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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:18 I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you next week
3:17 covering on stall rule for +1
3:13 stop 38.5-have hot prices at 42 and 43
3:07 stop OK -not risking much so I will just sit and watch
2:58 strong pressure on the highs-if break, will get a lot of buying
2:51 stop 38 -note Mercury was resistance is now support
2:47 rebought 39 stop 37-whippy
2:44 stopped +1 - was about to cover but moved too slow-oh well-it happens
2:40 resistance at Sun flux line
2:37 stop 38.5 -good separtion of price from 20 EXMA and 20 from 110
2:29 stop 37.5 -expect rally until near close now-strong day yesterday, correction AM, rally PM
2:26 stop 36 -testing last high-EXMA's look good
2:17 now have a fit for a four hour up Fractal of Pi pattern
2:14 rebought 37.50 stop 35.5
2:12 20 EXMA dipped but did not cross 110-still bullish
2:05 aborted -1 -jumped too soon-prices did not stay on one side of the 110 EXMA
1:59 bougt 37.75 stop 34.75
1:57 continuation buy setup-watching
1:50 slow days like this often have two Tide inversions-one early-one late-early was green +Tide
most of day has been red -Tide - could end on green +Tide-the indicators will tell us
1:41 energy from the Mercury timeline popped prices up to the Mercury price line-
1:37 from the low you can see 5 swings of 7 in an up Chaos Clamshell-so may be topping between 2:00 and 3:00
1:31 uptrend now looking better-I want to see what it does after 2:10
1:21 pulled back below 110-week-Moon flux is an attractor
12:51 good 20/110 buy , but not in trade window-if sets uptrend 2:10 may be a continuation buy
12:43 out of the trade window so wait for the 2:10 tide turn
12:39 back up-not much happened prices stuck on Moon flux line-not too interested in a trade here
12:34 rebooted the data server-should be back up shortly
12:24 having a datafeed problem-my ESignal feed just stopped
12:20 still in trade window, so watching for a 20/110 buy
12:15 now getting hot as come to Mercury timeline and yellow grid crossing
12:00 covering on stall rule for +.5
11:55 stop 36-really lethargic
11:43 110 EXMA is steadily down-grinding lower-1135.5 Saturn support now resistance
11:32 this is a few minutes before the Tide turn, so be aggressive on stop--1136.5
11:30 continuation sell 35 stop 38
11:25 when the market is dull, just watch, and don't make things up-it will get more volatile
11:15 coming to time square Saturn near price oppose Saturn-a price squares time setup
11:07 the slope of the 110 EXMA matches the slope of the red -Tide ->expect rally-but use the
tracking indicators
11:00 looks like could set up a 20/110 buy near this next Tide turn
10:55 aborting -.5 -no follow through
10:42 resold 35.5 stop 38.5-lows broken, 110 down, and continuation sell
10:38 hex patern recognizer show Node/Saturn/Jupiter/Uranus hex-suggests range may be 12 points
10:35 Saturn flux low held again-have converging triangle ending near next Tide turn
10:32 110 stopped rally-retesting lows
10:25 looks like on the green +Moontide-expect attempt to rally
10:20 out for zero-note support at the yellow MoonTide Harmonic Grid crossing
10:19 stop 37-support still holding
10:10 testing Saturn/Moon flux support
10:06 stop still OK-nothing to do but wait
9:50 stop 38.5
9:48 continuation sell 37 stop 40
9:41 today we have Venus/Mars/Moon/Pluto timelines bunched near 10:00-waiting to see effect
9:36 minor drop to close the opening gap-Tides say early in day will be quiet
9:20 the Aux page shows a chart with bar colors based on a 110 minute ergotic moving average
on one minute bars -it averages the open+close, and the high+low - difference colors the bars
interesting-thanks to Jerry Lipscomb of the Denver Trading Group
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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