their flux is about 1391

12:02 stop to 1379.5 , break even

12:00 I like that the rising 110 EXMA has supported this congestion

11:56 updated FOP chart in CCT Room

11:52 very tight congestion between Chiron and Neptune flux

11:33 eMylar Fractal of Pi overlays help you be patient, since they show you future potential moves.
The best bargain in my courses is to take the Cash In On Chaos and Fractal of Pi courses and
learn to use the FOP overlay

11:32 congestions take patience - 440 EXMA is steadily up

11:25 I'm holding my stop, trying to get past this congestion

11:18 pullback from Venus +V000 to Neptune +N090 electric field flux

11:10 still OK-fell off the Black Swan cycle

10:50 stop to 1378.5

10:38 this move looks to have caught a Dr. Al Black Swan up cycle, so could be an interesting day

10:35 stop to 1378-under the accelerating 110

10:32 looking better - stop to 1377

10:27 looking more bullish as 440 and 110 EXMAs keep rising

10:23 updated my FOP chart in the CCT Room

10:10 still OK-MTRainbow chart still positive-support on rising 440 EXMA

9:56 still OK

9:47 could have waited - stop OK

9:36 taking as continuation buy at 1379.5 stop 1376 - on MTRainbow chart support on both 110 and 440 EXMAs

9:35 and resumed

9:34 buying faded quickly

9:31 outcry session open- some buying in an extended move off yesterday's low

9:27 I have posted a second chart in the CCT Room

9:22 today is almost New Moon, with Moon +T090 flux and Sun +H000 flux near 1373 and 1374. These
prices are support. See SPSunMoonMer chart

9:16 I have placed a Fractal of Pi chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's Room. That room is open
to graduates of my 4 main courses. See -> Courses for details.

9:10 today's trade times are 10:12 and 13:17 ; no economic news, so may be dull day

9:01 Good Morning. Welcome to the Chaos Clinic. This site has a lot of charts,
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are on the righty side of the ListOfCharts page. One should
read Trading the MoonTide Tutorial and Keep it Simple as a minimum.

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

4/20/2012 12:10:14 PM MT BBB****:: Finally
4/20/2012 10:53:08 AM MT Al****:: I did a fiber based video system project at Bell Labs , which I code named Cheetah ; each member of the team became know as "Cheetah nn" , where nn was a number. since I was the leader, I was Cheetah 0.
Ever since then, my whole family buys me cheetah things - even a rug
4/20/2012 10:43:49 AM MT AG:: That's hilarious. Cheetahs have always been my favorite animal.
4/20/2012 10:40:12 AM MT Al****:: and on the wall in front of me is a large print of a mother Cheetah and two of her 3 cubs that we saw in Tanzania
4/20/2012 10:37:43 AM MT Al****:: I once wrote an article "Trade Like a Cheetah" -appeared in Stocks and Commodities and is in my reprnt package - illustrated by my talented daughter Amy
4/20/2012 10:34:23 AM MT Al****:: cheetah is my totem animal
4/20/2012 10:28:57 AM MT AG:: Al, you have the patience of a cheetah!
4/20/2012 9:13:37 AM MT Al****:: Black Swans do exist in Australia-the name represents unusual events like chaotic moves
4/20/2012 9:03:31 AM MT AG:: I've always found the name of the cycle a bit of an oxymoron. But, I like the play on words.
4/20/2012 8:43:27 AM MT BBB****:: Are you able to explain a little of the Black Swan Cycle?
4/20/2012 7:33:34 AM MT BBB****:: Morning, have a good one today.
4/20/2012 5:22:30 AM MT mm****:: gm all - have a great day

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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