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Here are Al's comments
4:02 missed my 15:50/1214 by one tick
3:42 I'm done. Good day considering the conditions. See you nex week. Take some courses. Learn to Cash in on Chaos
3:42 sold at 1212 for +7
3:36 stop to 1210
3:24 I will cover 1214 of 3:50, whichever comes first.
3:23 I was convinced early that it was an up da. My fractal told me so. So I was patient.
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3:17 little continuation buy on 20/110
3:12 need to be patient
3:05 notice the "curl" up in the 110 EXMA
3:03 stop to 1208
3:00 new high for the year
2:55 stop to 1207.5
2:52 I will hold this until 3:50, one hour past the Moon timeline
2:50 here is the Moon Juice-love it
2:45 above the Moon flux , barely
2:42 looks like it will go; the EXMAs continue to spread
2:35 have to get above the Moon flux line here; if we do, can get a burst up
2:29 coming to the Moon timeline; stop is tight
2:21 one of my tools from Chaos Trading Made Easy is saying to hold as buying picks up
2:19 stop to 1206
2:15 Expreme moves often hit the 440 EXMA +/- 12 points; yesterday's early low did; rignt now the + is 1216
2:13 ah, here is the Moon Juice
2:08 after 2:30 all those bears who sold the early high should start to panic and cover
2:03 the two fastest up moves were near 10:00 and 1:00, suggesting another near 4:00
2:01 still no juicd-maybe the Moon timeline will change that
1:55 looks like tracking green +Tide, which is up
1:52 a trendline under last low and the one near 11:30 ends the day near 12:12 ; I'll hold as long as it is not broken
1:48 bounced off the 110 1:45 stop to 1205
1:40 it just started snowing here in Denver ; spring time in the Rockies
1:32 getting resonant hex pattern set by Moon,Sun,Pluto, Neptune, and Chiron -See Hex Wheels Today
1:26 yesterday's market made a 7/3 retrace up; if today's does the same it is 1214; same as the next set of Mercury/Mars flux
1:07 stop to 1204; plan to cover not later than the Moon T90 timeline; my one day fractal ends near it
1:01 stop to 1203
12:59 trade looking better
12:55 may move after passing the Sun at 1:00
12:53 both the 110 and 440 EXMAs are up
12:44 stuck on the Mercury square Mars flux
12:42 this is the lunch time dullness-after lunch expect more volatility
12:32 I'm back -didn't miss much
12:18 taking a breakfast break
12:07 posted a second Fractal of Pi chart in the CCT room
12:01 bought 1205 stop 1200
12:00 Today's big pattern is Moon square Venus, et all-that energy is near 2:40
11:58 still holding up - Gann's price square time says a price move needs time to be digested; 9 point move takes about 3 hours
11:44 still in the fractal - and 440 EXMa held-weakly bullish
11:38 must turn up her to stay in the fractal pattern
11:35 testing morning low
11:30 aborted -1
11:14 rebought 1204.5 stop 1200; bounced off the 440 EXMA and the Moon flux
11:11 my Fractal of Pi up is still intact; may get a second opportunity on the second trade time
11:04 out for -1.5 ; gave it all the room I could
10:55 higher high and higher low should start some buying
10:45 So far, so good; now just need to be patient
10:37 this deep dip is part of the Fractal of Pi chart I just posted in the Certified Chaos Trader's Room
That room is open to all who have taken my 4 main courses-see -> Courses for details
10:26 note on the SPSunMoonMer chart that the white 440 EXMA is up-this EXMa is the "Trend of the day"
10:23 Yesterday one of the targets I had was 1218. May hit that today.
10:21 backing stop off to 1203 for now; failed to make new highs for the week
Have to get past the first pullback
10:13 stop to 1205
10:10 if we break 1211, will trigger a lot of buy stops
10:07 stop to 1201.5
10:00 OK, looks like the rest of the day is up
10:00 stop to 1200
9:55 elected long 1204.5- putting stop 1198 for now ; under the Moon T+090 flux
9:50 dip only went half way between Moon flux lines
9:45 I expect this could be a head fake, so putting buy stop at 1204.5
9:43 may get a 20/110 EXMA sell, but 440 EXMA near 1200 is support, so limited downside potential
9:37 support on the Moon -t315 flux near 1203.5 9:34 I expect today's range to be about half of yesterday's based on comparing the early ranges
also, yesterday the Moon flux were pinched , setting 9 point separations. Today the separations ar 4 to 5 points
9:30 I will wait a bit on the first trade - often in this situation get a dip into about 10:00 and then turn up
9:26 there is support below near 1199.5 from the Moon +T090 electric field flux-see the SPSunMoonMer chart
9:16 GM all- today's trade times are 09:31 and 12:03 - the first may be a pass because
yesterday's rally is lingering, but out of gas according to the MTRainbow chart
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

4/23/2010 11:56:09 AM MT EOE:: can't seem to get past the moon at 1208
4/23/2010 11:00:01 AM MT werty:: ok thanks
4/23/2010 10:58:38 AM MT Al****:: Yahoo Finance charts are not real-time charts and should not be used for trading-get a real data feed

4/23/2010 10:55:20 AM MT mm****:: I don't know anything about Yahoo. The gold standard is eSignal which - to the best of my knowledge - Dr. Al uses for his charts
4/23/2010 10:51:40 AM MT werty:: Hi Al , i note a difference between chaos trading chart and Yahoo finance chart 1206 via 1209 , is it normal for you ?
4/23/2010 9:57:35 AM MT EOE:: Are we still in that fractal, AL?
4/23/2010 9:55:45 AM MT EOE:: looks like I need to learn everything.
4/23/2010 9:43:59 AM MT RM:: yes- i need to learn to do multiples :-)
4/23/2010 9:32:14 AM MT EOE:: something's not right.
4/23/2010 9:32:04 AM MT mm****:: Today is a blatant example of the advantages of trading multiple contracts and taking partial profits. Getting out at the 1210.25 resistance level gave a 5 pt profit.
4/23/2010 9:28:13 AM MT RM:: Hi Al- the 110ema has been down for a while, but you seem very convinced we are going higher. Will you be looking to short soon?
4/23/2010 7:22:27 AM MT EOE:: GM everyone. TGIF.
4/23/2010 7:09:21 AM MT Al****:: GM all-good luck today
4/23/2010 5:40:55 AM MT mm****:: gm all - have a great day

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