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Here are Al's comments
3:28 hard day to trade, as all congestion days are-I'm done for the day-see you next week
3:26 covering 1107,+2 support on prior low at 1106.5
3:23-this is a "Moon juice" move
3:22 stop 1009, no loss
3:18 resold 1109 stop 1110.5-got bounced by stop too close
3:17 out +3
3:13 stop 1110-will go for max
3:11 stop 1111.5
3:10 stop 1112.5
3:05 the chaotic moves come at the end of the congestions, so need to be patient, stick with it, and control losses
3:01 stop 1113 - loss cut to zero again
2:55 early had red -Tide, then green +Tide-will end on red -Tide; 2 inversions common on flat days
2:50 out for zero-rally is a no-go, so bears get another try-sold 1113 stop 1116
2:45 stop 1113 - loss on this one cut to zero
2:40 also know Uranus is hot, since it set early high and lows-now got streak up Uranus timeline
2:36 trading near Pluto/Venus and Moon price-they have timelines in last hour-I expect them to be hot
2:33 stop 1111-now looking for a short covering rally as swing traders see no follow through of last two days
2:28 rebuying 1113 stop 1110
2:22 not going down-staying flat and maybe up
2:20 been stuck on Moon flux all day-soon will be 6 hours from early high
2:17 2 hard down days, now having trouble going up-bearish
2:14 getting a 20/110 sell, which I may take
2:11 aborted -1 -do not like it-I can always rebuy if it does go
2:09 1113 tested and held again
2:00 I like the support off 1113 and the +T000 moon flux -says up until Moon timeline
1:53 stop 1112 -slow day so need to move stop slow
1:46 today is a "two Moon day" -two vertical yellow Moon Timelines-usually goes one way or Moon-solar noon-Moon
1:41 bought 1114.50 stopy 1111.50
1:33 low almost exactly on Tide turn-note on Wheel of Fortune it came as Xchg trined the Moon
1:31 looks like turning up-so watch for a 20/110 EXMA buy crossing
1:28 I want to see how it comes out of this Tide turn
1:26 this is a continatiation sell setup-watching closely
1:22 note the early high came on Uranus timeline-and support is on Uranus flux line-time moved to price
1:20 little streak move on Neptune timeline -support has been on Jupiter/Uranus flux-7 moves down from 11:30 high
1:16 I'm back-Ace, Scout, and I had a nice walk in the park in a light snow -very relaxing and refreshing
12:44 I will now take a break for 30 minutes, just to keep myself from jumping in and out-need to wait for next trade time
12:37 an important thing that using MoonTides does is limit the number of trades per day-this controls over-trading
12:31 If you think of each trade as taking a 3 point loss on entry, then working to reduce the loss, and hopefully
turn it into a negative loss, you get to the heart of trading-being willing to accept losses
12:29 aborted -1.25
12:24 wild spike-stay poised
12:22 you must accept that all trades start as losses-so control the loss with a stop-low loss or gain is
not from your entry to current price-that is mythical-it is from entry to your stop
12:19 cont. sell 1112.5 stop 1115.5
12:09 dropped back as soon as we passed it-possible continuation sell setup, but needs follow through
12:04 Mini streak right up the Chiron timeline-still pretty stuck on the Venus/Pluto price line
12:02 Chaotic markets balance or congest for long periods of time, then move fast and chaotically to a new balance level
To trade them, you have to learn to wait out the balance periods, and trade only the chaotic breaks
11:52 so far today the price action fits parts of a 4 hour Fractal of Pi pattern-says 1:30 Tide may be best setup
11:46 going into this Tide turn flat-may get a 20/110 buy-if so,then watch for sign of rally strength off a higher low
11:38 dropping into the Mercury timeline-prices both sides of 110 EXMA and 110 flat=congestion=stay out for now
11:28 every business plan for trading the Emini needs to provide for the fact that only 49% of the days are good trading days
11:24 stopped by the Saturn flux-very low efficency of motion today-especial between the +/-T000 flux lines
11:19 we should now rally up to the -T000 Moon flux-the gray timeline we just hit is for this flux line
11:04 right in the center of the 9 point range is the Venus/Pluto electric field flux pair-a "vibration center"
11:00 The MoonTide basically forecasts the 110 EXMA-so far it is tracking the red -Tide and now going flat
10:54 so far we have had a lot of chop-a 5 minute chart shows many 2 and 3 point candlesticks
10:49 I also knew that the range had just hit 9 points - a 45 degree range-common on a slow day-now we have re-entered
the +/-T000 Moon congestion zone
10:47 once the market hits the upper or lower Larson band, especailly for the second time, I look for a reversal
10:42 There I had trouble taking the 20/110 continuation sell, staring at the Moon flux-so I used a stop
entry as a "let the market decide" crutch-such entries are usually late-so I compensated for that
10:40 you not only have to trade the market, you have to trade yourself-you have to know when you are
being too hesitant, when you are being too aggressive, and when you are right in synch
10:38 covering here for +.25-I just don't like my late entry
10:36 stop 1113-pressing because at lower band edge and I entered late in move
10:31 stop 1114-broke through the pivot, so pit now looking for prior low 1106.5 and S1 1104.4
10:26 stop 1114.5
10:24 sold 1112.5 stop 1115.5
10:19 I took my shot at the first trade, so I'm trying to wait for the second Tide turn-I'll sell 1112.5 stop
10:15 but if we break out of the zone, I'm short-another test of the +T000 Moon flux
10:13 that zone has a Chaos Balance point at 1116 -could sit in the zone all day-this is not the zone you
want to be in when your are Trading In The Zone
10:11 Note the pre-open high on -T000 Moon flux and the low on +T000 Moon flux-form a congestion zone
10:09 in the email I warned about being careful on the first trade-this is why
10:06 got dip to the Moon flux at 1113, and now back up 3 points-note how the timeline clusters warn of chop
10:00 vertical mini-streak up the Mars timeline-not doing down, therefore going flat
9:58 watching the nature of this small rally-have a 20/110 sell crossing-so going flat or down
9:56 found support on the hot Venus/Pluto electric field flux
9:53 now may get a 20/110 sell-market may well go flat as per the modest slope of the MoonTides
9:52 learning to get out of trades that are not working is critical to good long term results-if in doubt-get out
9:50 aborting this for -1.5-110 EXMA has gone flat and no follow through
9:45 now got support of the cardinal 1116 180 degree price-holding stop for now-also the pit pivot price
9:42 Venus/Pluto are hot in price and time-did not quite reach price at 1114.5-now coming to timelines
9:37 continuation buy 1118 stop 1115
9:35 opening essentially flat
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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