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Here are Al's comments
4:00 I'm done-thanks for comming-see you next week-take advantage of specials
3:55 covering +2.5 ;18 point Chiron to Chiron move is done
3:49 watching for streak on 4:00 Pluto timeline
3:47 stop 55
3:42 stop 54
3:26 bought 55 stop 52 -ending on green +Tide
3:25 aborted -1 ; up to close
3:22 resold 54 stop 57
3:18 aborted -.75
3:03 stop 55.5
3:00 sold 1154 stop 57
2:57 I want to see a break of the 20 EXMA, and for it to head down
2:50 one must be very cautious about selling a rocket or buying a submarine
2:38 that didn't take long-now watching for fast fade -possible P-Spike
2:34 not that I'm anxious to sell-that Moon/Sat/Node configuration has a price at 1156.5
2:32 broke above it to the upper band edge-this sets up a possible out of band sell
2:30 I'm watching the reaction to the Pluto price flux closedly - Pluto was hot early today
2:15 from the low of the day, we have a rising wedge pattern-fits the MoonTide lowering volatility scenario
2:10 this morning started on green +Tide, then inverted to red -Tide-odds favor ending on green +Tide
1:55 I'm back -looks like on red -Tide- not a lot of pep
12:43 looks like congestion until late-I'm going to take a lunch break-be back in about an hour
12:40 stopped -Chiron hot-up
12:31 110 EXMA say steady selling pressure - stop 46
12:17 sold 43.5 stop 46.5 - bit early on third Tide turn but another continuation sell
12:14 the exchange squares Chiron on the next Tide turn-low was off of Chiron price, do it is hot
12:06 OK, had a good laugh to release the negative energy of that little loss-let it go
12:04 aborted -2
11:57 didn't go-may get stopped
11:44 OK, continuation sell -sold 43.5 stop 46.5
11:36 the MoonTides show decreasing volatility until late in day-if so, it will get dull
11:25 looks like staying flat - I do not want to be too aggressive here-don't want to make anything up
11:23 the 20 EXMA did not cross the 110-might be a continuation sell
11:14 prices now both sides of 110 EXMA, which is going flat-no trade setup -may change later
11:12 made it all the way back up between the -T090 and +T045 Moon flux lines -a balance area
11:07 low bounced off Chiron - so had thrrust, now entering congestion-may not get a trade off this Tide turn
10:56 taking +5-came off the lower band and turned 20 EXMA up
10:48 stop 44 - cover order is in
10:46 stop 45-above the 20 EXMA-
10:41 the energy for this move is coming from that Moon/Sat/Node configuration-price=1138.5
10:39 stop 46
10:36 stop 46.5 -cover is at 9 point gain = 39.5 if get there
10:34 last rally penetrated 20 EXMA-this one did not -gaining downward momentum
10:26 stop 47-will try for more than +5
10:25 not flat-stop 48.5
10:22 So far OK- right about here we'll either develop a downtrend or go flat
10:13 -stop 1150-note on that P-spike high that the 20 EXMA gave a continuation sell-that's why I jumped back in
10:07 that was what I'm calling a "P-spike high" -been finding them in my research -fast up/down due to Pluto
10:05 resold 48.5 stop 51.5
10:04 those vertical streaks have a lot of energy-here it turned the 110 EXMA flat
10:02 got fast streak right up the vertical white Pluto(P) timeline -now at Pluto time and price
10:00 aborted -1.5 -a fake
9:56 stop 51 - 3 points above low of move
9:53 sold 1148.5 stop 51.5
9:48 there is a yellow diagonal MoonTide Harmonic grid crossing at 1149-watching it for support or break
9:46 110 EXMA has curled over
9:41-no up juice-may get a sell-waiting
9:37 continuation buy setup -but needs to show shom rally energy
9:30 opening up a bit on Pluto flux line -returned to congestion area of the week
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
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4/29/2005 12:56:36 PM Mountain Patents:: It seems like all the liquity would keep a submarine afloat even with a screen door in the hull open.
4/29/2005 12:45:36 PM Mountain Patents:: Does anyone know when the Treasury will file their report to Congress on global currency markets? The report was due on April 15, but they delayed it. I guess they had a delivery problem with their whitewash.
4/29/2005 12:39:54 PM Mountain Patents:: Anyone for 18 point swing from the lo?
4/29/2005 12:38:50 PM Mountain Patents:: Can't let the market close the month on a down note.
4/29/2005 11:42:16 AM Mountain Patents:: Could this be a reversal day?

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