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Chaos Clinic Recap

At the bottom of this page are two of the Wheel of Fortune images showing the resonant hex patterns. Also shown is the Jude3 autotrader shown today in the AUX page.
The FOG pattern I used has been archived in the Certified Chaos Trader's Room.

Here are Al's comments
3:14 I'm done for the week; thanks for coming; see your next week; take a course
3:10 out plus nine ; time to pour the wine; We did just fine; It pays to study - whoops, that doen't rhyme
3:08 stop 94
3:04 stop 92, 9 point cover is 97
3:03 stopping to dance with the Sun flux
2:57 stop 90-locking 2 and trying for 9
2:55 Yes. Stop 89.5
2:52 at the MoonTide Harmonic Grid crossing- watching to see if we get above it
2:44 I also like that the 110 EXMA and the upper and lower Larson bands are running along the dotted white lines
they are the S&P harmonic grid; the three form two channels; high of upper channel ends on Saturn
2:42 I can't really raise my stop until we get more juice, but I like that the 110 EXMA has climbed above it
2:28 the crossing is made more resonant by the A vector crossing the MHG crossing
2:35 the diagonal yellow grid is the MoonTide Harmonic Grid
crossings of it are high energy points-one is coming up soon
2:30 after 2:30, especially on Friday, we tend to see covering-toay, short covering
2:26 stopping to dance with the Mars/Jup/Venus flux
2:24 all that is positive, but my concern is my stop-the only thing I control. It is where it should be
2:23 also, on the Chaos Clinic chart, the double dotted red line is the Moon A vector-up to the close
2:20 the XTide2Plus forecast is also up into the close
2:10 besides the red -Tide telling me that we could rally, I had a Face of God pattern telling me the same thing
2:07 stop 89; hex side midpoint is 93 , next corner is 99
2:00 stop 88- Red -Tide says we should rally into the close
1:59 the juice came as we hit the midpoint of the side of the hex pattern in time
1:57 bought 88 stop 84
1:53 some curl up in 20 and 55 EXMA's - watching for some juice
1:50 coming right to the Tide time-I know I can put a sell stop at 84 if we start up
1:45 trading right on the 110 EXMA and the T+180 flux line-this line slopes up, so it will tend to lift prices
1:42 Got a minor break of the congestion lows- I suspect it is a head fake.
1:35 Sun 45 degree support is at 1384 ( 1393-9) . If it holds we could get a rally.
1:32 getting some selling. This suggests we may have inverted to the red -Tide.
1:28 the mid-point of a hex pattern is a balance point, a point of instability. This will come near the next Tide time.
1:20 the automatic Hex Pattern recognizer has found a resonant Hex pattern formed by the Trine of Saturn, Sun, and Moon conjoin Pluto
That explains the high and low on Saturn flux lines (greay S), and the secondary high on the Sun (green H) at 1393
See List of Charts -> Hex Wheels Today
1:08 we are in a congestion between 1389.25 and 1385.5; congestions are balance zones, to be followed by chaotic moves.
1:04 I'm back. Looks like we are flat , mostly along the Moon +T180 flux
11:51 last trade is at 13:51- I'm going to take a break now and come back for it
11:45 still looks like tracking green +Tide
11:34 one tick above the high is Saturn, low is 90 degrees to Saturn
11:30 out +2 - OK, just watch again; perfect vision of hindsight says I could have taken 5 points; release the thought and relax
11:24 stop 84.25 -lock 2; pays for a month of hotline
11:22 Jude3 just took his 9
11:20 stop 1386-I can press it because of the speed of the move
11:18 the AUX page shows my Jude3 autotrader-short from 1391.25 - it takes 9
11:14 stop 1389
11:12 bit early, but sold 1386.25 stop 1390.25
11:08 the Moon is "vertical" near the Bottom of the Wheel of Fortune-usually results in lots of unproductive sharp moves
11:04 the pattern of the 110 EXMA matches that of the green +Tide, sugesting a low at next Tide time
10:54 treading water - a break below the lows by 1 point (1386.25 ) is a sell point; above 1394.25 suggests buying
10:46 the cycle used in my Franklin trading system is about to turn up.
10:40 no big rally off the dip in XTIDE today-what has change is the Moon T270 timeline has passed the dip
It could still come, but later
10:37 earlier this week, prices chopped around the Venus/Mercury/Sun cluster on the Wheel of Fortune. Now
chopping around their squares
10:34 now the 20 and 110 EXMA's are pinching together-a move above about 1393.75 would generate a buy crossing
10:26 note how the 110 EXMa is curling upward-says that the downside is probably done for now
10:20 had I taken that early short, I would have been stopped out by now for about 2 or 3 points.
Now I'm watching to see if the rally gains enough strength to give a 20/110 EXMA buy
10:18 minor rally hit Mars/Jupiter price; if breaks above it will be bullish
10:09 that move went for the Node+180 to the Node +135 electric field flux lines - an 8th harmonic move
Interestingly, the S&P natal Node is at 1387.75
10:04 I don't like it when I miss a trade, but I cannot afford to get emotional about it - there are 2 more
trade times today
10:01 there was a 20/110 sell going into this trade time-could have taken it but didn't, so just keep observing
9:56 we have a Sun 8th harmonic at 10:00, and a Moon T270 vertical yellow timeline about 50 minutes later
The moon overhead position moves about 50 minutes per day. Forms a short term cycle.
9:49 below the 110 EXMA, but I want to wait until after the Tide turn time, so just observing
9:38 at the bottom of the Chaos Clinic screen is a magenta line labelled XTIDE-not to be confused with XTide2Plus.
XTIDE is a very short term forecast of volatility-the last 2 days we have had big moves off the dip then rally part between 10:00 and 11:00
9:32 starting with a pullback-maye a dip into trade time at 10:01 -all times are Eastern
9:11 positive mood pre outcry
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

4/25/2008 2:00:31 PM Mountain Al:: If only the pit knew what drove them ! :)
4/25/2008 1:41:49 PM Mountain mm:: Again: beautiful how the pit pushed the price 13 pts from one S/R level to the next !
4/25/2008 1:24:42 PM Mountain Al:: you, too
4/25/2008 1:21:11 PM Mountain bm:: Al, thanks again. I will be one of your student soon. Have a good week end.
4/25/2008 12:35:51 PM Mountain Al:: thank you for the kind words-music to a teacher's ears
4/25/2008 12:29:15 PM Mountain bm:: Today is so far one of the most educational day I had in my life.As we say in French,al, Respect!!
4/25/2008 8:31:51 AM Mountain Al:: no, 3 minute bars-see the page Keep It Simple
4/25/2008 8:26:28 AM Mountain gd:: Hi Al, Is the spkiss chart a 1 minute chart?
4/25/2008 7:08:57 AM Mountain Al:: GM all-good luck today
4/25/2008 5:54:15 AM Mountain mm:: gm all - have a great day

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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