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Here are Al's comments
3:41 I'm done, thanks for coming- it was fun - take a course
3:39 the low was also Mars/Moon - Mars is god of war and apparently, god of testostrone
3:36 that was a testostrone entry, followed by a viusal cortex exit - say had hit Neptune flux
started down on Neptune time
3:35 covering +.5
3:30 resold 46 - stop 48
3:19 today was a good example of the chaos in markets and in your head - markets always have a bull and bear force
fighting for control- Your two brains-lower and upper- also fight for control -need to understand how both work
3:17 +9, that was fine-I'll have some wine-and go to dine
3:15 my cover is 1149- I have to keep faith with myself, and follow my rules -even if I laeve a few points on the table
3:13 having shut that brain module off, I can listen to my visual cortex tell me this is a good pattern
3:10 right there I had to think of my really funny scene to shut of my amygala
3:08 the amygdala is the protector in your brain - have to let your stop be your protector
3:04 right here my amygdala is screaming "Cover - don't lose your profit" - trusting my stop
3:00 my stop is above the Moon/Jupiter flux -trying to hold because red -Tide is down into close
2:55 that's my testrostrone talking -gets me in trouble all the time-so will take +9 if get it
2:50 stop 55 - I will not cover this at +9 -will waive my own rule today-I can do that sometimes
2:47 stop 56 -good example of a strange attractor turned repellor
2:41 stop 57-will hold for max
2:36 note the 20 EXMA curling down after that bounce-looking OK
2:27 lows holding for now-if break, should double the range -down to about 51
2:23 stop 59 - this one may work-the ellipse around the congestion was very helpful
2:18 OK, one last shot-sold 58 stop 61
2:09 The approach I use is basically a trend following method-when the trend fails, the trades fail
but used overtime with the MoonTide turn filter, it works. So there is nothing to "fix" -men always want to fix things
2:05 Right here I have to be careful about what my brain is saying-"Get in there and fix what you did today."
One does not "fix" losses - they are part of the long term process
2:02 looks like a spike high on the Neptune timeline
1:50 on days when you get mixed tides, the early tide and the last Tide tend to be the same
so today started on red -Tide, it end on it, decline late
1:43 yet another head fake
1:40 trying to go up again
1:31 Congestions form horizontal ellipses-this one ends near 2:00
1:25 still stuck on Sun/Chiron-one more Tide turn to possibly change that
1:09 aborted -1.5
1:05 above Sun/Chiron price at their time-bullish
12:50 it became clear that the red -Tide won the battle of the Tides
12:44 bought 60 stop 57
12:42 Stopped -3
12:34 I saw that I got in before the Tide turn, but that the Sun/Chiron flux was holding
so I ignored the messages from my amygdala to abort and waited, saying -2 and -3 are about the same
12:30 just have to trust my stop here
12:21 bounced up to 110, but 20 staying below-sit tight
12:09 Here I am looking at only 3 things-price, and the two EXMAS-they are separated in a down three finger pattern
12:07 sold 1156.5 stop 59.5
12:04 now, coming into this trade time, I see prices holding under the 110, and the 20 below it
12:00 If you want a good book about the brain, read Mind Wide Open, by Steven Johnson, ISBN 0-7432-4165-7
11:54 before you make another trade, you have to clear those hormones, and get some better ones flowing
So think about one of the funniest events in your life-dwell on it until you laugh out loud-get some endorphins flowing
11:52 but if you are AWARE that you induced this by your trade, you can accept it, and let it pass,
like accepting that if you drank too much, you have to let the hangover pass
11:50 after a loss, your brain's hormones will spike to those associated with loss-and then the brain
will start recalling other losses, and you will start a "Pity Party"
11:44 I covered that as soon as it breached the 110 -some trades fail-just control your losses
Now, immediately after a loss-beware-your brain will try to tell you that you are a stupid jerk
11:34 aborting -2 ; 110 lost its curl
11:28 right here I focus on the 20/110 EXMA's -110 has curled up
11:20 bought 1161 stop 58
11:16 now note that pullback stopped at 110 EXMA-possible buy setup
11:07 head fake-still vibrating Sun/Chiron +/- 2.25 points
11:04 time to be alert-trying to rally again-still in trade window-head fake or real move? 11:00 Really stuck on Sun/Chiron-this is not an accident-it it real Market AstroPhysics
10:40 during a congestion, you often see fast spike moves that go nowhere-if you stare at them
they will make you feel anxious-our brains are wired to react to fast visual moves as threats
10:36 now we have the normal and the inverted MoonTide competing and balanced. This is what cause a congestion
They diverge after 12:30, so that Tide turn may set up a trade
10:32 now the 20 and 110 EXMA's tell me all I need to know-no trade-flat and tangled together
10:29 the vertical white timeline is the Xchg squaring Pluto
10:27 this particular sharp move is due to a high harmonic of the Moon and Pluto
10:22 looks like a head fake-being pulled right back to the 110 EXMA-wait
10:19 there is the buy crossing-now wait to see if it is a head fake of get follow through
10:17 fast move, should set up a 20/110 buy-waiting
10:10 the information presented on the Clinic chart shows all the imprtant AstroPhysics-but
when it gets close to trade time, I shut it all out and focus on the 20/110 EXMA's only
Your brain can only handle so much-watch how Tiger Woods shuts out the crowd and focuses on a shot
10:05 the other tight aspect today is Jupiter conjoin Moon-the Xchg passes them near 11:36-the vertical timelines
10:01 That suggest a possible congestion until after the Xchange passes them at 1:00 Daytlight time
9:56 Today's strongest attractor is the Sun square Chiron 1158.5
9:49 last 2 days have been very choppy early, then settled into steady trend-so I'm willing to
wait for the first Tide turn to shop for a trade
9:46 support on Node/Saturn electric filed flux
9:41 first shot by the bears-following red -Tide
9:28 We may get a quite day after the emotional seesaw of the last two
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

4/22/2005 12:10:31 PM Mountain mjs:: Dr Al. Thanks for the psychology stuff today. It sure is as big a part of this as getting the planet and energy lines understood so you can use them. Of course monkey traders don't have these human problems as they have 3 genes less and aren't bothered by all the stuff we are.
4/22/2005 11:36:28 AM Mountain mjs:: Tip on getting Brain Right. A psychologist taught me this one. Hold a finger in front of your eyes out about 6 inches. Move the finger from left to right just past the vision of one eye and then come back again. What it is suppose to do is get both the right and left side of the brain working together and sharing information. Very good when you get brain lock or anxiety attacks etc. it is simple buy effective. MJS
4/22/2005 11:09:42 AM Mountain mjs:: You meen we can get a Michael Jackson autograph?
4/22/2005 10:57:31 AM Mountain Al:: somewhere in never-never land
4/22/2005 10:43:29 AM Mountain mjs:: Monkey Trader just got to watch all that action in last few days while I was in Houston. Lets see 100 dn r0 up 100 down 200 up So where are we???
4/22/2005 10:08:02 AM Mountain Patents:: Ordered the book that you mentioned. Thnx.

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